Sunday, August 20, 2017

This week was the last week of Summer!  We had tons of fun packed into the week, it was exhausting but lot of fun!
We had our end of the summer street party  it was a full day of bouncy house sides, fun with our friends and neighbors all day long and all night too! 

Megan & Colton had their new baby, Lucy.  We raced down there a couple of days after her birth to hold her and snuggle her. She is SO adorable and just perfect. 

Taylor was doggy sitting a freinds dog. He always wants to get a dog but we're not convinced yet. 

Emily and her friends and a busy after noon dressing up and having fun with all the dressups! This outift was hysterical. 

There was a nice evening rainstorm and the girls headed out to dance in the rain! 

Lots of time at the pool! These cute girl int heir adorable swim suits. 

An afternoon in the shade of a big, long Monopoly game! This keep the kids entertained for 4 hours or more. 

The kids had lots of fun on the Giant bouncy Slide! 

That night after dinner there was a live band concert from Jack Rutter and his band. They were awesome!  It was such a great time! 

Lizzie started soccer on Saturday. She played hard and it was a hot, sunny game! 

More pics of darling Lucy! She is so adorable! 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I took the kids hiking this week at Alta. Albion Basin is so gorgeous this time of year and full of wonderful wildflowers. We had fun hiking to Cecret Lake, enjoying a picnic, playing near the lake and being outside in the cool, refreshing air. 

The kids have fun making creations out of magnets, and I judge them to see who's best.
One day this week Taylor got contacts at the eye Dr., then he went to the Orthodontist and found out he'll have his braces off in 3 weeks, and then we went to East High School to register him for his 9th Grade year!  It was a memorable day full of lots of exciting times! He's nervous to start high school, but excited too!

Emily, Lizzie, Isaac and kate had a Lemonade stand , they earned almost $30 and had a blast sitting outside for a few hours selling lemonade to neighbors. 

More pics from our hike, the weather was perfect for hiking and nice and cool!
Our favorite part was hiking where we ski! It was SO cool to see all the areas where we ski at Alta and see how it looks with no snow! It's a gorgeous area, and so fun to explore. 

We went to the Nickel Arcade one day, for an afternoon of fun.
Also I hosted Lizzie's baking class at our house. We made and decorated cup cakes and the girls loved it! We are trying to squeeze in all the fun we can have before school starts next week. 

We had a sad moment burying Gidget and Tank in the backyard. We have lost 2 pets this year and it makes us all sad. 

Taylor & Bear! He's such a cute dog! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Isaac and Danny went on a fishing trip to Flaming Gorge this weekend. They slept on the boat in the marina under the stars, after rising until dark. They had lots of success catching Lake trout, and Kokanee Salmon. Isaac was thrilled to have Danny all to himself for a great weekend of fishing ! 

Look at the smile on his face! He LOVES fishing! 

I took the kids to Cherry Hills water park on day this week. We had a blast swimming and going all the water slides there. It's a fun place, not too big and just right for fun! 

The next day we headed to Draper to swim with cousins and Teresa's pool. The kids love swimming there and it was has a fun water slide too. 

All the girls in the hot tub. 

Lizzie has been doing a lot of painting this week. She loves to do arts and crafts. Especially lots of painting! I love her creative eye and think she's terrific at art!

Another day this week we went down town to meet Monica and her girls to go to the Church Childrens museum. We had fun there with all the girls. 

We had a rough weekend with the bunnies. Gidget got very sick and had to go to the vet for medicine and care. She didn't improve so it was decided that she was not going to get better. The vet had to put her down and we were all so sad! Joey is also sick right now, but not as bad. He has medication and it should help him to recover and get better. We REALLY want him to be better, and not be sick. It was really awful to loose Gidget and Emily is pretty sad and worried about there bunnies.
It's always a little crazy around here.

Only 2 more weeks of Summer! We are all getting really sad that it's almost over.