Sunday, January 31, 2016

Taylor finished his Science Project. He worked a lot on this all week, it's always nice when the project is over.

I had fun teaching Lizzie's class again. We learned about the letter Q, we made a quilt, talked about queens, and quarters.
She likes having me teach her class. 

Lizzie got to go on a fun bike ride with her friend Hazel. They loved going in the bike bucket, it's such a great bike! 

Isaac got some whipped cream in his face at his friend Logan's house. 

Friday we pulled the kids out of school early and went skiing at Alta. It was a great day to be on the slopes, and not a lot of crowds! Lizzie is really improving a lot and she is getting lot more brave too. I am so proud of her! it's really a fun activity or all go skiing together. 

She has mastered the pizza/snowplow!

The kids want to go skiing every Friday now! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lizzie has been taking dance all Fall. She had a small performance last week, just for parents. She was so cute and had fun dancing with her friends on the stage!

We are busy with Basketball every week. Taylor, Emily & Isaac are all playing so it makes for a very busy time. They are all improving and we had the deal that if they score during their game we go get a treat after the game. Last week we had to get treats every night because they all scored at least 1 basket during their games. It's fun to see them improving. 

I taught Lizzie's preschool on Thursday about the letter I. We made ice cream in individual baggies. The kids had fun, but had a hard time moving the cream so it would turn into ice cream. All in all it was a fun project though. Lizzie LOVES her school and adores all her friend and her teacher too. 

A couple of pictures from Taylor's ball game. He's playing church ball and on another team so he's getting a lot playing time. 

Great Grandma Shields made this adorable baby quilt for Lizzie for Christmas. She has  carried her  baby around in it all week! 

Taylor did excellent in his classes for the first semester. He got all A's, and we are so glad he did the extended program MELP. It's been a lot of work, but he's done great! 

We had a lot of snow over the weekend. The kids had fun making snow forts, snow men, and playing outside!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

January means it's Science Fair at the schools. Taylor and his friend Ollie are working on a project about surface tension etc.. They tested different kinds of soaps, hopefully it gets completed in time. 

Lizzie's preschool teacher had a baby recently so a couple of moms are teaching for a  month or two while she is on maternity leave. I get to teach every Thursday. It was a fun day, the kids are really cute and Lizzie was SO excited to have me at her school. We talked about the letter W, we learned about wool, and did a W craft. 

Emily is improving at her basketball skills. She's having fun and doing great! 

Taylor has been having a lot of fun with this selfie stick. He took tons of pictures and they all looks like this. 

Saturday we went skiing at Alta all day. The kids really had a fun day. Taylor just takes off with his go pro and we don't see him until lunch at the lodge. Emily and Isaac had fun skiing with their cousins all day. Lizzie  was really nervous, this is the first time we've taken her this season. She did great and was really having a good time by the afternoon. Hopefully she'll keep improving and be skiing with the rest of us in no time. It as a cold, snowy day on the mountain but we had a terrific day! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

On January 2nd we packed up the kids to go to Goofy Grandma & Grandpa's house for the weekend. We headed on a trip to Kauai and they got to spend a couple of days with them in Springville. They had lots of fun and got spoiled I'm sure.  The rest of the week they were lucky enough to have Grandma & Grandpa Deppe come from Boise, ID to stay at our house with the kids. They were so nice to come and we really appreciate it so much! The kids loved bonding with their grandparents and having fun with all of them . 

Thanks for taking them for the weekend!
We dropped the kids off Friday night and then woke up for early flight to Kauai! We headed there with my whole entire family, parents, siblings and their spouses plus 2 cute baby ( Jack & James) for a wonderful week in the sun! The trip was a way to celebrate mom turning 60 later in January! We landed in Kauai Saturday afternoon, picked up groceries etc.. and then relaxed in the beautiful, warm sunshine for the next 7 days! 

Our days were spent sleeping in, going to the gorgeous beaches located around Kauai, snorkeling, boogie boarding, surfing, napping, eating good food, paddle boarding, swimming, sitting in the hot tub, chatting with all the family, playing with cute babies and staying warm in the sun!!!

There were 16 adults plus the 2 babies. We rented 2 four bedroom condos, and it worked out great! The condos were very nice, comfortable and perfect. There was a pool, hot tub, and it was good to have a kitchen, laundry etc... 

Danny surfed pretty much every day, Derek also rented a board a few days and joined him in surfing. The waves were good and the water was perfect. 

I took A LOT of pictures, so here are the highlights. 

On Sunday after church we went to see Waimea Canyon. The views were incredible and it was a fun activity. Everyone was taking lots of pics, especially Monica with her selfiestick. 

Lots and lots of time spent leisurely enjoying the sandy beaches. We tried a bunch of new different kinds of fruit, and ate plenty of out favorite snacks, cold,  fresh papaya, with lime juice! 

On Tuesday we went up to the north side of the island with Derek, to see everything and show him around the island. We stopped in to get smoothies at our favorite health food store in Hanalei. We went to Hanalei, Ke'e beach, Luma hai, Anini, Tunnels, and more. A lot of these beaches are no crowded, there is hardly anyone around and it's so peaceful and wonderful. 

Wednesday we went back to the north side of the island ( about a 1-2 hour drive) and hiked along the amazing Na Pali coast. We hiked into a secluded beach with huge waves, and lots of big rocks. 

Half the group continued on the trail to hike into the water fall which was another 2 miles on the trail. It was a fun day full of spectacular scenery!!

We all had a fantastic week and it was the perfect way to start a new year!
Happy 60th Birthday to mom!
Thanks for a terrific & memorable trip to Kauai!!