Friday, September 23, 2011

We have been spending a lot of time outside lately, enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. 
Elizabeth likes to go in the swings now, just as long as she doesn't get pushed too hard by one of her " helpful" brother!  She thinks it's fun to swing all by herself. 

She has discovered her tongue and sticks it out all the time now.  She also has her mouth wide open, just in case something nearby will fall into her mouth for her to eat. 

Lizzie is sitting independently now! She still tips over once in a while, but she likes to sit and play with toys, or look around outside. 

The big news this week is Lizzie has started sleeping through the night!! 
It's been a long six months of her sleeping bad and waking up 3 times a night.  I haven't made her cry it out yet.  I started filling her tummy with oatmeal and veggies and then nursing her before bed.  It seems to be working. 

She has slept this week from 8-5am or even as late as 6:30am!!  I am so happy and hope it lasts forever. 

There's that tongue again, its so adorable!
She is the best little baby, and we are so happy to have her in our family. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


This Lizzie's favorite spot while I am in the bathroom getting ready for the day.  I sit her in her Bumbo chair facing the mirror and she gets to play with her toothbrush while watching herself in the mirror.  It keeps her very entertained and she's so happy!

Elizabeth is growing up way too quickly!!! 
 The other day I asked Emily to help her drink a bottle, while I was getting ready to go to Cub Scouts. I came in the room to see her holding her own bottle!  She looks so big and grown up.  The kids loved that she could hold her own bottle and they were cheering her on. 

We love you little Lizzie!!!


 Every night after the kids have bathed, brushed, read, and prayed I get to tuck them into their beds.  This is one of my favorite times of the day.  Not because they are going to sleep and the house will finally be quiet-although I do look forward to that,  but because I get to reflect on how blessed I am to have four beautiful, healthy kids! 

These kids require my full time attention all day long, and by bedtime we are all exhuasted.  But when I check on them at night while they're sleeping I get to reflect on the day and how much they've grown.  When I look at their peaceful faces, and resting bodies, I feel restored, and ready to start a new day.

  Plus they all look so adorable while sleeping. 

I love this picture of Taylor, he sleeps with one leg resting on the other knee.  I sleep like that too!  It looks weird, but it's really comfortable.

I love these kids with all of my heart!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend news

We had a fun weekend, it started at Natalie's Cross Country race at Murray Park on Friday afternoon.  It was a rainy, wet day but we had lots of fun cheering her on at her race. She did fantastic at her race and came in 2nd place out of a  few hundred  runners.  
Way to go Natalie!!!!

Natalie is an amazing runner! 
I forced her to run in the early summer mornings, over two years ago, while we were living at my parent's house.  She was a good sport to run with me but she didn't really like it.   She would tell me all the "Harry Potter" books as wek ran to keep her going. 

Then she joined the East High Cross Country team and BAM, she turned into a great runner!  She has a lot of dedication and self motivation.  She run a crazy amount everyday and runs 60+ miles a week.  Sometimes she even runs multiple times in a day to get her mileage.  We discovered this week that Natalie runs more in a week than Danny drives his car in a week! Ha Ha!! 

We are so proud of her accomplishments!!! 

We met all the family at the race and then had pizza and cake after to celebrate Mary's 6th Birthday.

Elizabeth looked so cute in her bonnet and sweater made by great Grandma Lamb.  She was grumpy at the race and finally fell asleep in her stroller. 

Then on Saturday we went to Taylor's soccer game.  Taylor played great and scored one goal.  They have a  good team this year, and all the boys play together really well. 

Go Taylor!

Last night we watched the BYU vs. Utah football game.  WOW, what a blowout! 
 We finally turned off the game, because we couldn't watch BYU lose anymore. 

Our family is pretty neutral on the BYU/Uof U rivalry, we just like to see a good game. 
But we are big BSU fans!  We loved Boise State Football while we lived in Boise.  They have a great team, and they are so fun to watch play. 

So here's to Fall Football- GO BSU!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elizabeth  has started eating solid foods.  So far she has had baby oatmeal and barley, with sweet potates and carrots.  She hasn't really figured out how to swallow too well, but eventually she gets it down.  She makes a huge mess, and seems to really enjoy it! 
Look at that smile!

Her favorite snacks are "Baby Mum, Mum's", she devours them, and then grunts for more.  She is so happy when we put her Bumbo chair at the table while we all eat dinner together. 

