Sunday, November 29, 2015

We got Lizzie's preschool pictures back this week. I loved these smiles and these cute kids! Lizzie's class is full of adorable kids.
She adores this class and her teacher Ms. Lisa. 

We had great Thankgiving here in SLC.  Originally we were supposed to go to CA for the holiday, but for multiple reasons we ended up staying in Utah, and going to G & G Shields house. It was a nice, relaxing weekend and we had fun spending time with cousins and family. 

We went swimming one day, made gingerbread houses, went to a movie with Goofy Grandma and Grandpa, went skiing, went hot tubbing, watched movies, played games etc.. 

We love Thanksgiving! It's a nice, relaxing fun holiday. 

We can't wait for Christmas! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lizzie Loves, Loves to do arts & crafts! She like to cut, glue, draw and color. She is happy to do this lots of time during the day! It's a fun hobby for her. 

My little artist! 

Emily had her Virginia Tanner Dance performance this week at school! She did a great job and her class was the weather. Snow, lightning, thunder, etc.. It's a great program and the kids really get into it. 

Here are emily and her cute friends! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Now that we had Day Lights Savings its gets dark at 5:00.
The kids have had fun with this big paper! They lay it on the floor while I cook dinner. There's plenty of paper and lot of makers too. 

There's snow in the mountains. Its been snowing a little bit, it's a fun but cold sight to see. We are all excited to ski this year. We bought passes at Alta and are looking forward to a great year on the slopes. 

Lizzie and her friends had a lot of fun making forts! They're cute girls! 

We did a cousin sleepover this weekend. emily went to Brett's house, and we had Milly sleepover at our house. We went to dinner and got ice cream cones after. Lizzie LOVES all of her cousins, she's obsessed with them. It's cute because she calls Milly
"Milly Mountain"because they live in the mountains. Kids are clever.
This week Lizzie told me her favorite colors are
 "Glitter & Sparkle"!! I love it! 

Saturday we went to the zoo. It was a warm, crisp, gorgeous Fall day. We ran into our friend Tina and her kids at the zoo. It was fun to see them and the kids had a blast seeing all the animals. 

We always look for the grey wolf but rarely see it. So this was cool to see him up close. 

We rode the train at the end, a highlight for the kids! 

We're looking forward to Thanksgiving break! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tank the Tortoise is getting big! He's a good pet, and sleeps a lot.

Taylor getting goofy and wearing his clothes weird while riding his Skywalker. Kids are funny. 

Isaac had his cast removed this week! Yay. It's been along 9 weeks of him and we are so happy to have his arm healthy and strong again. 

Danny's MSF program at the U of U was ranked in the top 25 this week. It's really exciting for him and he's happy his hard work is paying off. 

We went to the the first U basketball game this week. We have season tickets again this year and have fun going to see them play. 

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Isaac being funny and wearing dressups with his cousins.
He's a funny boy and I love his laugh! 

Emily and her friends worked hard on a spook alley all day Saturday. They had it in Hattie's basement. They did their own scary makeup.
They're cute funny girls! 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Taylor is moving along with his boy scouts, he went to a court of honor last week and earned his scouts. He's liking scouts and we're proud of him.
Emily went on her birthday date with G & G Shields last week. She was happy and picked a good book and went out for frozen yogurt etc.. We're so lucky to have them as our neighbors. 

I took Lizzie and her friend to the Red Butte Gardens this week. It was a really nice, warm day. They had fun running around and getting their energy out. The gardens are so beautiful right now and it was a great outing. 

This week is all about Halloween! We grew out own pumpkins this year, it was fun and they go pretty big! So big that they were hard to carve, so we painted them this year. The kids liked it, but we missed having roasted pumpkin seeds. 

We had a full week of Halloween festivities.
School parades, parties, programs, school carnival, Bday parties,
and more! The kids were happy and excited about it all and we al had a crazy, fun, busy, wild week!

On halloween day we had a nice, relaxing Saturday and got ourselves ready for a fun night of Trick - O - treating! The kids got their costumes all ready. Lizzie decided on her pirate costume again. 

We have such a fun, amazing neighborhood and we all really enjoy celebrating Halloween together. We always have a big pot luck dinner with all of our friends and neighbors. Then we head out to Trick -O - Treating.  Later we get together for donuts, and hot cocoa which is the perfect way to end the night.

It was fun to have Mike, Erin & Skylar with us. It's always wonderful to see them. Skylar is super cute!
Danny had a funny costume of being a BYU fan! It was hilarious. 

Sunday was the baby blessing for James William Shields. He's a darling little baby and so sweet. It was fun to see everyone at his blessing and go to church with B & T. 

Here's to November!