Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school

The kids started school last Wednesday.  Here they are all excited for their first day. 

Taylor is in fourth grade- Ms. Smith.  He is in a class with several of his close friends, so he was happy!

Emily is in first grade- Mrs. Sweeney
She also has several of her friends in her class, she was a little bit nervous about staying all day, eating lunch at school etc... but has been doing great and having fun!

Isaac is in pre-school- Mrs. Lisa
He will have school three days a week in the afternoon class, and will start actually next week.  Heis excited to have a great year in school and will love learning.

Here's some pictures of the kids and their friends walking to school on the first day!

Luckily Lizzie is still my buddy all day.  She is really missing Taylor & Emily, she goes around the house yelling for them and wondering where they are. 
She yells " Emmy?! Emmy!?" and "Tay Tay!?"

We were all really sad to have summer over, it flew by so fast.  But I think the kids will have a great year at school.  And it is good to get into a regular routine again. 
Goodbye summer!

end of summer

We spent our last day of summer at the pool with friends.  Lizzie loved sitting by the pool eating chips with the older girls.  She also likes laying on the warm cement to dry off.  She cracks us up, she is so funny!

Lizzie is officially 18 months old now, and so she started nursery on Sunday.  She did great, and didn't cry at all.  I am really amazed that she grew up so fast!

We had some playdates with cousin Becca.  Here they are eating BLT's in their cardboard cars.  We were pretending it was a drive-through at a restuarant.

Then in the middle of the week Aunt Jennifer and Grandma Deppe came to stay for a few days!  We had so much fun visiting with them, and all the kids loved playing with them. 
They were so amazing and watched the kids over Friday night-all day Saturday and Danny and I went to Park City for an early anniversary celebration.

We had a wonderful time in Park City; we stayed at a nice hotel in Deer Valley, ate out at a fun restaurant, did a little shopping and saw a movie.  It felt luxurious and we really enjoyed it. 
Thanks Wendy & Jennifer for watching the kids!!!
You spoiled them rotten.
Later in the weekend we went to G & G Walls to celebrate the August Birthdays!

Lizzie got a manicure, and she was really serious about her princess nails.

I have to record the cute, funny things little Isaac has been saying about his crush Jesse.  He adores Jesse, and is mildly obsessed with her.  These pictures are from last summer, and the love continues a year later. 

Last week while I was passing out the kids vitamins at breakfast, Isaac asked
"Mom, can I have 2 vitamins from now on?"
I said "Why"
He replied "Because I want to get big and be a dad, so I can take Jesse on a drive in dad's new truck!"
It was so hilarious, because he was thinking about it, and he was totally serious.  He really wants to get big fast, so he can be her boyfriend!  It's super cute!

Unfortunately Jesse just moved back to Ireland, so Isaac is really missing her.  He loves to give her huge hugs, and smother her with love!
I love that little boy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Colton & Megan's wedding!

August 16, 2012 is the day Colton and Megan chose to be married!  We had a family dinner the night before at JSMB, it was a lot of fun.  The older grandkids were invited, and they were well behaved and had a good night. 
All if Colton and Megan's siblings took turns telling a story or a piece of advice for the new couple.  It was a fun to hear what everyone said and we had a lot of laughs!

Then on Thursday at 3:00 they were sealed in the SLC Temple. 
We all took our kids and they waited in the kids room with Natalie and Derek.  Thanks for watching 12 kids!
We all went outside and took pictures.  The kids looked cute in their wedding clothes, and the boys looked adorable in their pink bow ties!

All the boys.

The happy couple, they look so great together.

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Great Grandma Shields with Isaac and Spencer.

More pictures at the temple.

Danny bought Lizzie her special fur vest.  She picked this out a couple weeks ago, and I wouldn't buy it  for her. But Danny's friend at work saw it and it was on sale so she bought it for Lizzie, she is super spoiled already!
But she adores the vest, and looks so cute wearing it!

Grandma Shields spoils Lizzie too!

Everyone drove to Orem and stopped and ate dinner at Costa Vida on the way. Then we headed to their reception. 

It was a fun day and we are so happy for Colton & Megan!
Taylor earned a day at Lagoon by doing all his reading/math/writing all summer!  He went with our friends The Randall family and he had a fabulous day!  He wants to go back every day now, but that's never going to happen.  His favorite rides were Colossus, Wicked and Rocket. 

Then on Saturday his friend Ollie invited him to the SLC REAL soccer game.  He went and discovered they were on the front row, right at mid field.  He had tons of fun watching the game, he had great last week of summer!

We had Millie and Spencer over on Saturday and the kids had fun playing,  jumping on the tramp and eating popsicles.

Spencer and Isaac are so funny together.  They have the craziest things to talk about, its very entertaining. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer is winding down and I am so sad that school is starting soon!  We are trying to squeeze lots of fun activities into these last few weeks of summmer!  I wish we had 3 more months of summer break. I love having the kids home from school and being on our own schedule.

We were shopping for some back to school clothes for Taylor and Lizzie saw this fur vest.  I put it on her and she knew she looked gorgeous!  She threw a huge fit when I took it off and left the store.  She's a glamour girl already!

Elizabeth spends lots of time outside playing in the hose/sprinkler.  She loves to drink like a dog from them water. 

We had a Bridal shower for Megan & Colton this week at Mono's house.  They are such a cute couple and we can't wait for their wedding coming up on August 16th!  It was fun to see all the family and hear about their "love story!!
Great party -Monica!

We went to "The Lorax" at the theater this week.  Lizzie did surprisingly well watching the movie.  She loved sitting in her own booster seat, and eating lots of snacks.  It's a good way to keep cool on a hot summer afternoon. 

Friday we went up Hobblecreek Canyon for the Shields extended Family Reunion.  It was tons of fun and so good to see aunts, uncles and cousins. 

The kids were thrilled that we would be camping, and sleeping in our tent.  Unforunately it rained all night long, but we were snug and dry in our tent. 

There was a talent show Friday night.

We went on a hike Saturday morning.  Lizzie walked more than she rode in the backpack, I guess she's growing up!

Saturday afternoon was filled with water fun; they rented a dunking booth and everyone had a blast dunking other people.  I am so happy Taylor has a waterproof cast. 

Then they divided into teams and did the Olympics.  They had different challenges and then were rewarded with a treat at the end of the games. 

I wish I had taken more pictures, but this is all I got!

Hobblecreek Canyon is a beautiful canyon, it was fun family reunion!