Sunday, November 5, 2017

Halloween!We c

We had a fun Halloween! The kids had their parade at school and then I did Isaac's class party with games etc... The kids had a blast at school in their costumes with their friends. 

That evening we had our big neighborhood soup dinner before trick or treating. We eat soup and bread, visit with friends & neighbors and get ready to hit the streets for candy. 

The kids got lots of candy and had fun with their friends in the neighborhood. Taylor and a few friends went to an "Escape Room" to celebrate Halloween. It was a fun, exhausting, tiring day and I was so happy when it was all over! 

Other activit├ęs this week were:
Zoo field trip with Lizzie's class, lots of fun!
Isaac had his Tanner Dance performance at school, it's one of my favorite performances in the year.
Taylor headed off to the State Finals for Mountain biking in Cedar City with his team. 

Saturday night we made artichokes and tried them. Isaac and Lizzie thought they were delicious and fun to eat! 

A couple pics of taylor from Cedar City with his team. 

Sunday for FHE we made a "Gratitude Tree" full of all the many things we're blessed with. It's a great way to start the month of November, showing how much gratitude we had for our many blessings. 

We love the month of November. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Birthday to Emily!
Darling Emily celebrated her 12th birthday this week. It was a fabulous day and she is so cute! She didn't want to have a lot of attention on her at school etc... But we had a great night and family dinner that evening.
We had dinner, and cupcakes & ice cream with a couple of her friends.  Then they stayed and played games for awhile.
Happy bday to Emily!  We love her so much! 

Friday night we had the Uintah Halloween carnival, it was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast!
Satuday we dressed up and went to get gelato at "Sweetly" our favorite ice cream shop. 

Saturday afternoon we carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. The kids all had fun shopping guts and scraping seeds. Halloween is such a fun time! 

Saturday night was Emily's big birthday party!  She had 15 friends to her party and it was a blast!
The girls are SO cute, and they all get along great.
We played tons of games, had a glowstick dance party, cake & ice cream, and watched a spooky episode with candy, popcorn etc...
It was a terrific party!  I am happy for Emily and all of her friends are a good influence on her. 

Sunday Emily & Kate came into Young Womens, they are 12!
I can't believe she is so old now! 

Sunday we had the Shields Family Halloween party at Colton & Megan's house. Costumes, dinner, games, candy etc...

Even great grandma Shields came! Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall Break

We spent our Fall Break from school in BEAUTIFUL Moab! The weekend terrific, full of gorgeous red rocks, sunny weather, and scenic views. 

Taylor had a mountain bike race on Friday. He & Danny headed to the race early in the morning and the rest of us met him at the race later. He raced Awesome!  Taylor really improved his time and score and took 29th overall out of a couple hundred freshman boys racing in the North Region. We were so proud of him and enjoyed watching him all day!
The weather was warm and sunny, but SUPER windy! There was sand and debris flying around in the air all day long, and we all were covered in sand! 

We spent time with lot of friends from the team and it was a lot of fun! Go Taylor!

Saturday we did a fabulous hike in "Hidden Valley Canyon". It was absolutey beautiful and so nice because there were no crowds. With the whole state  having Fall break and over 2000 racers of the mountain bike race in Moab at one weekend it was full of lots of crowds! This hike was quiet, and full of so much to see! We hiked almost 3 miles to see the rock art and lots of petrography. They were so interesting and the kids loved seeing them. 

We packed a lunch and enjoyed our day of hiking. Taylor opted to go to a long mountain bike race with some members from his team. They did a really fun ride that was about 18 miles long. 

We had a nice, happy, relaxing break in Moab! What a beautiful fun place. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trip to Oahu!

We just got home from an amazing week to Oahu! Danny was going to BYU Hawaii for work he's doing some recruiting for his graduate programs. I decided to go along to celebrate our (late) 18th wedding anniversary and my 40th Birthday!  I turn 40 in November and it as a perfect way to do a celebratory trip!
We had a terrfic, fun, relaxing, wonderful, dreamy few days in Laie, on Oahu. It was incredible!
 Here are the pictures and a few pics from the kids at home etc.. 
The kids had tons of fun at home with Natalie & Richie! They made spider cookies, which is so fun!  Thanks a ton to them for watching our kids! 

We spent all of Danny's free time at the beach! It's our favorite spot anywhere and it's the best! Danny and a big beard when we got to Hawaii. He shaved it off for his meeting at BYU Hawaii. Change is good. While Danny was working I spent lots of time by the pool, walked to the beach and relaxed. It was nice to have a break and read etc... Hawaii is the best for humidity and weather its my favorite weather ever! 

We had good food, fresh fish, Acai bowls, shrimp, coconut pie etc... Lots of yummy options! 

One day we went snorkeling with sea turtles and it was awesome! The turtles are really cool and we had fun exploring in the ocean. Danny had a few surf sessions and we both swam, boogie boarded and had a blast in the ocean. The water there is the perfect temperature and it feels so good! 

One day we went and bought a bmch of fresh fruit from the fruits stand and ate it as a delicious snack at the beach! It was tasty! 

Sunsets at Sunset beach on the north shore of Hawaii. It was so gorgeous and a perfect night. 

Danny loved seeing all the ukulele stores and shops with custom made instruments on the island. He is having a custom made ukulele made for him and it's going to be beautiful! One night we got together with my cousin Stephanie. It was great to see her and catch up with her, she's a lot of fun!

It was my first time to this island and it as fun to see the traditional things like the PCC. We had fun eating at the Luau, seeing all the different islands etc... It's an amazing place and lots of things to see and do! 

What a terrific trip! We LOVE Hawaii.  

We flew home Saturday night really late and then hung out at home all day Sunday after church. We made home made pizzas for dinner and it as yummy!
Life is busy, but great! 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

We enjoyed a nice fall week. The leaves are turning, the weather is still pretty warm and it feels like autumn.
Taylor had a mountain bike race at Round Valley in Park city on Saturday. We all went to he is race, and it was a lot of fun to cheer him on!  He rode great and cut off some time on his racing. 

Earlier in the week the kids had Orthodontist Appts. followed by flu shots! We had scared kids at the flu shots, but then they all pick out a treat and were happy.

Lizzie had playdates with friends and we had Alli, and Jane over for a few hours while Becca had her Bday party! It was so fun! 

The race in the mountains was so pretty, the trees are turning colors and it felt like fall! 

We all adore cousin Jane, she is so sweet and has a fun personality!
Yay for fun weekends!

Monday, October 2, 2017

We had a fabulous weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Deppe. They have been at the MTC for the past 2 weeks training to go to Guam on their mission for 18 months. We were so happy to see them and spend time with them before they go.
We had gelato at Sweetaly one night and it was delicious! 

Emily is rocking it at Volleyball lately. She is so cute playing. 

I babysat Jane last week while Mono is at her Dr. Appt. She is the cutest! 

Emily on a slide at the Kindergarden playground. She's too big! 

Taylor has been having tons of fun with his Mountain bike team and he's doing great!! 

We had one last Fall day of warm sunshine and swimming at our neighbors house. Lizzie had a blast doing her swim stuff with her friend Hazel. 

Because this weekend was General Conference we had a lot of time to get cozy, relax and listen to conference, It was so great! We made a big breakfast, relaxed, rested and had a terrific weekend together. 

Taylor and Emily showed grandma how to use Instagram. 

We headed to the park to get our wiggles out in between sessions and it was so fun!