Monday, May 27, 2013

We went out for ice cream cones the other night in PJ's, it was a hit with Lizzie and Isaac!  Lizzie loved her cone, and wouldn't leave until every last drop was eaten.  
These last few weeks of school are packed full of concerts, performances, field trips etc.. It's a lot of fun, but really busy!
Emily had her dance performance at school.  They sang songs, did some poems and danced.  She did great!

Lizzie still keeps herself busy whenever she finds a marker.  This time she was in the clubhouse with the kids, and helped herself to coloring on her face.
Here's a few of the kids playing in the clubhouse.  This club is serious business. The kids have rounded up chairs, a table, it has a roof and they made a club flag! It's cute to see all the kids working together for a common goal.

Isaac had an especially busy week, he had a zoo field trip and pre school graduation.  He has had a fabulous year of school with Ms. Lisa. She is so sweet, and such a patient, loving teacher. He will miss her and his friends at school.  They had a little program at the graduation, followed by a slideshow with pictures from the year.

Here are some pictures from our field trip to the zoo with Isaac's class.

Also this week we are getting a new roof on our house. The roof was getting really old, and was having problems. The big excitement was unloading the shingles with a crane onto the roof!

While we have a huge dumpster at our house we have been getting rid of everything we don't need.  Danny took apart Isaac and Emily's bunkbeds, and we tossed it. It was really old and we got new twin beds. The kids are not used to sleeping without a rail on their bed and this is what happened the first night.
Emily and Isaac both roller off their beds and onto the floor, it was hilarious!

We had a super fun Memorial Day spending time with Goofy Grandma and Grandpa. We went fishing, played at the park, had a delicious BBQ and the boys went target shooting.  It was great to see them, and lots of fun!
We are looking forward to another crazy week!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things have been busy lately, with end of school programs, class projects, field trips etc..
It's always a crazy time of year, full of anticipation and excitement for summer!

 Lizzie and Isaac have been wearing their goggles in the bathtub. They love going under water and pretending like they are swimming.

Here's Lizzie swimming last week. She was sliding along in the shallow water.  It was funny to watch. She LOVES to be in the water, and thinks she's ready to swim by herself.

The kids love taking pictures of their blocks and Lego creations.

Taylor and Emily have started taking Piano lessons.  They like it so far, and I hope their enthusiam continues.

On Friday night the Boys were at "Father's & Sons" so the girls went to dinner. Lizzie demanded her own milkshake and then made a giant mess while eating it.  She loved every single bite!

It was really a lot of fun to spend some time with my girls. They keep me laughing, and entertained.  After dinner we went home to watch a movie. It was fabulous night!

On Saturday the weather was rainy and cold.  We stood in the rain for two soccer games. Then our yard was too muddy for yard work so we headed to the zoo in the afternoon, when the sun came out.  We let the kids bring a few friends.  Everyone had a great time,especially when we got ice cream cones. 

It was a fun weekend, nice and relaxing.
Now off to another crazy, wild week!
Only 10 more days of school.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I am feeling so grateful to be a mother to these four amazing children. 
I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful mother, mother in law's and to have four kids call me "mom".
I had a nice day full of church, kids singing in Sacrament Meeting, foot massages, hugs, gifts from school and primary, kisses,
good behavior and cards. 

We had a family dinner at G & G Shields house, it was really fun because Aunt Natalie was there.  The kids have missed her so much while she has been at BYU this past year.  Isaac always says
"Why did Nat have to go to college?"
They attacked her with lots of love!

Lizzie and Allison got Great Grandma Shields to read them their favorite book "Baby Dear".  All the grandkids LOVE this book, and it's something they look forward to reading.
It's always wonderful to see Great Grandma Shields. 

The kids sang a couple of songs about "mother's "-it was quite a performance.
Happy Mother's Day!!
Here are a few pictures from this week.

  Isaac had a playdate on Tuesday afternoon.  He went into my bedroom and fell asleep on my bed for over an hour.  He was just exhausted.  When he woke up he was thrilled his friend was still at our house and they went and jumped on the tramp!

We had a few really warm days, which means it's time to break out the popsicles to eat with our friends.

Taylor and I had a "date night" last week. We went to get ice cream and looked at scooters, because Tay is saving his money to buy a new scooter.  He is growing up too fast!

We met some cousins at the zoo on Friday morning. It was a beautiful day at the zoo, and everyone had a blast!

There are lots of animals made out of Legos on display, it's really amazing and fun to see.
Lizzie didn't want to pose for pictures, but she loved seeing the seals swimming and diving.
Elizabeth does the funniest faces and expressions, so I got a few of her faces on camera the other day. 

We've been having thunderstorms every afternoon, and there was a gorgeous double rainbow above our house the other night.

Lizzie is still OBSESSED with the princess clothing. 
 She adores having a floor length skirt or dress on at all times.  It makes her so happy, even if it is unpractical while riding her bike.

Here she is doing a fake cough, while holding her cell phone in full princess clothes. 
She sure keeps me busy!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Elizabeth loves to do arts and crafts, she is obsessed with crayon, glue and especially markers.  She has "Color Wonder" markers that only write on the certain papers. One day this week Isaac was coloring with his friend.  Lizzie was being unusally quiet, when I went to see why, she was using a blue marker like it was lip stick.  She was loving coloring her arms, hands, the table, and her lips.  She was just about to start on her eyes, when I got to her!
She looked so funny, luckily it was washable.

When we were at Home Depot last Saturday there was a fire truck on display.  The kids had fun looking through the truck, and checking it out.

We had a fun family dinner with the Shields crew on Friday night.  We ate a new Bistro in SLC, it was ymmy. It was great to see everyone!

Emily and her cute friends are usually running around outside, now that the weather is warm.  They love climbing the tree at our neighbor's house, and on this day decided to have a read a thon, under the tree.

We are out of school in 4 weeks, we can't wait for summer!!!