Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lizzie's bday!

We celebrated February bdays at G & G Shields house last week.
Those bdays are Colton, Taylor, Hannah, Lizzie and Darla. We had dinner, dessert and sang Happy Birthday!
It was super fun! 

Lizzie turned 5 on Thursday! We had a big, busy day full of festivities!
Lizzie celebrated at school, then we came home and got ready for her bday party. She had 13 friends & cousins over for a great bday party! Danny & I adore little Lizzie and we love her SO much! 

We had all of her friends here for a party. We did crafts, played lots of games, had snacks and cake, and opened gifts etc..  She was thrilled with the whole day! It was a lot of fun!
We are sad that Lizzie is 5 already, time is going SO fast. 

She wanted the giant chocolate cake and all of her friends loved it! Happy Birthday to our sweet, darling Lizzie! 

Love her smile.

Lizzie got a makeup set for her bday... love her blue lips. Also she's starting to learn how to ride a 2 wheeler! She's all grown up!

Saturday the boys went to the U of U basketball game with Danny. It was against Arizona and it was a great game!!!
They won!

After the game we went to Springville to spend time with Goofy Grandma & Grandpa, Jennifer, Chandler, Eden, Chloe etc...
Our kids all LOVE seeing their cousins! They are so cute and we love spending time with them. 

Taylor & Eden after their sugar high from the cupcakes! Eden is so adorable and so funny. Can't wait to see them again soon. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Danny took the kids skiing last Saturday.
They had a great day with Brett and his boys. Little Henry had a good ski break eating french fries in the lodge. 

Emily is doing a book report about Dr. Seuss. She free handed drew this picture of Dr. Seuss on this brown bag. It turned out really well. 

Lizzie's preschool had a a field trip to the fire station last week. They had a lot fun seeing the trucks, talking to the fire men and learning all about the fire station. 

She has a cute group of friends and students in her class! We have loved having her in Miss Lisa's class, and are sad that she is almost in kindergarten. 

Taylor takes a lot of selfies on my phone. He loves his face and his hair. 

Isaac had his Virginia Tanner Dance performance on Friday. They did a great job dancing and talking about Jazz music. He is having  a lot of fun in 2nd grade! He has nice friends and we are really proud of him. 

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

This week is Taylor's 13th birthday. We've been looking at a lot of his baby pictures and scrapbooks. He was such an adorable, cute, chubby, smily baby boy! I love this old pics of him and great grandma Wall. 

He adored great grandma Wall because she spoiled in with love and lot of treats. We love this cute boy! 

Emily and Isaac worked on their Valentine boxes, we made an owl and a pirate ship. They turned out cute and were simple to do. They both have parties at school on Friday to celebrate the big holiday. 

SLC has had the worst polluted air this week! The inversion is really awful.  The air quality is so bad you can't even be outside. Teresa sent me this picture from up at their house at Suncrest. It's blue skies and sunny where they live, maybe we should move?

On Saturday Danny took the kids to Kamas for a winter drive and to get out of the inversion. They ate lunch High Mountain cafe, they have such delicious food and shakes. 

We had Hannah and Allison to play one day, it was on Hannah's 3rd birthday. She's such  cute girl! 

It was Lizzie's turn to take Ellie home from school. This is her favorite stuffed animal. She drags it everywhere with us when she has it. 

Taylor went to Yellowstone to spend the weekend at his friends cabin, so we celebrated his birthday early before he left. We had a yummy, dinner, ice cream sandwiches ( he didn't want cake) and all told our favorite things about Tay.  Lately he has a special bond with Lizzie and it's really cute. She really loves her big brother Tay and talks about him all the time. Happy Birthday Taylor! We love you! 

This was the last week of Basketball.  Taylor, Emily and isaac all improved their ball skills. They all had a fun season and had a good time playing with their friends. 

Emily is doing a book report about Dr. Seuss. She drew this amazing picture on the side of a brown paper bag. She is a great artist and really talented at drawing, painting etc... I am proud of the time she put into working on this report. 

A few more picture of this chunky boy! We are so glad he's in our family. Happy bday Taylor! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lizzie made this adorable picture at primary today. I love her artwork, and her cute writing. 

We made Valentine boxes this weekend. The kids had fun making the pirate ship and owl boxes. 

We had fun with Emily and her friends at activity days this week. We heart attacked all their primary teachers etc... They had fun hiding behind cars after they doorbell ditched them. 

Lizzie entertaining herself during the 3-4 basketball games a week  that she attends for Taylor, Emily & Isaac's games. She's a good sport but likes to do selfies on my phone. 

Go Isaac go! He's really improving his game. 

I've been looking at lots of old pictures of Taylor as a baby and toddler. He was such a sweet, happy, curious, chubby baby! I am sad that he will be 13 later this month.