Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl- Elizabeth.

I am really in shock that she is two already! These past two years have gone by so quickly. 
Look how little and young these kids were two years ago. WOW, my kids are getting old!

I have a ton of cute, adorable pictures of Lizzie, and it was so hard to choose only a few to celebrate her Bday with. 
But here are a few of my favorites.

Lizzie has so many funny, wonderful qualities even at such a young age. She has a funny personality and keeps us laughing everyday.
Her newest word is "stupid" but she doesn't know how to use it.
The other day she looked at Taylor and said
"Tay, you stupid house!"
It was so hilarious and all the kids laughed, so she said it again. 

Lizzie loves to eat, and is a pretty good eater.  She will try most foods, but her favorites are:
Cheese, cereal, yogurt, fruit, milk, toast, pasta and pizza.  She loves to drink milk too, especially Chocolate milk.

Lizzie loves to play with her dolls, color pictures, do puzzles, blocks, read, and ride her bike. She loves to ride even in this freezing cold weather, or I'll take her to the church to ride around the gym. And she always wears her helmet, it's her way of accessorizing her bike ride.

Elizabeth is obsessed with getting herself dressed lately, and choosing her own clothes.  Everyday she says in a whiny voice
"I want to be cute, I wear skirt." And then she freaks out crying if she doesn't wear a dress, skirt or dance outfit. She she has on some unusual outfits sometimes, but she's happy!
She is exactly like Emily was at this age, all girl!

She wakes us with crazy bed head some mornings.  She can't even see, her hair in all in her face. 

Elizabeth is a little diva, she loves to wear sunglasses, pretend to put on lipstick, and get her hair done.  She knows when she looks cute, and she flaunts it.

Elizabeth is totally a "Daddy's Girl"! 
She is obsessed with Danny and follows him around everywhere when he is home.  She prefers him to me all the time, which is really adorable (and kind of nice). She loves riding in his truck and gets so excited even if it's only around the block. 
She loves her daddy.

Lizzie knows when she's in trouble, or done something wrong. She'll cover her hands with her eyes, and pretend she's not there.
She has brought us nothing but joy for the past two years, and continues to make us smile everyday.
(Even though she's really stubborn and won't go to Nursery anymore!)

We love you so much Elizabeth and are eteranlly grateful that
 you are in our family!
This week I went on fun field trip with Isaac's preschool class to the fire station.  It was a great field trip, the kids loved it!
Lizzie came along too, and was happy to get a pink fireman hat.  She was scared of the fire truck and kept saying
"firetruck so scary!"
She's really scared of everything lately!

She's been wearing her hat non-stop, even in her PJ's while eating breakfast.

The rest of the week was busy, but good. The kids are still loving to make forts and have nerf gun wars in the basement.  That keeps them busy and happy on these cold, snowy days. 

 This winter weather is really getting old, we are all sick of the snow and so ready for Spring!!

Taylor is on top of a gigantic mountain of snow in the picture beneath, there's nowhere to plow all the snow. So it's just piled in to a huge mountain. 

Taylor got glasses this week,  I didn't get a picture yet. 
But I did get a picture of him after his eyes were dialated.
He looks cute in his glasses, and we learned he is mildly color blind!  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taylor had a jam-packed birthday weekend!
He started his bday with waffles, nutella, berries and whipped cream.  He loved every single bite.  Lizzie loves sitting next to him at the bar. 
Because his birthday is on Valentines Day he has a class party. I helped at the party, we played games, did crafts and had a chocolate fountain.  It was a wild day at school.  Taylor and Emily made valentines day boxes and were thrilled so excited.
That night we had a family dinner, of pizza and arugula salad. Then he wanted ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  He got a chess set from us for his bday, so I played him a game of chess, he won, and then we looked through his scrapbooks from when he was a baby.  He was such a cute baby, and adorable toddler.
It was a fun night

Then the next day after school he had his Birthday party with his friends.  He invited 11 friends to his party and we went to Jump Around Utah. They all went crazy, running, jumping, racing and having fun.   Lizzie, Isaac and Emily had tons of fun too! 

Thankyou to Grandma Shields for coming and helping! 

One of the higlights was the Hurrican Simulator. Taylor and his friends crammed as many kids as they could into this box, and it simulated a hurricane!  They loved it especially when it got up to 78 MPH.  It was really entertaining to watch and hear them scream!

