Sunday, August 28, 2016

The kids all started school this week. Lizzie was so nervous, scared, excited for Kindergarten! She has a teacher names Ms. Cole. It's going to be a good year for her. She goes half day in the morning and comes home around 11:25. She was thrilled with her haircut, new backpack, and clothes! 

Isaac is starting 3rd grade! He has a fun new teacher named Mrs. Laplante. She's a smart teacher and he's going to have a lot of fun learning all the 3rd grade stuff! I love his smile and his laugh in contagious. Can't believe he's already in 3rd grade! 

Emily is going in to 5th grade! She is gorgeous, kind and smart. She has a quick wit and is good at jokes and sarcastic remarks. She's been doing her own her for a few years now and I she's awesome at it! Love this girl and her fun friends! She has Mrs. Locante was excited for a few friends to
be in her class. It's going to be an awesome year for Emily! 

Taylor was a bit uncooperative for
"Back to School" pics.
He's starting 8th grade at Clayton! He's not nervous at all this year, and is pretty happy with his new Adidas backpack, cool new shoes and styling haircut! He has a hard schedule of classes in the MELP program getting him ready for high school!!!
We love his energy, his attention to detail, he's good at school and a good friend.
Love ALL of these kids SO much! 

We do tons of pics on the first day of school with friends and everyone in the walking groups. Here are a couple of pics. Lizzie is super excited to walk to school with the big kids! I'll be walking with her for a while, until she's comfortable. 

The Jr. High group! 

Once the kids were back in school we had a big primary activity to plan! The kids in our primary read the "Book of Mormon Reader this summer and this was their celebratory activity! We had 6 different stations with lots of fun activities for them to participate. It was a lot of fun- and a lot of work for the leaders! 

We love our ward and neighborhood, it's such a wonderful place to live! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer's over

Cute Isaac has been having tons of fun being more independent and having fun with his friends. They've been playing a lot of night games after dinner on the street didn't he came in to go to bed, and he started crying he said that he'd been playing his game so hard he accidentally peed his pants. he was so cute while he was crying and he felt so bad but he was so distracted playing games that he didn't take time to go to the bathroom. Love my Isaac! 

This was our last week of summer. So we partied hard. We went swimming, had a lot of relaxed leisurely days, had some fun bowling etc... This summer is been a blur and we're all in denial about school starting. 
Friday we had our annual end of the summer big summer party with our neighbors and friends on the street. We spent 12 hours on this gigantic bouncy slide playing in the water and having tons of fun! We had pizzas for lunch, Popsicles, popcorn, snow cones, etc... 
We had the cute little Jack here for a day or so, he was so adorable! I love his chubby cheeks and his cute little smile.
This party is a perfect way to end the summer. 

We have been watching tons of Olympics during the last two weeks. The USA men's volleyball team took the bronze medal today. They played Russia, and they won! It was super exciting, we were all yelling and screaming and having so much fun watching them play. So congrats to their team!! 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

Monday, August 15, 2016


These two girls are such cute friends! They have fun and play pretend for hours.
This is part of the neighborhood steer gang of kids. These kids play night games, ride bikes, make forts etc... Day & night. They all play pretty well together and have all sorts of fun! 

Lizzie went to her school for a assessment. She had a lot of fun playing on the playground, and exploring her new school. I cannot believe my baby is starting kindergarten. 
Kids cooling off with Popsicles after helping us move & clean. 
Last Saturday we moved out of our house. We're moving into G & G Shiejss house while they're on their mission for the next few years. It was ALOT of work, time and energy, but we're all moved out and getting settled in the new house. The tenants are moving in this week.we are sad to leave our house, but hope things go well 3 houses away. 

We've been spending lots of days at the pool. All the kids think it's so fun, and it's a perfect way to cool off. Here is Taylor launching off the diving board.
Last week Danny had a work party that canceled so we had it in the backyard. It was catered and we rented tables & chairs. It turned out really well and the students seemed happy. 
Lizzie throwing a big fit! She's hilarious. 

These cute cousins had a sleepover on the tramp. We had one last cousin sleepover before school starts. 
We're living it up and having tons of fun before school starts next week!