Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our beautiful, kind, sweet, smart, thoughtful, helpful  & wonderful Emily has her 9th Birthday this week. Happy Birthday to Emily!
She is growing up so fast, and we love having her in our family.

It truly seems like last month when she was obsessed with her princess dressups and was just a chubby little toddler! Now she's a tall, skinny, cute girl with attitude, a funny sense of humor and so much fun to be with.

We started her birthday with her favorite breakfast; oatmeal, berries, OJ & toast.
She opened a few gifts and then went to school.

After school we went and picked up cousin Mary for a bday sleepover. We had dinner and went to Uintah for the Halloween carnival. The kids had fun at the school.

At the carnival we played games, ate treats, got face paint and danced as well as go into the spook alley.
After the school we headed home for Bday treats of donuts and milk. It was a successful birthday for Emily!  We love you Emily!

Earlier this week I went on the preschool field trip with Lizzie and her class to the farm. We had fun driving in the car, seeing animals, going on a tractor ride, and playing at the farm. Lizzie LOVES her school and all of her preschool friends. Her teacher is really nice and so great with kids.

Three year olds are pretty cute, and full of tons of energy!

The pumpkin was painted by Isaac in his class at school. This week is Halloween, we are so excited!

Monday, October 20, 2014

New York City!

We left for NYC last tuesday for a fun trip. Danny had to go to NYC for work and I decided to tag along, we brought Emily too to celebrate her 9th Birthday.
Neither Danny or I had ever been to New York before so it was really exciting!
The city is amazing and there's so much to see and do. It was an action packed, busy, tiring, fun few days and we all had a blast!  I took a lot of pictures so here we go.

This was Emiy's first time on a plane (That she can remember) she was really excited to travel in the air. It was a good flight to NY, we watched a movie, she read and we played games etc...
We got to NYC late Tuesday night. We took a taxi to our hotel and went right to bed.

Wedneday Danny had work meetings scheduled. So Emily and I set out for fun. We saw Times Square, went shopping at the American Girl Store, had treats, walked a lot and had fun!

Thursday we woke up and took a cab to the MET, we spent all morning exploring and seeing all we could in that huge museum. We saw a little but of Central Park and had lunch from a street cart. That night Danny was done working so we spent time with him.

The musuem was amazing, but so crowded! Luckily we found a second entrance and got right in, because we didn't want to wait in that long line.

Thursday was a rainy day, and it was fun to walk around the city with umbrellas. What a great day!

Our hotel was close to Times Square so it was fun to walk there every night. It's crazy there, so many people, birhgt lights, and wild times! 

We went to 9-11 memorial one night. We checked out Wall Street, saw the bull etc.. The memorials are so beautiful and amazing. It was a special place with so many things to see and look at.

Friday morning we took the train up to Washington Heights to visit Danny's cousin Erin Allen. We spent time with her walking her daughter to school, eating lunch, seeing her apartment, checking out a cool park nearby and seeing a cool museum. She was so nice to spend time with us and it was really fun to catch up with her.

That afternoon we rode the train back down and stopped in Central Park where we met Harmony & Brian Hatch. They recently moved to Philadelphia and were in NY visiting for the day. It was so good to see them and we had fun hanging out in Central Park.

Central park was Awesome! We could have spent an entire day in the park. Emily was so great about all the walking we did. We walked SO much every single day. Our feet and legs were tired and sore by night. She never complained and we had fun walking all those miles.

Saturday we woke up, ate breakfast ( our hotel had free breakfast which was so nice nad yummy) we took the subway to battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty.

We took the ferry to see the Statue. The ride was fun and so crowded! We went up to the pedestal and saw how high we were. The Skyline of the city looked awesome from up high. We took pictures, explored and saw all we could see. It was really cool and so much fun!

After we took the ferry back to NY and had delcious falafel from a street cart. We looked around and walked around by the water - we saw the boats etc...

Saturday night we went to dinner with Danny's co worker, and walked the city one last night. We had delicious, tasty food at every meal; pizza, pastas, cookies., treats, mediterranean, burgers & fries was all so yummy!
I think NYC is a wonderful city full of so much energy!  I woul love to go back another time to see more.

Here's a couple pics of our hotel and the teeny, tiny hotel room we stayed in. The hotel was very nice but the rooms were so small. Everything in NY is small, restaurants, bathrooms, etc..
Our trip was FANTASTIC!!
Emily is such an easy girl to travel with.
Thankyou to G & G Shields for watching our other kids all week!

Taylor had his court of honor last week and earned his first class. He's coming right along in scouts and doing great!  Pretty soon he'll be 12 and will start going with the BSA scouts and going to Young Men's. It's crazy, he's getting so old!

Here's a few pictures from McCall this summer. Thanks so much to Erin for taking them !! She is very talented and it took a lot of persuading to get the kids to smile.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Natalie gets married!!

Natalie got married this week
Here are all the pictures. My computer is not working so I can't write much. It was a wonderful wedding.
Nat & Richie are so cute together and we are happy for them!