Sunday, July 15, 2018

This week we had Baby Jane at our house for a few days! She is so funny and such a daring girl! The kids LOVE spending time with her and we all had so much fun.
Natalie, Richie & Baby Bowen moved to CA this week. It's hard to see them go, but we will hopefully see them soon. 

We met some friends up Millcreek Canyon one evening for smores' and a fire. It was a gorgeous, night and a lot cooler up the canyon! 

Taylor wen to Lake Powell with the Shields Clan, Isaac went to "Sea Quest" again with his friend Ben, and Lizzie had friends over to swim. Lots of fun!
Emily went to her first year of YW camp. This camp was in Heber and she had a blast!  Lots of laughs, good friends, staying up really late, games, delicious food, crafts etc... We had a fabulous camp! 

Saturday Danny brought his boat to Deer Creek to go boating , the girls all went tubing, and swam in the lake, paddle boarded, etc.. It was a terrific way or end the camp! 

Emily's crowd on a summer night on the circle. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

July is starting off with a bang! Lots of fun! Sunday night after trek we had a fun bday party for Chloe at G &G Wall's house. we had a blast seeing everyone and indulging in her crazy colored unicorn cupcakes!
We went to Cherry Hill with friends all afternoon and evening Monday. 

Tuesday we met Hugo, Katie, Adam, Goofy Grandpa, Jennifer, and her girls at the pool for swimming and then headed home for tacos for dinner that night. 

Wednesday morning was the 4th of July! We had a neighborhood breakfast and bike parade that was so fun! Then we went to a movie and then out to Bretts house for a BBQ in Draper! We had a fun night, unfortunately Isaac fell while getting off the trampoline and hurt his wrist again!  

Thursday morning I took Isaac to the Dr. right away. He has a small buckle fracture in his right wrist. He has another brace for 4 weeks. AHHH his injures are so stressful.

We quickly shopped, packed and got organized for a weekend of camping/boating/fishing at Flaming Gorge! It was a crazy few days but it was so nice at the Gorge! 

Flaming Gorge is really SO Gorgeous! It's similar to lake powell but with lots of green trees etc.. It's spectacular! 

I napped most of the way to Flaming Gorge and Taylor got a massive Kokanee Salmon at the early fishing session.  

We are watching cute Jane this week while her family is in Lake Powell! She is so fun and adorable! We love her! 

Natalie, Richie & baby Bowen are moving to CA this week. We had then over for dinner and it was fun to see baby B for a while. He is the sweetest guy and is really growing fast! 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

We had a fun bday party at G & G Wall's house for Chloe's 3rd birthday! She is so cute and we all adore her and Eden! 

Danny, Taylor, Emily & I all had the wonderful opportunity to go on Pioneer Trek with our stake this week. It was 4 full days of living on the Wyoming Prarie. Danny and I were a "Ma & Pa" in the Young Family and we had 10 kids in our family! 

We were lucky enough to have awesome kids in our group ranging from 11-18 years of age. We had 4 boys and 6 girls! There were lots of good times and some hard time during this experience too. 

We had great food, lots of laughs, pioneer stories, games, wonderful music, love, friendship, beauty and faith promoting experiences on trek! 

Martins Cove and the sixth crossing in Wyoming is where we were. We all camped right together for 3 nights and became very close! Lots of fun and lots of tired kids too. We woke up every morning by 5:30 AM!

We were the Red Family, and Emily and Taylor were not in our group. They had great families that they were in took and they both had a terrific time on trek! 

We had a terrific time on trek! It was a very memorable experience. 

We had a blast at Cowabunga Bay with friends last week. Our oththodontist rents out the place for his patients and it is tons of fun! 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Taylor went to EFY in Provo this week. He had a great week with his friend Ryan, they learned a lot, met a ton fo new people and had a blast! We had quiet week at home while he was gone. 

We celebrated Fathers Day last week, and had some fun with baby Lauren. She is the cutest!  

Natalie & Richie had their baby, Bowen this week! He was a big baby, born on June 18th! He is SO adorable, really alert and just perfect. I head to the hospital Monday night to meet him! He's so handsome! 

We went boating at Jordanelle one evening this week. Lots of fun and such gorgeous scenery! 

We went swimming at the pool a few times with friends. it's our favorite way to spend a hot day! More pics of baby Bowen!

Danny had a work event at the Bees game this week. So we had a fun night there. Dinner was great and then the game was terrific! The kids had tons of fun! 

We LOVE Baby Bowen!