Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trip to Maui

Danny and I just got home from the an amazing week in Maui! 
It was a dream come true!

We left the kids with G&G Shields and headed to Maui for a week of relaxation, sun and fun! We met Tom & Wendy there and they let us spend the week with them in their beautiful time share at the Westin Resort Villas along the Kaanapali beach in Maui. 
Here are lots of pictures, mostly of the gorgeous resort and spectacular sights on the beach. 

The Westin is a fabulous resort with multiple pools, a waterslide, hot tubs, beach access, restaurants and more.  We spent most of our time at beach snorkeling, napping, swimming, surfing, reading, paddleboarding, or just walking along the sand. There was a huge reef right out in front of our resort, full of ll kinds of fish, octupus, lobster and sea turtles.  We snorkleled in that area usually two times a day, because it was so fun.  I love snorkeling in the warm, clear water.

This is the famous "Hula Pie", we all loved this dessert and ate it several times throughout the week.

Everynight the sunset was breathtaking.  We would always try to be outside in the evening to enjoy the gorgeous views over the ocean.

We had a great room with beach views from our room and balcony.  We would open the screen door and let all the fresh breeze in our room all night.  The bed was nice and cozy too!  The room was perfect, it had a kitchen, washer/dryer and our own entrance.

Here we are getting ready to snorkel, I didn't get any pictures of us with our masks on, but we looked cool. Ha Ha!

Danny bought a Ukelele and the guy at the store taught him a few chords, so we had fun listening to him play.  It's relaxing to listen to someone play. He has been playing a lot since he bought the Ukelele, and hopefully Taylor will learn to play too.

This was our favorite snack; fresh papaya with lime juice, it was so yummy and refreshing.  All of the food was great!

We had many delicious dinners at great restaurants.  I didn't get very many pictures with Tom & Wendy, but we had so much fun with them!  They are easy to travel with and enjoyable to be around.

Danny rented a surfboard for the week, and he surfed everyday.  The waves were small, but he still had fun.
I tried surfing , but didn't get any pics.  We also rented a paddleboard, and that was tons of fun.  It's harder than it looks to paddle around on the board, but we had fun trying.

The last night we ate a fancy resturant and Wendy ordered Spaghetti and meatballs.  Their meatballs are delicious, so we took a picture.  The rest of the menu was good too, Danny and I had Ahi tuna it was so yummy!

The night we flew out there was a huge rainbow in the sky. 
Maui is a beautiful island and we are so happy we were able to spend a week in the sun!

Thanks so much for G & G shields for watching the kids!  We really appreciate it.
Also thanks to Tom and Wendy for inviting us, we had an amazing week!
 We love Maui!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The weather had gotten hot, so we have been running in the sprinklers with our friends and neighbors.  These kids love to scream and squeal as they go in the cold water. 
I love Beccas pose!

Isaac has started a little soccer team.  They practice once a week and they got team soccer shirts.  He thinks it's a lot of fun and asks everyday if it's soccer practice.

Isaac decided to make a pool out of our cooler. He filled it full of water and them jumped in.  Lizzie tried it out too, but she doesn't like the cold water. 

Elizabeth looks so adorable in her swimming suit!  She has the cutest rolls, and fat legs, I love her little body!

She crawls around like a monkey, when she doesn't want to put her knees on the ground.  I hope she doesn't start walking while I am gone next week, I don't want to miss it!

Taylor had his pinewood derby on Wednesday night.  He had a fun time, and loved the car he made.

We went to the zoo with some friends, I love this picture it shows just how angry Isaac can get.  He can really get into a rage, he gets all red and his veins pop out of his neck.  I have to chuckle, because I see him get mad so often. 

Here's Emily with her good friend, Kate.  These two girls play every single day together.  They are so cute!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Isaac and Becca are so cute together.  They really have a Love/Hate relationship.  Sometimes they play great together, and the next day they fight the whole time.  This was a good day, and they were happily playing on their fake phone.  They are so fun to listen to while they play pretend.

Isaac went on a fieldtrip to the Aviary last week with his school.  Here's a hilarious picture of him with his friends.  He has such a funny personality!

We renewed our Zoo membership and went last week.  It was a beautiful warm day and we had so much fun!

Lizzie loved all the animals, and went crazy seeing some of them, especially the big ones like elephants, tigers etc..
We will be going to the zoo a lot now, because we live so close!

Our ward had the Father's & Sons campout this weekend, so the boys went to the mountains.  Taylor and Isaac had tons of fun with Danny.  The only bad part was it got freezing cold at night, but it was a great trip.

While the boys were gone we went to the mall for a little shopping and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was a fun night with the girls, and the food was yummy!

After dinner I let Emily have her friends over for a "late night" at our house.  They played outside and then watched a movie.  They are all such cute girls!

On Sunday we had a great day celebrating Mothers Day! 
I was spoiled with meals, good behavior, cards and homemade gifts from the kids.  On SaturdayI was treated to a pedicure, in preparation for our trip to Maui next week!

We feel so blesssed to have wonderful mom's, grandmothers in our life.  I feel lucky to have four beautiful children!

I wanted to take a picture with the kids but it didn't happen, only the girls were around to take the picture.
But I love these girls so much!!! I am so happy when they are around, and I feel extremely lucky to have two gorgeous daughters.  I love you Lizzie & Emily!

Happy Mothers Day!  Hope you had a great day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elizabeth loves to eat!  She goes crazy when she sees other people chewing or eating.  She demands to have a bite of any food she sees.  I let her eat her meals all by herself,  unless we are at a restaurant or somewhere she can't make a huge mess.  We had ice cream cones for dessert this week, and she was in heaven. 
She was thrilled to dig in her cone to find every drop of ice cream. 

Earlier that day we went to Costco where she drank a full smoothie!  She was so funny, if I even moved the cup or straw out of her mouth she yelled at me to stop.  She drank it all!

The kids and I walk to the nearby store to get grocery items like milk or bread, but we always get a little treat too.  These Smartie suckers are their favorite.  We love our neighborhood because of the nearby stores, parks, church, schools etc.. It's so great to load the kids in the stroller and get some fresh air, while running an errand.

The kids eating lunch under the tramp.  It's a nice, cool shady spot to eat.

We had fun watching our snake, Mr. King shed his skin on Saturday.  The kids all fought over who got to take it home. 
Lizzie has such a funny personality.  She is getting really demanding and lets you know when she wants something or isn't happy.  I know all her grunts, yells, and noises; but to hear her talk is so adorable!  Emily is so sweet to help her draw with crayons.

 Our friends are living in Ireland, and they gave the kids these shirts.  The kids love them and will probably wear them everyday for a while. 
We had another busy weekend, here are the kids eating snacks while playing games with their friends. 

Lizzie loves jumping on the tramp with her older siblings.  She doesn't get scared when they jump high.

Emily had a performance at school on Friday, and she did great!