Sunday, February 22, 2015

We went skiing on Martin Luther King day. It was really fun, but the snow was not so great. It's really getting slushy and icy. Lizzie is doing great on skis, having a lot of fun doing her "pizza" and "french fries" with her skiis. We are so proud of all the kids for skiing so well . 

Isaac and Taylor both ended their basketball seasons. They had a fun season, and both improved. 

Taylor got this U of U Snuggy for his birthday. He calls it his cloak and sleeps with it too. 

Taylor's basketball team getting gelato after their last ball game. Danny was the coach and they had a really hard team to play at their last game. They won by 8 and were happy! 

Isaac did this awesome project at school. They had a picture of him and made the kids look 100 years old. They they wrote about what their life would be like when they are 100. It was really cute! 

We had a fun weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Deppe. They came to see Taylor get ordained a deacon. We spent the day with them on Saturday. We went to the aquarium which was really fun! 

After the aquarium we went to In & Out for lunch. Shakes all around! 

Later we went swimming at their hotel pool. They kids had fun swimming and playing on the water. Lizzie and Taylor had a blast swimming, he would throw her in the air and she loved landing in the pool. Hooray for indoor pools! 

Danny created this delicious fruit plate full of exotic fruit for dinner later. 

On Sunday Taylor graduated from Primary, and became a Deacon. He was ordained a deacon and now has the priesthood. It was a special day for his and we are so proud of him!

We were very grateful for all the family that came to support Taylor. He is a smart, musical, cute, kind, athletic 12 year old boy and we love him! 

Lizzie had a little naked playtime after church! She's really into playing pretend with all of her princesses, dolls etc... It's sweet.

Sunday evening we had a birthday dinner to celebrate the February Birthdays.
Colton, Hannah, Darla, Taylor & Lizzie!
Happy birthday to all of them! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This was a busy week full of fun valentines celebrations and lots of activities for Taylor's 12th birthday!
Danny and I took Taylor to dinner to eat Chicken & waffles. We talked to him about turning 12, becoming a deacon, made goals etc... It was a fabulou night with just Tay and we all had fun. 

Lizzie has been taking swimming lessons at "Swim Kids" lately, she loves it and is really improving with her swimming skills. 

Lizzie went to a fun valentines day party with her friends. They had a brunch, played games and made cookies. 

She also had a party in school for Valentines Day. She decorated this bag, made Danny and I this adorable valentine card, and took stuffed animals to school. She was all excited about a fun Valentines Day! 

I was helping in Isaacs class for their valentines days party. I played games with the kids and they had a blast! 

Isaac has Ms. Adams for his teacher, he has had a great year! He has lots of friends and makes friend easily.
We had fun taking a few pictures and seeing all the kids in his class. 

Danny got me these gorgeous flowers for Valentines Day! They are perfect. 

Friday night Taylor had some friend over for a bday party. They had dinner, played games, ran around outside, and then had donuts for dessert. Taylor has nice friends, they are polite too. I can hardly believe he is 12! It's crazy! 

We played several "Win it to Minute games" . The boys likes these games and had fun!

He got nice things from his friends and got really spoiled by family and friends!

Saturday was Valentines Day and Taylor's real birthday. We started the day with waffles, with nutella, berries and cream. These cute kids loved that breakfast@ 

Taylor got shoes, socks and a new Go Pro for his birthday. He was thrilled with the camera. it will be fun to video the family and have a record of the fun things we do. 

Goofy Grandma and Grandpa came up and took Taylor to lunch for his birthday! He got a bacon burger, and loved it! He had a fun filled, birthday- full of love, family and friends.
We love you Taylor and are so happy you are in our family!