Thursday, June 29, 2017

We had a fun night at Cowabunga bay with our orthodontic office etc.. They had rented the whole water park, and had dinner for all the patients. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it!
Isaac and Lizzie went to a fun neighborhood party earlier in the day with "minute to win it" games! 

The favorite thing at the water park was the massive bucket that dumps water on everyone! The kids loved going under it and getting drenched. 

The next night we headed up to Affleck Park campground to have a smores party with Taylors mountain bike team. They all did a ride in the mountains and then came back for roasting smores at the campsite. It was a gorgeous night in the mountains. 

Wednesday we had a pool swimming day with cousins! We all met at the Tennis Club in SLC to swim. The kids loved diving, swimming and playing with the cousin etc.. What a party! That night we had a YM/YW service auction/dinner/fundraiser to earn money for the youth trips in our ward! It was fun night and Isaac bought a Tuba from the auction. He was SO excited and has been playing it, but he can't even hold it up by himself. 

Our neighbors built a pool in the backyard and it is SO beautiful and tons of fun!

Summer is the best! 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Taylor, Danny & Mike had an amazing trip to Flaming Gorge this week! They caught tons of fish and even a huge 20 lb. lake trout! They had a lot of fun, and spent plenty of time on the boating looking for fish.
They said the scenery is gorgeous and the water was perfect for lots of good fishing! 

While they were fishing we had Erin, Skylar and Devin staying at our house for a couple of days. We had fun going to the park, the zoo and spending time with them. It was terrific having them in town.
We also had several pool days some of which included cousins too! Summer is the best and we try to soak up every minute of fun that we can! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Great Grandma Shields had a big birthday party to celebrate her 90th bday! We had fun with family and loved spending time with grandma!!!

We had a big party at the Orem Institute with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc... We had dinner, a short program and celebrated Grandma's 90 years and lots of posterity. 

Isaac had a busy week. He went to southern Utah with a friend to dig for fossils. he had a blast there all day, working hard to find all the rocks with fossils. Isaac loves this kind of stuff and had a really great time!
Then 2 days this week he went to Cub Scout Camp up Millcreek Canyon with his wolf den. He had fun shooting bows & arrows, learning and spending time in the canyon.
We went to Chuck e Cheese one day too, to have some fun. The kids love it there! 

Lot of summer fun this week!
Emily and her friends made lots of slime~
Lizzie did swim team and learned how to do her strokes better, and also how to dive off the diving board! She is a great swimmer!
Emily went to a fun party and dressed with her friends. Tons of Summer fun! 

Thursday and Friday we had a wonderful time at the wedding of Spencer & Emily Randall. They had an amazing Luau for wedding dinner and then the sealing was Friday morning. Then we went to their reception on Friday night.  It was a beautiful event, and lots of fun! 

Today we're celebrating Father's Day!  Taylor spoke in church and gave a terrific talk. Then the kids sang about their dads and we spoiled Danny all day long; breakfast in bed, gifts, relaxing and spending time with him.

We LOVE you Danny! Thanks for making our lives so great! 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

We did some hiking up beautiful Millcreek Canyon this week! The weather was perfect and we hike this cute Isaac.
Then later in the week the YM and YW went and did the same hike followed by a campfire and smores. We love living by these gorgeous mountains. 

We spent lots of time at the pool this week. Our first week of summer was lots of fun! Pool days are our favorite, because it's fun to keep cool and everyone comes home tired and worn out! 

Isaac made lots of slime this week. The secret ingredient is borax and shaving cream!

Emily went to Reno for a few days with Mary! They had tons of fun with cousins and went to Lake Tahoe. We love cousins time! 

We celebrated Monica's Bday a few days late with Brunch at at new restaurant called "SweetLake Biscuits" It was a fun morning and the food was delicious!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

It's Summer!

We had Sunday dinner here at our house on Sunday. It was extra fun because Marcus and Natalie were here from CA to visit! We had a great night eating dinner and celebrating May Birthdays - Richie, Monica and Danny! 

Danny took the boys fishing at Strawberry Reservoir that weekend. They had incredible views of the lake and lots of fun fishing.
Lizzie had a cousin sleepover at Monica's house and Emily had fun in Island Park, ID with her friends. 

May 30th was Danny's 41st Bday! We had a taco dinner and Key lime pie celebration with our friends the Milliner's.
We all love Danny and hope he has a terrific day!
Emily had her lip sync, song with her class at the school Talent show, and we had the chance to babysit Teddy, our neighbors adorable baby boy!
Also we rode bikes to Sweetly a local Gelato shop and got caught in a huge rainstorm on the way home! It was crazy and we were all soaking wet! 

Friday was the last day of School!!

Lizzie had her Kindergarten program and graduation. She was so excited and happy to perform her class program etc.. She looked adorable in her little cap & gown. 

After her graduation we hurried over to Clayton to see Taylor graduate from Clayton Jr High. They had a nice program, songs etc.. followed by lots of pictures of his friends ets.. 

Taylor has a fantastic group of kids in his grade!  They will all have a great time in high school next year! 

Friday afternoons after all the school stuff I left to go to Logan to ride "Little Red"bike race in Lewiston, Utah.
I went with some friends from the ward. We had a terrific time and really enjoyed the ride and spend time outdoors biking. It was a blast! 

While I was gone Taylor got shaved! The incoming Seniors at high school traditionally shave the incoming freshman at the beginning of the summer! It's a crazy tradition and taylor looked so weird. I hope it all grows back.

We are so ready for Summer!