She is rolling all over the floor now, and sits all by herself. 
She is such a big girl!

This is really my favorite baby stage, she can sit and play with toys, but she can't move around and get into danger yet.  Plus she has the best smiles and a contagious laugh!  All her siblings love trying to make her laugh really hard.  She adores them all but she especially loves attention from Taylor. 

Isaac is doing pretty well with potty training, he still has a few accidents.  This week after one of his accidents I was changing him and he started asking me about changing poopy diapers.  I told him it was gross to change stinky diapers etc..  He looked at me and yelled
"Mom, just tell me the truth about poo!" 
It was hilarious, and we all laughed so hard!

Because Fall is coming, the kids started talking about Halloween costumes.  We asked Isaac what he wanted to be and he said
"I want to be a mustache- I said you want me to paint a mustache on your face and he said,  NO, I want my whole body to be a mustache!"

That will be an original costume, it reminds me of when Taylor was 4 and he insisted on being a snake for Halloween.  These boys sure have creative costume ideas.

Isaac started Joy School last week.  I need to get a picture of him with is backpack and sneakers on.  He looks so cute and really grown up.  He insisted on packing a lunch to go on Tuesday, even though I pick him up before lunch.  He ate most of his food before we left the house, and he was telling me
"Mom, fruit snacks are really healthy, they make me grow big and strong!" 
 Ha Ha, he says the funniest things sometimes. 

We sure love you little Toot!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Funny kids

We have been seeing a lot of these cowboy boots lately.  Isaac loves wearing them with shorts, it's quite stylish. 

The other day he was jumping on the neighbor's tramp and he yells
"Mom, look at me, I get wicked air when I jump high!"  Where did he learn that?!  What does "wicked air" even mean?  He definately keeps things around our house pretty entertaining!

We have spent the past few weeks potty training Isaac, and so there has been a lot of "potty talk" at our house.  So the other night, he needed some clean underwear, and I asked Emily to go downstairs to get his underwear.  The kids came up wearing underwear on their heads, and then they did this hilarious dance routine/talent show! 
 I got the whole thing on video, so I can blackmail them later in life. 

It was so such a funny night!  All of us were laugning hysterically, and I had to snap a few pictures.  I guess all you need to have fun is some underwear!?

I love my kids so much, and am so grateful I get to be their mother!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Emily started school this week!  She started a week after Taylor, because they do Kindergarten assesments for the first week.

She was really excited and a little nervous, but she did great! 

She chose pink sneakers, that light up, for her back to school shoes.  We walked her to school after lunch the first day and she went right in her class with no problems. ( I wish I had taken pics. at the school)

Emily is the tallest person in her class, so she looks older than everyone else.  She has made couple new friends already, and I know she will have a great year at school!

I really missed having her home with me.  She is so fun to spend time with, and is easy to please. I can't believe she will be 6 in a few weeks!  She has grown up so fast!

I love you tons, Emily!

Elizabeth has been eating oatmeal and rice cereal this week.  She loves having something solid in her mouth, but most of it gets spit right out.  Hopefully she will figure out how to swallow soon.  I know she is going to love eating new veggies, fruits, etc.. 

Lately to get attention she does a fake cough, which is so adorable.  She will fake cough and then everyone turns and talks to her to see if she is okay.  She also has been experimenting with her voice a lot and she does this really louds growl.  She sounds like an animal, and she loves hearing herself. 
She is sitting pretty well on her own now, but still tips over after a little while.  She is at the best stage right now! 
 I love this age, and wish she could stay like this forever!

I guess Fall is coming, when Taylor left for school yesterday he asked for a sweatshirt, because it was cold!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

September 2, 1999
It was twelve years ago today that Danny and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple.  It seems so long ago, yet I can't believe how fast the time has gone. 

It was a beautiful sunny day, that turned rainy and stormy.  But the weather didn't matter because we were in love.  We pulled out umbrellas and kept taking pictures and tried to be positive.  We were so young!  We were blessed to have our friends and family with us that day. My sister, Natalie was only five at our wedding.  She was Emily's age, and had to be bribed with money $ to come to our wedding dinner. 
I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband.  Danny has many wonderful qualities and I love him more now than I did twelve years ago.  I married Danny because he was a hard worker, he has a strong testimony of the Gospel, he has a good sense of humor and I knew he would be a wonderful father, husband.  We have created a fantastic life together and I look forward to eternity with him. 
I love you honey.

Happy Anniversary to us!