Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Posted by PicasaWe had a fabulous, fun Halloween. Friday night we went to the Halloween carnival at Taylor's school. Then Saturday the kids dressed up: Isaac was Tigger, Emily was a Queen, and Taylor was an army solider. He was thrilled with his costume and especially his painted face. We went to a neighborhood dinner and then off to Trick or Treat. The kids were thrilled with all of the activites and especially the candy!
Happy Halloween!!!

Tiger and Ducky

Posted by PicasaIsaac loved his Halloween costume. He was Tigger, and he thought he was cool wearing his costume. We bribed Isaac and Becca with suckers to take their pictures. Neither of them would smile, but they loved their treats.

Carving Pumpkins and Snow!

Posted by PicasaWe had a great week getting ready for Halloween!
It snowed early in the week and the kids had so much fun playing in the snow. Luckily it melted a few days later. We carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. Taylor and Emily love eating salty pumpkin seeds.
Then on Friday I went to help in Taylor's class for the Halloween party. We had fun playing Bingo, frosting cookies, doing a craft and playing Musical chairs.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emily's 4th Birthday Party!

Emily started her Birthday with her favorite breakfast of pancakes. She asks for these everyday, but I only make them a few times a week.

She wanted a Barbie Cake, and it turned out cute. Thanks to Danny for decorating her so well. He is multitalented, and great with frosting detailed cakes.

We put candles on the cupcakes rather than the Barbie cake, because her hair is a fire hazard.

Isaac was thrilled to have his own cupcake. He devoured his own, and made a huge sticky mess!

Emily got spoiled with gifts from everyone; sparkly shoes, makeup, play phone, art supplies and a new princess dress.

Goofy Grandma and Goofy Grandpa came to celebrate the day. We always love to see them.

Emily was a sweet girl all day, and we had a terrific day celebrating her life.
We love you Emily!

Enjoying a fall Sunday

The air was crisp and cool today, and we enjoyed a fun Sunday afternoon.
Spencer and Teresa were visiting from AZ, and it was great to see Spencer and Isaac interract together. They make the same grunts, groans, and sounds and they are both so cute!

Spencer and Isaac both love their Aunt Nat! They were jealous of each other for her attention.

This is their favorite spot at Grandma's house. Sitting at the bar, stealing one another's food, and eating to their heart's content. What a fun age!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today is Emily's 4th Birthday!
I was thinking about the day Emily was born and it was a special day in October 4 years ago. The time has flown by so quickly and I am a little sad to see her getting grown up already. We didn't find out whether she was a boy or a girl, so her birth was such a thrill. I remember really wanting a girl, but not planning on a girl, because I didn't want to be disappointed. I was induced a few days after my due date and after several hours of labor and she was born at 3:10pm. Her birth had a few complications so everyone in the room was focused on her breathing etc.. Finally I asked " What is it" and then Dr. Jonoes said "Oh, it's a GIRL!" I just starting crying, because I was so excited! She was a good baby, but a little stubborn from birth. She is turning into such a sweet, fun loving little girl.
There are so many things I love about her, but here are few things we love about Emily.
She is the first child awake everyday. She never sleeps in, unless she is sick. I love how she comes into our bed around 7am and snuggles in between Danny and I every morning. It's a good way to start the day. She usually lays there for a few minutes and then insists on eating breakfast.

She is a fantastic sister to her two brothers. She is usually unselfish and willing to share with either of them. She is a good helper for Isaac and loves to play games with him. Plus she gives great hugs and kisses.

Emily LOVES to eat! She must have inherited this from me, because I am the same way. She has always been a great eater liking all "kid" food; mac 'n cheese, cereal, fries, crackers, and and junk food. But some of her favorites are "adult" foods like; hummus and pita, broccoli and dip, shrimp, edamame, salad, chips and salsa, artichokes and all fruit. She is always willing and ready for a meal or a snack.

Finally, she is such a girly girl. She is so dedicated to her dresses, skirts, tu tu's, tights, high heeled shoes, makeup, jewlery, headbands, lip gloss, nail polish, and all princess attire. Sometimes this drives me crazy, because it's really impractical. But she loves to feel beautiful everyday, no matter where we are going. I just wonder when she will grow out of this stage, but for now it's cute.
We are celebrating her B-day tomorrow so I will post pictures from her B-day party.
We are so happy you are in our family. We love you Emily!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nat's State Cross Country Race

Because Natalie doesn't blog, I decided to post about her race at Sugarhouse Park.
Yesterday we went watch Natalie run in the State Cross Country race. It was an exciting race and Natalie ran very well. It's hard to get decent pictures of them as they race by, but here are a few pics. from the event.

The starting line

Great job, Natalie. We are all so proud of you!

We gave the kids suckers after the race for their cooperation and good behavior during the race. Becca loved having a giant sucker in her mouth, she was thrilled.

Isaac loves candy too, but he always takes them out and rolls them around in his hands. He was a giant, sticky mess!

Emily got to meet Cousin Turner yesterday, she was so happy to hold him . She is a great helper and a little mother to all babies.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Raking leaves

We spent the afternoon raking leaves in the yard. Isaac really liked using his little rake, he was very insistent that he got his own rake. He is the funniest little guy. Sometimes he can be so cute and sweet and then one minute later he'll throw all. We love him no matter how he acts!

I love that smile!

Taylor was the person who wanted to rake leaves. He really likes raking, and wants to earn money raking leaves for the neighbors. He is a little entrepeneaur even at age six!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday at the park

The weather was gorgeous today, so we went to the park to enjoy the afternoon. The kids played soccer and enjoyed platying on the playground. Isaac loves swinging in the swings and will sit there for 30 minutes or so! Natalie was with us and it was a great way to spend a fall evening. We are wish this warm weather would last, and are dreading the cold, snowy days to come!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday fun!

Posted by PicasaWe went to the zoo on Saturday with Marcus and Natalie, in hope of putting Natalie into labor with all the walking up and down hills. Natalie is the cutest pregnant woman, just a little belly and she looks great! She did not go into labor, but we had a fasntastic time. We even rode the train! The weather was a little cold, so I dressed Isaac in a big coat to keep him warm. He looked so funny walking around the zoo in a giant coat. He is so cute, he loves going to the zoo and seeing all the animals. He makes noises just like the monkey's.