Saturday, July 30, 2016

McCall 2016

We headed to McCall Sunday after church. It's an 8 hour drive or so, but so worth it when you feel the cool weather and see the beautiful scenery.
We had a full week of boating, swimming, fishing, being with family, more boating, paddle boarding, playing games, hikes, etc... 

The Payette Lake is so incredibly gorgeous! There are pines trees and white sandy beaches all around the lake.
We spent two afternoons on the boat and then played on the sandy beaches a couple of days too. There's a bug water trampoline and other fun water toys. It's such a fun time! 

It is so great to see G & G Deppe. Also Jennifer, Chandler and their adorable little girls, Eden & Chloe! The kids all adore these little girls and we had a blast spending time with them! 

The time on the boat we wakeboarded, water skied, tubing, wake surfing, swimming and exploring the whole lake. 

The last night we were there we celebrated Eden's 3rd birthday! She's so big, smart and all grown up! We had dinner, a piñata, cake & ice-cream and she opened presents. It was a fun night.

Isaac, Emily, Taylor and Danny tearing it up behind the boat! They are all improving in all their boating skills, it's really fun to see them gain experience at these sports. 

We drove home Friday so we could get ready to move. We are moving to G & G Shields house next week. And we have SO much to do before we move! Packing, cleaning, organizing stuff etc.. It's really exhausting . We're excited to get settled at their house. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

We just returned from a wonderful week at Lake Powell! This trip is one of the highlights of our year!
The scenery, weather, water sports, good food, time on the lake, fun with family, and sleeping under the stars make it the best trip!

These kiddos really had a blast this year!
Lizzie went tubing, knee boarding and loved
swimming in the lake.
Isaac is getting good at wakeboaridng , water skiing, knee boarding and loves tube rides too.
Emily is improving at wake boarding, water skiing, knee boarding and she learned to surf this year, and she did great! Her & Mary and a goal to go off the slide on the houseboat 100 times, it was fun watching them.
Taylor is getting great at wake boading, solemn skiing, surfing and he has fun knee boarding and tubing too.
Other highlights were cliff jumping, paddle boarding and star gazing on late at night on the houseboat.

We left right after church on Sunday and arrived at Lake Powell that night. We slept on the houseboat while everyone else arrived and then took off for "Last Chance Canyon" Monday morning.
We found a nice secluded spot with lots of morning and evening shade for us to enjoy. 

Lots and lots of pictures show just how much fun we had! The weather was perfect- near 100 degrees in the day and it cooled off into the 60's at night. 

Little James was the best baby ever! He is so mellow and sleeps so well even on the ski boat. What a great guy he is! 

We loved spending time with family and cousins etc.. We really missed everyone who couldn't come this year. 

We really had a fabulous week! It's hard to come home, and everyone was tired and worn out.
Yay for summer!  

Friday, July 8, 2016

July fun

Pool days are so
Much fun! Lizzie is a really great swimmer. Love her.

We spent Friday afternoon and evening boating. These days are my favorite!!! All the kids are so happy, they get along well, we're all enjoying the beautiful scenery and being outside. Boating is fantastic!!! 

We brought a couple of friends this time, it was great teaching them to wakeboard, waterski, kneeboard etc... 

It was a gorgeous evening and a perfect night!! We're excited for lake Powell next week.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


July is here so soon!! I think June went by so quickly!! I hate how the summer flies by. We spent a couple afternoons at the pool this week. It's all of our favorite spots to be when it's a hot afternoon.
Isaac taught Emily and her friends diving lessons. He's a great diver! Lizzie conquered the high dive again, and started learning how to dive. Yay for swimming!! 

Thursday we took the plunge and went to lagoon for the day. It was a terrific day to spend at Lagoon. The weather was not too hot, and it even rained for a little while. All of the kids LOVED it!! Lizzie kept saying "this is the best day of my 

We went with Brett and Teresa, and all their kids, Marc & Nat's cute kids as well as some of the Challis's. It was great to have a big group, so we could break up and everyone can do different rides when they wanted. 
Emily & Isaac loved the big roller coasters. And Lizzie was tall enough to go on most of the big rides. She was very brave and was really good about trying all the new rides. What a fun, but exhausting day!

It was nice to do the two roller coasters where you get wet, and felt really good to cool off in the late afternoon.

Saturday we headed to Provo, for the big fourth of July Hawkins party. We had dinner, Talent show, visiting with cousins, and then watched the fireworks at the Forsyths yard.
We all love this party!! It's a great way to celebrate the 4th of July!! 🇱🇷🇱🇷