Sunday, February 23, 2014

We had a fun birthday celebration for the February bdays last week. We were celebrating bdays for Colton, Darla, Taylor, Lizzie and Hannah.  It was a fun party!

The kids had fun making up a play and playing wiht Grandma's dress ups. This is a great blackmail picture for Taylor later in life!!Wow is he skinny!

It's always fun to see aunt Nat! We miss her while she's at BYU!

Here's a typical day for Lizzie trying to decide which dressup to wear. This is a long process and she changes her mind throughout the day multiple times! What a diva.

Here's lizzie with her friends this week. She loves her little group of friends.

Lizzie's so excited about her birthday this week! She keeps saying "My birthday is coming up!" Can not believe my baby will be three!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines week is always a crazy week, full of making vday boxes, and valentines cards for all the kids classes at school and celebrating Taylor's bday. This was a busy week full of lots of fun. I had a cold this week and so did Lizzie. This was not good at all, we spent a couple days lounging at home in our pj's hoping to feel better soon.
Wednesday night Lizzie was having trouble breathing, she was wheezing really bad and sounded like she couldn't get air.
Danny raced her up to Primary Children's ER and they monitored her oxygen levels, put her on a breating treatments and gave her some steriods. The steroids made her so active and crazy! We had a wild couple of days. Luckily her breating improved and she's feeling much better now.

Here's Lu Lu opening her Valentines cards from grandma and grandpa Wall. She was thrilled with her Kitty card.

Taylor' scout group went Snow Shoeing up Millcreek Canyon. He said it was tons of fun and came home worn out and tired.

We celebrated Taylor's 11th birthday a few times this week. We had a family bday dinner and then gave him his present from Danny and I. He wanted a new Ukelele that has a cut away, and can plug into the amp. Here he is waiting to see his gift.

Here is the Ukelele. It was an expensive bday present so he only got on gift. But he didn't care- he was so excited to play it.
He is really great on the ukelele and it sounds awesome plugged into the amplifier. It was a fun night listening to him play and be so excited about his new instrument.

Happy Birhday to Taylor! He was such an adorable baby, super chubby and always smiling.

Here is Taylor on Valentines day morning before school.
He wanted waffles with Nutella for breakfast. He opened gifts from very kind aunts, and uncles as well as grandparents. He got spoiled and was happy as can be!

Valentines was a busy day for everyone. Emily had her Virginia Tanner Dance program at 10am. The kids and I went and watched her dance. Her song was about gravity and how things move. It was fun and she did great!

Then Isaac went to Kindergarten and Lizzie went home to grandma's house while I went and helped with Emily's class valentines day party!
I played BINGO at my station. It was fun to see all her friends in class and see what they made for their vday boxes.
I didn't even get a picture of my kids boxes, oh well.

Here's cute Isaac after his class party. He had fun and loved celebrating Vday!

Here's the kids in the walking group from our street.

On valentines night after Taylor went to Basketball practice he invited some friends over for dinner and games. They ate pizza, breadsticks, fruit and salad. Then we had donuts and chocolate milk for dessert. Danny took them to the church to play ultimate frisbee and BBall, then they came back to our house to play Spoons, and hide and go seek.
His friends are very nice and they are a good group of boys! I can't believe we have an 11 year old! He has grown up so quicky!!

It was a successful Valentines Day and Birthday celebration for Taylor!
 We love you Tay!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


This was a crazy week full of lots of attention on Uintah Elementary. There was a district employee who was sent to the school to check out the school lunch accounts. If the kids didn't have any money in their account their lunch was thrown in the garbage.
This resutled in a TON of media coverage in the state, nation and even worldwide. It was crazy and such a nightmare for the school.
Emily and her friend Hattie were in the news one day here's their picture.

This was a good week full of lots of adventures.
Lizzie likes to take photos of us while we're waiting for someone or just hanging out.

I took Isaac and his friend Annie to the gateway museum this week.  They had lots of fun in the airplane simulator. We love to go to the museum on cold, winter mornings before Isaac has school.

The hurricane simulator is always a favorite!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lizzie had a busy week at playschool, riding her bike and continuing to be a princess daily.
She won't give up her crown, sword, princess gown, and usually some plastic shoes that click.
It's a fun stage, can't believe she'll be three this month!

Emily created this rainbow out of her rainbow loom rubberbands. She loves working with the rubberbands and creates all sorts of awesome things!
Taylor and Isaac have also become interested in the rubberbands, it's a fun hobby for the winter.

We had a really fun weekend. 
Friday night we went to the Jazz game with my mom and dad. We had the fancy tickets where you get a yummy dinner before the game and then snacks/desserts/drinks at half.

It was a fun night because they did a special tribute to Jerry Sloan so all the old Jazz players like Karl Malone and John Stockton were at the game. They did a huge tribute and program during halftime. It was great night!

This week was the Science Fair at uintah.
Emily did a project with her class about germs and bacteria.
Taylor did his project about the gas put off by putting dry ice in different liquids.

Taylor did well at his project and I am happy and relieved to have it done with for the year. These things take a lot of time and energy to complete.
It's February!