Sunday, March 18, 2018

We had have had a great few weeks, busy, fun, and good times.
Emily was in a great volleyball tournament and her team did fabulous!
Taylor has had a good class at school, and they made fruit pizza. Danny and I had a fun work event at Grand America and it was a great night! We still get a lot of snow even though its almost spring. 

We had a great St. Patrick's Day this weekend. Lizzie was SO excited about the leprachauns. She made a cool trap at school and was so determined to catch a real leprechaun! They came and left gold coins all over the house, left lucky charms cereal, dyed the toilet water green and milk green too. She was SUPER happy in the morning. We had a fun day! 

We had a fun couple of days celebrating Isaac! He turned 10 last week and he's all grown up!
I took a few of his friends to the Nickel Arcade and then to the Habit for burgers.  It was a fun afternoon - Danny holding his assistant's baby. such a cute boy!
Our Stake is doing a pioneer Trek this summer, and the kids had a square dancing activity. They had to dance together and it was a fun night. 

We had a giant snow storm and there were tons of snow! Isaac had an awesome birthday celebration! We had waffles for breakfast, had a yummy lunch out and then he wanted BBQ baby back ribs, and potatoes with asparagus for dinner. It was the best day for him!
Isaac won the movie passes at the orthodontist from a guessing game, he was thrilled! 

I had a nice relaxing weekend with some friends to Arizona for a few days!  It was fun, relaxing, and warm! Great time to catch up with friends. relax and recharge with some time by myself.

Here is a taylor skiing this weekend at Alta, there was tons of powder! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Monica's girls Jane and Hannah last week. Monica was resting after having her baby and its as so fun! Jane is a cute, energetic smart little girl!

We had some fun with cousins, we had New beginnings at YW at church, snow days with cousins, and we had a bday weekend for Lizzie's 7th bday! 

Friday after school I took Lizzie to the mall to get her ears pierced! She was SO excited and could not wait to go!  She was very brave and didn't cry at all. I love how awesome she is! 

She picked out her new earrings and was thrilled with it all! We had fun weekend full of snow and lots of fun! 

Sunday was her really Bday, we went to church, and then had a big birthday dinner for her 7th bday! She wanted fake glasses,  squishes, her ears pierced for her bday! She was so excited about all of it! She wanted spaghetti, salad and bread for dinner with an ice cream cake for dessert. 

Happy Birthday adorable Lizzie! We love you so much!  We are so happy you are part of our family! 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

We have had a busy couple of weeks! things are going well and the days just race by.
Isaac got his right arm cast off and has a brace on it to wear for the next 8 weeks. It's been really long winter for him!
Lizzie had a fun day spent at the park with friends. We met cousins for free frozen yogurt at Yogurtland, and the YW had a fun activity here at our house learning all about music and how to lead music.
I got to spend some time with cute James while his parents were in Hawaii. 

We had a day off of school so we went swimming at the Murray pool with cousins. It was tons of fun! Taylor took this gorgeous picture of sunset on one of his bike rides this last week. He has been biking so much even though it's winter! 

Danny went to Hawaii for work and swam and dove with sharks! He thought it was awesome! I thought it sounded terrifying and scary!
Emily has started volleyball at Club V again. She really loves
Volleyball and she's getting really good at it!

We had a great Valentines Day! Everyone had clever, cute V day boxes and we celebrated Taylor's 15th birthday! 

Taylor was chubby, happy baby. He was smily and easy. He was a inquisitive, chatty, smart toddler who was obsessed with cars, animals, trucks, and "Thomas the Train".  Now he's a smart, talented fun teenager! We had fun celebrating him all day!
I can not believe he is 15! 

He had school, then he went for a mountain bike ride, then we went to dinner at Rubio's for fish tacos, donuts for dessert, and then to YM/YW for an hour. After we surprised him with having friends over for food, games and a hot tub party! It was a terrific night! 

The very next day cute Lauren Bauman was born! Natalie and I went to the hospital that night to see her for the first time! She is perfect, darling and precious! Her big sisters are so excited and happy to meet her! 

We have been having lots of cousin time to help Monica and Dave out. The girls are so easy to have over and the kids all have a blast! 

 This week while the kids are in school jane has been coming over to play! She is smart, has lots of energy and is a lot of fun!
It's been great to have her with me! 

One day we had Hannah and Jane too! Love our cousins!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Lizzie lost both of her 2 front teeth this week! She is looking so grown up. We had lots of fun with friends and cousins this week.
Also we had a great YW Chinese New Year activity and the girls loved it! 

