Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blackmail photos of Isaac

Isaac has been spending alot of time playing with Emily and her friends lately. They LOVE to have him in their games and to have him play dressups! He apparently likes it too! Here are a few hilarious outfits he's been wearing.
Danny, and the grandpa's are going to hate seeing these pics. but they are too funny!
He insisted on this outfit - with the sunglasses!

Here he is being a queen, complete with a royal crown.

And here he is as a blonde is Snow White.

I am afraid to ask him what he wants to be for Halloween, he'll probably want to be a princess!
Don't worry, he still likes trucks, trains and weapons too!

Thanks for including Isaac in your games girls, he has so much fun!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school

Taylor started school today. I can't believe he is old enough to be in 2nd grade. I remember 2nd grade and I loved it! He had mixed emotions about going back to school. He got the teacher he wanted, Ms. Van Wagonerand two of his really good friends are in his class, so he's really excited about that. He is going to have a great experience in 2nd grade!
Here are the kids he walks to school with. They are so nice to Taylor.
Here's a few shots of Taylor and Emily. Emily doesn't start preschool until next week, but she was up and ready to go with Taylor. We'll take real pics. of her on her 1st day of school.

What a happy smile, hope he has a great day!
Love you Tay!

End of summer fun

We have been busy trying to squeeze in all our last minute summer adventures. We have been swimming, going to the zoo with Goofy grandma and grandpa, spending lots of time with cousins, sleeping on the balcony and G. Shields, enjoying riding bikes, eating popsicles, and being lazy when we want. We had a fun bouncy house party with pizza for lunch on the street and a yummy BBQ in Springville for Goofy Grandpa's B-day. I have been horrible at taking pictures lately, but here are the few that I did take.
We love going on Sunday drives before church. Last week we went up Millcreek Canyon to see all the gorgeous wild flowers. The flowers were in full bloom, and we picked wild raspberries-so yummy and sweet!

Here's the kids having fun with their cousins. the boys played "Army" and the girls played dress ups all day long!

Mary and Emily even did their own makeup.
At the zoo with Cole, Cooper, Lisa and G & G Wall. My battery died before I could get any more pics.
We had a fabulous summer and are sad to see it end. It went by too quickly!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All about Isaac

We have had a funny week full of lots drama and laughs from this little guy. Isaac may look sweet, cute and innocent but can be a naughty bully when he wants.
We love this stage with Isaac he's so curious and interested in everything we do. He learns new words and new things every day and he has a great personality. We want to remember a few of the things he does, so we don't forget.
He has been busy banging up our walls and floors with cars, trucks and trains.
He started announcing when he's going to the bathroom (loudly), during sacrament meeting. SO embarassing!
He's also very helpful; he decided to make his own scrambled eggs while I was cooking by cracking 3 eggs on our kitchen table/benches.
He's had a lot of sleeping drama this week, because we started to wean him off his binki. Now he's learned to climb out of the pack n' play, sleeps with his light on and won't fall asleep for an hour or so- and yet he still has his disgusting, old binki!! It's been an exhausting week with him!

Here he is with his good friend/cousin Becca. He and Becca see each other all the time and you would think he would love playing with her. Yet he always gives her a shove, a hit, a push etc.. EVERY time he sees her. She still wants to play with him, but I have no idea why. She is such a sweet cousin and friend, and too nice to him.

Now a funny thing from Isaac this week: He has been making us laugh!

Isaac "Mama, can I have a treat?"
Me "What do you want a treat for, Isaac?"
Isaac "For my mouth!"
We love you little guy, you sure bring a lot of joy to our family!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This looks like Emily, but it's little orphan Annie! Emily and her friends decided to do a play the other day. They performed "Annie" for all the parents and siblings and it was adorable.
The girls were very creative; they ratted their hair, made their faces very dirty and wore "orphan" clothes so they could really look the part. They brought an I pod/I- home with all the music and performed about 7-8 songs. Here are the girls trying to look sad because they are poor orphans.
Here they are singing and cleaning the floors while singing "It's a hard knock life"

So what did all the boys do during this musical performance? They were busy doing stunts and arranging a performance of their own. Here is Taylor with some of his good buddies.
And this is what Isaac did during the play, he soaked himself with the hose. He had tons of fun cooling off, it was a hot afternoon.

It was a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boating fun

We spent a fun day boating on Saturday. All the kids had tons of fun. Taylor and Jeffrey wouldn't get out of the water, they loved knee boarding and tubing. All the kids had fun getting dragged around on the tube! Thanks to Grandpa Shields for letting us use his boat.

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Cooling off at Gateway

We spent an afternoon at the Gateway fountains last week with a couple of friends. The boys loved getting cooled off in the water. It was a great way to spend a hot day.

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