Sunday, April 26, 2015

We worked long and hard on a little family song, it was fun and the kids had a blast! 
This was another fun, busy week for our family. They all seem to be busy and crazy these days.

Lizzie made rain clouds at school- she thought it was great.
Taylor like to take selfies on my phone, so I'll post them!

Emily & Kate had fun at Isaac's baseball game. They laughed so hard at these pictures and their many different poses of jumping out of the swings. 

Lizzie is still enjoying swimming lessons at "Swim Kids". She is having fun and loves being in the water. Plus she's learning a lot. She's fun to watch! 

Isaac and his baseball buddies. Little boys in baseball uniforms are super cute!
Lizzie was SO happy to have "Happy Hippo" from her preschool class again .She is obsessed with this hippo, and we take him everywhere!
This week was my grandpa Hawkins birthday. He was an amazing man and a wonderful example. I love this picture of him with Taylor and Jeffrey.
Taylor and Danny have been trying out electric guitars. It's fun to hear their songs, and they have fun playing music. 

Friday night was "Art night" at the elementary school. It is always a really fun night and the kids love going!
They had their face painted, played games, ate treats, did arts & crafts and had fun! The hit of the night was the awesome detailed face paint & the photo booth. 

They had a blast trying on the props in the photo booth - I especially likes the beard!

Taylor was is getting too cool to hang out with the family at school functions, so he had fun roaming around with his friends. They are a good group of kids. 

Saturday was rainy, so we spent a good amount of time playing instruments etc.. 

Lizzie is so into her little princess and other small toys right now. She makes this stories up and uses her imagination while she plays with them all day long. It's really cute to listen to, and she has so much fun! I love playing with her and hearing her stories etc.. as she plays. 

For Sunday dinner today we made pizzas on the barbecue. Its' my favorite way to cook pizzas. The pizzas were delicious and the kids love making their own pizzas however they want. It's a custom order pizza. 

The dinner was so yummy and it was fun to have everyone working together to cook the pizzas.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

We had a good week. Things were busy, and a little wild but it's always like that in the spring; with sports, music, field trips, performances, etc... 

Here are some of the kids art projects etc.. from school.  Isaac and Emily both really enjoy art at school. I love Isaac's writing and seeing how his little mind works, when he writes. This was him writing about being a paleontologist when he grows up and his how he wants to make $10,000 a year!
So cute.

We had a huge snow storm on Wednesday. It felt like the middle of the winter because it snowed so much!
Lizzie and I stayed home most of the day and kept warm and dry. She is SO into her stuffed animals, dolls etc.. She has named all of them and plays house, school, Dr. and vacation with them. She has a wonderful imagination and gets mad if I don't get a bowl of milk out for her cat "Melissa" or leave a treat for her doggy "Toddles" She's smart, cute, busy and wonderful.

Lizzie wanted to invite all her girls friends from preschool to our house for a playdate. So we had them all to our house on Thursday after school. They ate lunch, played dress ups, house, looked at the animals and had a tea party. 

Friday night we finally went and saw "Cinderella" with all the girl Shields cousins. Lizzie and Emily were really excited to see it. The movie was so great and super cute! Lizzie was mesmerized by the mice (she now wants a pet mouse) She saw through the whole show without any complaints.
it was  fun night with cousins etc... 

Saturday we had a busy day of 3 soccer games, chores, yard work etc.. Then in the evening we made a fire and roasted hot dogs & smores with our friends and neighbors. It was such a beautiful, war, spring night -just perfect for being outside. 

Taylor & Emily moved the hammock outside on Sunday, and spent most of the day reading and hanging out. They love to be in the hammock and they are getting along really well right now, which is great! We love it when our kids like spending time together. 

More pictures of Lizzie with all of her animals. She lined them all up in the hallway for school and then they each ate a snack. She's so fu nay and so serious about her animal play. 

Sunday night was celelbrating the April Birthdays! Millie, Spencer and Grandpa Shields all have birthdays in April.
The weekends go too quickly, and Mondays come too soon. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

This cute Isaac starting baseball this week. He is really excited about playing and thinks it's great!
I love his energy and enthusiam for new things. 

Danny & Taylor went on a camping trip/bike ride to San Rafael in southern Utah. They camped and then rode their bikes along a gorgeous trail all day Saturday.
They went with the young men/scout group from our ward. 

Lizzie was lucky enough to go to an Elsa Party at her cousin Millie's house. It was the best party every! She loved everything about it and had a wonderful time. 

We had Allison over to play this week .She and Lizzie were really into their play doh. They did play doh for almost 3 hours. They had 10 containers of new play doh and they had a blast! They had birthday cakes and played restaurant.
They are such cute girls, and wonderful friends. 

It's going to be a busy week of Spring baseball, soccer, scouts, young men, piano, guitar, preschool, homework, lots of snaacks and meal preparation, regular school etc... Life is good! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

We had Spring Break this week! The kids were really excited to be out of school, and we had a lot of fun!
The weather was nice & warm at the beginning of the week & we took advantage by being outside a lot.
 We visited beautiful  Red Butte Gardens, and played at the park etc... 

I went to Provo one night to meet cute little baby Jack! He's adorable. 

We went swimming at a really fun indoor pool one day, the kid all love to swim and it really wears them out.
We hit Costco with all the kids for food & lunch on Thursday. It's rare to take them all to Costco so it was kind of like a field trip. 

Thursday we went to Midway to stay in a condo with Monica and her girls. We had tons of fun playing games, doing crafts, sitting in the hot tub and going geo caching. 

Gorgeous view of Midway in the morning. 

Sunday was Easter Sunday and General Conference. It was warm and sunny. We had a good relaxing day watching conference and listening to the leaders of the church give their talks.
Then we had dinner and a massive easter egg hunt at G & G Shields. 

These happy kids got too much candy!

The kids love being with their cousins. They played so well together all day, and then ate dinner, made a play, and had lots of laughs. It was a special treat to have Marcus & Natalie and their cute kids visiting from Seattle. We love seeing them  and wish they would move back to Utah.

These last pics are from out easter morning at home. The kids found their easter baskets, we made a big breakfast and listened to conference.
Happy Easter!