Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taylor starts 1st Grade!

Taylor started school today at Uintah in First Grade. He was so excited, nervous and a little scared. He looks tired in this picture, he is used to sleeping in, so it was an early morning for him.
He wanted oatmeal for breakfast (in the pot, not cooked in the microwave).

Here are a few of the boys on the street that Taylor walks to school with. They are all so nice to him and have included him in all their games and activites.

Here's all the kids walking to school from the street. I have mixed feelings about him going to school all day. I am happy for him and know he will have a great year at school. But I will miss him being home with Emily and Isaac. We love you Tay!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Camping at "The Land"

We took the kids camping this weekend at "The Land" for two nights. We all had tons of fun being outdoors enjoying the beautiful mountains.
Taylor, Emily and Isaac were all so excited to go camping, it's all they talked about all week. The favorite parts of the weekend were: Sleeping in the tent, making S'mores, hiking, riding motorcyles, catching toads, shooting at targets, watching for shooting stars, and getting filthy and dirty!
Isaac was pretty good, although he had a rough time walking on all the rocks, pinecones etc.. He would not take any naps, but managed to behave okay anyway.

Great Grandma Shields came with us, she is amazing to still be camping at age 82! She is so much fun to have around, always playing games with the kids and being so sweet to everyone.

Taylor was in heaven eating junk food, drinking soda, and staying up really late. He told us he wished he could live there and never take a shower again.

This is the gorgeous view from the point off the edge of the hill. It was a warm, sunny weekend.

Isaac thinks he is big stuff sitting in this chair alone. He insists on being independent and doing things by himself.
Everyone came home smelly, happy and exhausted, it was a successful campout.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fishing at Strawberry Reservoir

Taylor and Danny spent a day fishing at Strawberry Reservoir on Mike's boat with Erin and Banks. They had a fun day and caught lots of big fish. Taylor is obsessed with fishing, he has it in his blood already!

Taylor driving the boat, not for another few years please!

Looks like a great day. He loves Banks and loves being outdoors spending time with his dad.

Brown Family Reunion

We spent last weekend at the Brown Family Reunion. The reunion was held in the beautiful mountains above Heber, at Timberlakes.
It was a great weekend filled with lots of fun; games, ropes courses, paddle boats, water slides, rollerskating, bounce houses, good food, family talent show, chatting with cousins, no sleep, and a trip to the ER.
Here are a few pictures of all the highlights.

Taylor caught this little frog and carried it around for almost a whole day. I finally made him let it go so he could wash his hands and eat with both hands. He loves all animals; especially reptiles and amphibians.

The paddleboats at Legacy Lake were a hit with our kids. Isaac even did good in the boat, except for he wanted to stand up in the front.

All the kids played lots of games one afternoon. The favorite was playing with the giant ball and the parachute.

Isaac was thrilled to have another ice cream cone all to himself. He stole this right out of my hands and wouldn't give it back.

It was so much fun to see all the aunts, uncles and cousins from the extended Brown family.

Thanks for a wonderful reunion.

Ice Cream Treats!

I took the kids to get ice cream cones the other day. It was a delicious way to spend a hot afternoon.
Isaac loved his cone, he shoved the while thing in his mouth and swallowed a few huge bites!

Emily in her princess attire.

What a messy eater he is, thank goodness for wet wipes.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goofy Grandpa's Birthday!

We went to Springville this weekend to see Katie, Adam, Erin, and Mike and to celebrate Grandpa Wall's B-day.
When Taylor was only 1 or 2 he started calling John "Goofy Grandpa", because he was always making Taylor laugh. The name stuck and now our kids know John and Monica as "Goofy Grandma & Grandpa". The kids love visiting their house and getting spoiled with lots of love, attention and candy.

We went up Hobblecreek Canyon for a BBQ, fishing and enjoying the gorgeous weather.
The kids had tons of fun playing and torturing their aunts and uncles.
Emily really warmed up to Adam was constantly bugging him to play with her.

Isaac was obsessed with Mike's dog, Banks. He played with him all afternoon and was licked by him over and over. He loves dogs and wants to be near them all the time. Banks is a great dog and was very nice to little Isaac's constant provoking.
Happy Birthday Goofy Grandpa, we love you!

More Summer Fun Outings

We went to Red Butte Garden again this week and enjoyed all the beautiful flowers, bushes and shrubs. Isaac wasn't very cooperative for this picture with Grandma Shields. It is impossible to get a good picture of him.
The kids love the children's area with the tunnel, water fountains, fire pole and sand box.
It was a beautiful day and we had fun even in the heat.

Also last week we went to the Children's Museum at Gateway. The highlight was the Life Flight helicopter on the roof of the building. Taylor and Emily had so much fun pretending to fly.

Taylor liked the rock climbing wall.

Emily liked all the dress ups, no surprise there.

Visiting the museum was the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon.