Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  We have had a fun, exciting, crazy weekend as we celebrate Christmas!  We had a fun Christmas Eve party at G&G Shields; we ate a delicious dinner, spent time with cousins, played games, read the Christmas story from Luke, and sang many Christmas songs. 

All the kid cousins (except Turner) exchanged gifts, they were so thrilled with their little presents, we almost could have cancelled their "real" gifts.  They all played well together doing puzzles, and playing games. 

After the party we headed home to put kids in bed and get things ready for the big day!  Taylor, Emily & Isaac were asleep by 9:30 and woke up around 8AM, we were so happy to sleep in a little.  They were excited and cute about all of their toys.

Taylor got a watch, sled, coat, books, Fushigi and Pokemon cards

All Isaac wanted from Santa was "undies".  He got his CARS undies, books, a pillowpet, and a tool workbench.  He was busy sawing, screwing and working at his bench all morning!

Cute Emily got the walking pup, a pillowpet, new boots, makeup and books. 

All the kids got really spoiled and they were ecstatic with all their loot!

We had one more present for the kids.  We bought a new house and we kept it a secret from the kids for 2 months!  We closed on our house on Dec. 15th and have been secretly working on it, and getting things in order for us to move it.  Taylor, Emily and Isaac had NO idea. 

We took all the stocking and had them at the new house.  There was a note from Santa under the tree telling them that there had been a mistake, and the stockings had been left at another house.  Then we made the kids cover their eyes (except Isaac) while we drove around for 20 minutes. 
When we got to the new house we carried them inside and let them take off their blindfolds.  They were so confused and didn't know what was going on.  We told them about our new house, and then they were SO excited!  They started running around the house checking out the bedrooms, and then ran outside to play on the swing set.  It was so fun to see their reactions and finally let on that we are moving!  It's been hard keeping it a secret all these days.  I wish I had picture of the house, I was busy videotaping, and didn't get any pics. 

We had G&G Shields, Nat, Colton and Derek over for brunch and later we went skiing at Alta.  We met Brett & Teresa's family up at the resort and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and clean air!

Danny and Taylor had tons of fun skiing and we had fun watching them, for a while. Taylor LOVES to ski, and he is really good.  Today was only his 2nd time skiing, but he did great.  We are so proud of you Tay, way to go!

We had an amazing Christmas day, Merry Christmas to everyone!
Now we just have to paint, pack and move this week! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Recital!

Emily had her Christmas dance recital this weekend.  She picked out her new red "Tu-Tu" complete with matching headband, and was so excited for the show!  She has made so much progress with her self confidence in the last year.  She loved being on stage and performing and wasn't even scared, unlike last year when she was terrified, crying and sad. 
Taylor started Jr. Jazz this week too, with Danny as his coach.  He is in a stage where he doesn't want any pictures taken of him, and this was the best I could get.  He is such a 7 year old boy, too funny!
Here she is on stage performing to "Frosty the Snowman".  She knew all the moves, and did them just perfect.

Loving all the attention from her Grandparents!
Emily and cute Becca, they are such good friends/cousins!

You did a fantastic job, Emily!  We love how excited you are about dance

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December is here!

We are so excited that December is here.  We have been busy sledding, decorating and getting all ready for Christmas. 

Some of our favorite things we've done so far are getting our Christmas tree, going to Pioneer Park for the Candlelight Christmas and spending time in the snow.  I haven't taken many pics, I hope to do better as the month goes on.   

Isaac, Emily & Rebecca saw Santa Claus at the mall this week.  They were all happy to meet him and sat on his lap, a first for all of them!  They told him what they wanted to Christmas: Emily a toy dog/doll, Isaac wants toys and undies (we are starting to work on potty training) Rebecca said she wanted candy.  They did great, there were no tears at all. 

Last week I celebrated my b-day with a joint party with Dave.  Unfortunately we turned the camera over to Taylor and these are the best pictures he took.  It was a fun night and a good way to celebrate my b-day.  One year older!

I took the kids sledding several times this week.  They all love sledding, even in the freezing cold weather.  Isaac is crazy on his sled.  He lays down on his back and bombs down the hill.  He wrecked a couple of times and I thought he would be scared and crying but he was happy and wanted to do it again!  He is our crazy guy, who has no fear!

We look forward to a wonderful month full of spending time with family and friends.  We love Christmas!

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