After running and playing for a while we came back to our house to open presents and have treats. Taylor does not like cake so he chose to have donuts and chocolate milk.  All the kids were super hungry and they devoured the food.  It was actually funny to see how fast they ate and drank.  He recieved some very nice presents from his friends; a bike lock, book, remote control car, football and more.  Taylor has a really nice group of friends, and it was successful party!

Happy Birthday 10th Taylor! We love you!

We ended our weekend by spending some time at planet play with cousins.  It was a busy, fun weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Taylor

Today is Taylor's 10th Birthday!
It's hard for me to believe it's been ten years since he was born. We were living in Santa Barbara when Taylor was born, so he spent a lot of time at the beach.  He still loves the beach today.
Here's 10 things we love about Taylor. 

1. Taylor was an adorable baby, and is a turning into a handsome young man. We love his contagious laugh and a genuine smile.

2. He is a nice boy, most of the time. Sometimes he forgets to be nice to his siblings, or cousins but he's working on this. 

3.  Taylor has always been very inquisitive.  He asks a lot of questions and wants to learn about everything.  Now that he's older, he'll just google his question and get an answer right away.

4.  Tay is a smart boy, he's great at school and loves to read.
5. He loves to eat good food, and now he eats a lot of food!  He is growing fast, and requires tons of food.  I can only imagine how much he'll eat in 8 years when he's a teenager!

6.  Taylor is athletic; his favorite sports:
 soccer, basketball, skiing, biking, skateboarding and fishing. He is getting tall, so hopefully that will help him with sports in the future.

7.  Taylor is a good friend. He has lots of friends and enjoys spending time with them.
He makes friends easily both with boys & girls.

8.  He is really talented at music.  He's been taking Ukelele for 8 months, and loves it! We recently got a piano and he's taught himself several songs from his friends help or from Youtube.  He really catches on to music easily.

9.  Taylor is a helpful son, lately he loves to help with Lizzie.  He will take her to his bedroom and read to her, or show her his snake etc.. I really hope this keeps up because I need his help!

10.  Taylor is a fun boy! He has a great sense of humor and he makes us all laugh with his witty jokes and comments.  He loves to play card games or board games too.  We currenly spend a lot of time playing Scum, No peekie, Uno & Spoons and more. 
We all love you Taylor, and are so grateful you are in our family!

Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This week was a good week. 
We had a birthday lunch for Teresa and Grandma Shields with cousins.  The kids loved sitting in the big booth at "Blue Lemon" and crawling around on the floor underneath the table.

Lizzie had a couple of playdates with her cute little friends.  It's so adorable seeing her interract with her friends.  She is learning to share her toys, and be a good friend. 
Monica and Dave had their new little baby, Hannah Bauman on Friday.  I headed to the hospital that afternoon to see her.  She is so sweet and I love holding her and cuddling her too.  Congratulations Bauman Family!!!

We had an early Birthday celebration for Taylor with Goofy Grandma & Grandmpa.  We went to lunch and then to Scheels to ride the ferris wheel and look around the store. 
He got a fly fishing rod from them for his Bday and he is so excited.  He was busy looking at flies, and other gear to use while fishing.
Taylor was thrilled with it all!

We ended the week with another snow storm and a mellow Sunday, we had Stake Conference today.
So glad it's February, it's closer to Spring!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Last weekend we decided were all having Spring Fever.  Taylor and his friends were out riding bikes in their gloves and hats. So we decided to have fire with Smores to celebrate Groundhog Day.  It was a fun night, lots of our neighbors and friends came over. It was so good to chat and catch up with our neighbors, we never see anyone in the winter because everyone is inside their house. 

The kids loved sitting around the fire, and roasting smores-especially Lizzie.  She was feasting on marshmallows and chocolate.   She kept saying
"more mallows, mommy" She ate too much sugar!

We also did a lot of sledding at the hill right behind our house.  The kids love making jumps and then going off on their sleds.  Isaac said the funniest thing the other day, he's been really interested in shoveling our snow off the driveway. I was taking him to school and he says
"mom, can I shovel grandma's snow when I get home from school?" 
I said "sure, thanks Isaac"
He says " You know why I like to do service?- Because I want to get rich!!!" 
 He thought he would get rich by doing service, he's hilarious!

Taylor had his Science Fair last week.  He and Ryan did  their project about testing how much electricity you can get from lemons.  It was interesting and they did a great job.  Thanks to Goofy Grandpa for all his help.