Friday, September 15, 2017

We had our annual neigborhood and ward Fire & Ice party this week. It's a fun outdoor party with homemade chili and ice cream & live music! It was a beautiful warm night and so much fun! 

Emily and some of her friends performed a few songs on the stage. Also Lizzie sung two solos on the stage all by herself. She was SO cute and so brave! I love her little voice, its so cute! 

It was a a wonderful event and such a fabulous night!
We love "Fire & Ice"!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

We did Family Pictures at the end of August.  We went up Big Cottonwood canyon right by the river and it was perfect. Kids were cooperative and even Danny too, I bribed everyone with dinner at a yummy mexican restaurant.

I love these faces! 

Taylor had a EHS high school mountain bike race at Powder Mountain this weekend. He did great, but had a bad fall on his bike. We're proud of him and grateful he is trying new sports and pushing himself. He also joined the swim team this week too! 

Here are pics from his race, Emily dressing up with friends, a gorgeous Sunset friday night and Lizzie scored her first goal in soccer and celebrated with a  chocolate milk shake! It was a successful all around. 

Friday after school we spent the afternoon at the zoo, and Isaac earned his wolf at cub scouts. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

We had a great week last week.
Taylor got his braces off, and he was thrilled!
Colton and Megan had a new little baby girl, Lucy. She's adorable!
We celebrated our 18 year wedding anniversary! It's gone by really fast!
Danny has been really creative at making the bed, here is one example. 

For the long labor day weekend we went to Flaming Gorge as a family. We had such a great time boating, fishing, camping, and spending time together outside. We had a great weekend.

We camped for 3 nights at this fun KOA campground It was perfect, showers, pool etc... 

The kids all caught fish, and had fun knee boarding and wake boarding behind the boat. 

The scenery there is incredible! So many beautiful things to see. 

Sunday after church we went and explored the Flaming Glorge dam and it was really cool! We had a fun tour there and saw all the sights. 

On sunday after school we went to the Green River to explore. The water was FREEZING cold, but he kids got in and cooled off anyways. Isaac caught a big brown trout, it as awesome unfortunately the hook wedged into his hand and he was so upset and in a lot of pain until Danny got it out! Ouch!

Labor Day weekend was awesome! We are sad the summer fun is over, and wish it was still summer. We love Flaming Gorge and can't wait to go back sometime soon. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

School started this week.

None of us were ready to go back to schools, schedules, homework, etc.. but I guess it comes anyway.
Lizzie st Grade Ms. Adams
Isaac 4th grade Ms.Ostrom
Emily 6th grade Ms. G
Taylor 9th grade at East High School

Everyone has great teachers and I think it will be a terrific year! 

We snapped some pictures of all the kids and had a good morning sending them off to school. I love them all and I will miss them SO much while they are gone.  I especially miss Lizzie, she's been my little buddy everyday for over 6 years and I love being with her. She's the best little buddy/helper/friend/and person to spend time with. 

Everyone came home from school happy and excited to see their friends.
The first day of school August 21st was also the day of the solar eclipse. It was an awesome sight and so much fun! The kids all saw it during school and I got together with some friends to see  it and it was remarkable. 

Wednesday night we had Family pictures with a fun photographer. I really wanted to get some new pics with the kids. We had a fu n night up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was a great time and everyone was really cooperative. I love these kids and Danny SO much!! I am feeling so grateful and so blessed to be a part of this family. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

This week was the last week of Summer!  We had tons of fun packed into the week, it was exhausting but lot of fun!
We had our end of the summer street party  it was a full day of bouncy house sides, fun with our friends and neighbors all day long and all night too! 

Megan & Colton had their new baby, Lucy.  We raced down there a couple of days after her birth to hold her and snuggle her. She is SO adorable and just perfect. 

Taylor was doggy sitting a freinds dog. He always wants to get a dog but we're not convinced yet. 

Emily and her friends and a busy after noon dressing up and having fun with all the dressups! This outift was hysterical. 

There was a nice evening rainstorm and the girls headed out to dance in the rain! 

Lots of time at the pool! These cute girl int heir adorable swim suits. 

An afternoon in the shade of a big, long Monopoly game! This keep the kids entertained for 4 hours or more. 

The kids had lots of fun on the Giant bouncy Slide! 

That night after dinner there was a live band concert from Jack Rutter and his band. They were awesome!  It was such a great time! 

Lizzie started soccer on Saturday. She played hard and it was a hot, sunny game! 

More pics of darling Lucy! She is so adorable!