Sunday, April 27, 2014

We had a delicious Easter dinner at G & G Shields house. Great grandma Shields was there too which is always a treat. It was my dad's birthday too.
We had a yummy dinner, an Easter egg hunt, and lots of fun!

The kids were thrilled with the egg hunt. We hid around 200 eggs in the backyard.

I hosted Lizzie's playschool group this week. We talked about the ocean and animals in the ocean. This was our last week having it at our house. It's been a fun group to teach and have play at our house. Lizzie loves her school. They are a cute group of kids!

Emily at her soccer pictures this week.

Here's Lizzie swimming at her class. Lizzie and her friends playing "Doctor" , Isaac and his buddies looking at our snake and the ferris wheel in Scheels.
We went there on Saturday because it rained the whole entrie day. We sat through 3 wet, soggy, freezing soccer games, and then went to have some fun at Scheels.

It was a fun way to spend a rainy, cold afternoon.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Here's my view of the sunrise after my early morning runs, it's a great way to start the day.

This week was Spring Break. We had no plans to go out of town so we did lots of fun things close to home. We had cousins over to play, went on a hike, played at the park, spent the day at Classic Skating, went on bike rides, swimming, skiing, movie nights, the zoo etc... It was a fun, wild, exhasusting week. Here's some pictures from our fun.

Lizzie loves the park, but is a little too daring for me. She likes to repeatedly climb this play equipment that is high off the ground, it worries me. But she loves it!

We had a blast at Classic Skating. The kids love the big bouncy slides, and riding their scooters on the roller skating rink.

Skiing with the kids is a lot of fun. Isaac and Emily have really improved this seaon. Taylor is an awesome skiier. It's a fun family activity. We can't wait until Lizzie is old enough to go. Thanks to Monica for keeping Lizzie for us!
Our favorite day was Friday. We went swimming in the morning and then went skiing with Danny in the afternoon at Alta. It was our last day of skiing for the season. The snow was slushy, but the day was warm and beautiful! It was a perfect was to end our spring break!


Lizzie has mastered the "Selfie"!

Today is Easter Sunday. We had a big breakfast, then the kids did a treasure hunt to find their Easter baskets. They were happy with their loot of candy, treats and toys.
The girls were given these adorable Easter dresses from Aunt Katie. She made then and we love them!! They looked so cute in their matching dresses at church. Thank you Katie!!

We love Easter Sunday, it is one of our favorite days of the year. We are grateful for our Savior and his atoning sacrifice.
Happy Easter! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lizzie started swimming lessons this week. She has a teacher named Jamie and she's doing great! Lizzie loves the water, she jumps in and going under water to her teacher. Every friday she gets excited to go to her swim class.

We went to the zoo with Lizzie's playschool on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny! The kids loved seeing all the animals including the baby snow leopard. Isaac and his friends had fun tagging along with their younger sisters.

Lizzie and her friend Hazel have a strong love/hate relationship. They both have strong personalities, and so this results in some fighting. But when they are getting along, it's cute.

We had a picnic lunch to the park with Isaac's friend William. The warm sunshine feels so good, it really cheers me up after the cold, snowy, dark winter!

Here's Taylor's reaction after I told him he had to go to Emily and Isaac's soccer games on Saturday.
Ha ha! He loves it, but just won't admit it!
Spring Break is next week, can't wait.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This week I took Isaac on a date for some frozen yogurt. He is a good boy, and likes to have lots of yummy treats on his yogurt. Isaac makes me smile and laugh everyday.  I love his fun personality and his big head hugs.

Mom and Dad celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary. They look as young now as they did when they got married. Happy Anniversary to my awesome parents! They are great examples to me and my family.

Spring weather this week was snowy and cold, we are ready for spring.

Soccer is in full swing, with three kids playing soccer our Saturdays are busy and wild! Isaac had a great game, he played good defense and score a goal! He was happy to score and we celebrated with a slurpee.
Emily and Taylor also had great games. Emily scored a goal too, and Taylor had two assists to goals. It's a fun season, but cold during these cold weather games.

Here's some adorable pictures of Emily and Natalie from last weekend, when we went to the Womens meeting.

We are happy to have General Conference this weekend. We made a big breakfast Sunday morning. The kids chose waffles,  bacon, hash browns, eggs, fruit, juice, chocolate milk etc... It was a feast!
It's wonderful to have a nice relaxing Sunday watching Conference and listening to the words of the apostles. We love General Conference and look forward to hearing their inspired words.