We went skiing on Saturday at Alta. Everyone hit the slopes and skied all together. Unfortuatnely Isaac is still in his cast on his right arm so he hung out in the lodge playing games, watching shows, hanging out with Megan and Lucy and eating snacks.
It was a fun day and everyone did great on the mountain. 

Looking forward to Valentines day next week!  

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lizzie lost her top from tooth and she suddenly looks SO Old! She was so excited about loosing this tooth, it was just hanging on by a thread and Danny barely pulled it and it came right out! Yay! 

Fun pictures from this week...Lizzie has been falling asleep in our bed and then we carry her awkwardly down to her bed. We had a big snow storm and the kids played outside in the snow!

After the big snow storm we had a fun afternoon in the hot tub. We ran into the snow and then head right back into the hot tub. Fun Fun!!
Sunday night we had all the Shields Family over for a birthday celebration for the January & February Bdays! Lots of good food, and chatting & fun! 

We had Stake Mutual Talent Show this week and our ward was in charge of it. Emily played a song on her Ukulele and did a lip sync with the rest of the YW, All of the YM did a song with all the instruments of "Stand By Me". It was a fun, enjoyable night and all the kids did great!

Also taylor got all A's in term 2 so Danny treated him to dinner at "Market Street" he dined on delicious steak, crab cakes, and shrimp!  So jealous I wasn't there too!! 

More from this week! We had Jane over for an afternoon, she is SO cute!!!
We had no school on Friday so we went to the Nickel arcade, and won candy and toys! Emily had a Basketball game that night, she scored 4 points and did great!  

Saturday Taylor went skiing with friends, Isaac is still in a cast, we went to Seaquest Aquarium with the younger 2 kids! It is a really fun place, so interactive and the kids had a blast!  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We had a good week last week. Isaac got his smaller cast on his right arm. He has 4 more week with a cast! Then a couple of months wearing a brace. It will be really nice to have him with no injuries!
Emily had a good basketball games, she played hard! 

Saturday we all went skiing at Alta! It was a great day, blue sky and not too cold. Isaac stayed with Monica and girls, which was super nice of her!
We took Lizzie on all the big lifts and hard runs, and she did awesome! She was not scared at all, we were so proud of her!  Way to go Lizzie! 

Monday was no school for Martin Luther King Day. So we headed to Heber to spend the night Sunday night and then went boating and fishing at Deer Creek on Monday. It was a super fun weekend!  Lots of time together and fun to be outside in the cold, fresh air. It was a nice sunny, warmish day! 

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Happy New Year!!! We had a great NewYears Eve complete with 2 giant lobsters shipped straight from Maine! Danny had a coworker send him a big box of big lobsters unexpectadly for New Years! So for lunch on Sunday we had Lobsters! It was fun to cook them and even better to eat them! The kids all had fun trying them and it as an adventurous lunch!

For church on Sunday Lizzie wore her matching dress with her new American Girl Doll. She was thrilled with it and looked so cute!! Her dolls name is Tenney.

That night we went to Brett and Teresa's house for a new years even party! We had a delicious dinner, games, bball, trampoline fun, glow sticks, sparklers etc.. it as fun night, we were extra happy to Have Marcus and Natalie her in Utah for the fun party! 

Monday was New Year's Day. There has not been a lot of snow, and so we headed to Jordanelle for some winter fishing and boating. Taylor went to Alta skiing with friends and we missed him. The weather was mid 40's and so gorgeous! The water was crystal clear and glassy. We had a picnic lunch on the boat, fished, drove around and had a terrific day! 

After boating Danny and Emily went and picked a new bunny for Em. Her bunny is a boy, named Buddy. He is so adorable and really sweet! She loves him SO much! 

We had some fun game nights with natalie and Richie! We are all into Rumikub right now and it's a ton of fun!
Heres emily's fortune from eating at Panda Express one day. 

Friday was a fun Family day! We went to Breakfast at a restaurant called "Angels". It was fun and tasty too!
After we headed to the  temple to do baptisms for the dead with Tay and Emily. It was terrific to be in the temple with them. That night Emily and a Bball game and played great. We went to amazing dinner at one of our favorite mediterranean places called "The Med" Then home for a hot tub party, and a movie! It was an amazing day!
We have a had tons of fun during this winter break!  Sad school starts tomorrow.