Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First summer injury!

We ended our week with Taylor breking his arm on Friday night.  He was playing in our backyard with his friends, and he did a flip off the bar and landed on the grass, breaking his wrist.  He and Danny spent 4 hours in the ER getting it Xrayed.  Taylor has been handling it really well, considering he was in a lot of pain. 
This is his after getting ready to go to church. 

His friends were cute and they all made his a big "Get Well" posted, and brought over snacks, and a game for him to play.  He has been watching a lot of Olympics, reading and resting.  He gets his hard cast on Wednesday and hopefully it will be water-proof so we can continue swimming!

Elizabeth is such a funny girl! She has a cute personality and keeps the whole family laughing at everything she does and says.  Lately she doesn't want to eat in her high chair, so she eats like a doggy on the floor.
She loves her breakfast!

Here's a few pictures from going to Seven Peaks with our friends the day Taylor broke his arm.  Good thing he did a ton of waterslides that day!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


We had another busy week full of summer adventures!
We really took advantage of  living near the mountains this week and went up the canyons on three different occasions!

We met our cousins at a fun park this week.  The kids all had tons of fun playing in the fountains and on the playground. 
Lizzie is such a stinker, she loves attention from everyone.  But sometimes she decides to be mean to somebody and she'll hold her arm out at them and shake her head no!  It's so funny, she is spoiled rotten!

The kids had a cousin sleepover this week- even Isaac and Spencer joined the fun and slept over.  Isaac was SO excited, it's his first realy sleepover. He felt really grown up, and super happy about it!
I had the girls at our house, and we had a blast!  Mary & Emily are good friends and have fun with each other. 

Later in the week we headed up to Silver Lake with a group of friends.  It was nice to get out of the heat and enjoy the gorgeous scenery up Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

Then Friday night Danny & I hiked SLC overlook up Millcreek Canyon.  It's one of our favorite hikes, and it was a fun date. 
The view at the top is incredible!

Saturday evening we headed back up Millcreek with our good friends the Hall's.  We had dinner, S'mores and went fishing all night.  The kids had a lot of fun, and everyone came home dirty, tired and happy!

We love living so close to Millcreek Canyon!

I put Lizzie's hair in a ponytail, it looks like a little rat tail, it's so funny!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We spent a hot evening at Seven Peaks this week.  We brought our friend/neighbor with us and everyone had a great time!  It's so nice to have the pass to go there whenever we want!

Here's Lizzie fully enjoying her Nutella sandwich,  she loves it!  She is still a really gross, messy eater.  It's so funny to watch her eat, and I love taking pictures of it. 

Emily and her friends played "Napoloeon Dynamite" .  They watched the movie, and then dressed up like characters from the movie.  Emily was Pedro, and she would say
"If you vote for me all of your wildest dreams will come true!" 
They were hilarious!

Danny surprised my by bringing home a new bike for me one night this week!  I love it so much. It has a baby seat for Lizzie and we have been going on a lot of bike rides.  She loves wearing her helmey and says "WEE" as we ride around the streets. 

Now that she knows about our new bike, she walks into the garage and points to the bike while whining until I put her in her seat and take her on a ride.  It's a fantastic way to spend a summer evening.
Thanks Danny! 

Snack time- She has to hold this entire bag of dried apples in her lap, and screams if someone tries to eat one.  Basically Lizzie is a super spoiled little girl, but we love her anyways!

We took the kids to dinner on Friday night, at one of our favorite restaurants, "Red Butte Cafe". We never eat out with all the kids, and they actually did really good.  Lizzie made a huge mess under her high chair, but oh well. 
It was a fun evening.

We went to the zoo on Saturday with Grandma Deppe.  She was visiting from Idaho and we spent the day with her.  We saw the bird show, and it was tons of fun!  The kids like all the birds flying right over our heads, and landing all around the theater. 

Danny volunteered to have a raven land on his arm and take $5 back to the zookeeper.  It was a fun day and we love spending time with Grandma Deppe. 

We really miss seeing G & G Deppe more often. 

Lizzie loves to play in the water, especially right before her bath when she's naked.  She thinks it's hilarious until she pees on the floor!

We had a fun week!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July week

This week we did a cousin/swap sleepover.  We had Jeffrey stay at our house and Emily went to Mary's house.  I took the boys to Seven Peaks on Monday afternoon.  We ended up staying until it closed at 8pm.  Taylor & Jeffrey were having too much fun, and they didn't want to leave.  Isaac and Lizzie were having fun too, especially beccause I bought them dinner and snacks. 
Those boys are so brave, they go down all the waterslides.  Even the scary ones that are super tall and make me nervous!

The next day we went to Draper to swim at Brett/ Teresa's house and switch kids back.  The kids had a grand time swimming with their cousins.  They all are getting to be great swimmers.  Even Isaac and Spencer were wearing their goggles and going under water to dive for toys.  It was a good afternoon, and we all came home exhuasted. 

The next day was the 4th of July.  We had a neighborhood breakfast/ bike parade.  The kids decorated their bikes and we rode around the area.  Then we all had a big breakfast and played on a bouncy house.  It's a fun neighborhood tradition. 

That evening we went to Provo for the annual Hawkins BBQ and fireworks show.  Everyone had a yummy dinner, and then played and visited until the fireworks started around 10pm. 

Dannny and Taylor brought their Ukeleles and they played while the kids danced.  It's a fun event to see aunts, uncles and cousins.

I love this picture!
Isaac and Spencer were attacking Colton all night.  They adore Colton and always want to wrestle with him. 

These two little boys had the time of their lives!  They sat on the blanket and watched all the fireworks and they were thrilled with all of it!  On the drive home Isaac told me that the 4th of July is his favorite holiday! 

Taylor is really getting good on the Ukelele, he plays non-stop.  He is taking lessons now, and is always looking at different songs to play on You Tube.  He is happy to have an instrument to play. 

On Saturday we headed up to Silver Lake in the morning to fish, hike and eat a picnic.  It was a gorgeous day and we all had a great time. 

Lizzie liked finding chipmunks, and she kept calling them "doggies", she thinks most animals are dogs. 

Then later in the afternoon (after Lizzie napped) we went to Millcreek canyon with some friends and had dinner and s'mores. 

The boys did some more fishing and we all got sticky eating s'mores.

It was another wonderful week of summer!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

We had another busytweek of summer fun!!

We all went to Seven Peaks for FHE on Monday night, the kids thought it was awesome!  Danny did all the waterslides with the kids, and we took turns taking Lizzie to the Kiddie Pools.  It was a lot of fun! 

On Tuesday Taylor and his friends caught a trout from a nearby stream and they tried to keep it alive in our Kiddie Pool.  They were entertained by that fish all afternoon.  All the kids crowded around and watched the fish try to survive. 
That Kiddie Pool is providing a lot of entertainment for my kids this summer-definately worth $25!!!

Lizzie is obsessed with her stroller.  She loads it full of dolls, books, stuffed animals, her sippy cup etc.. and walks all around.  It's so cute to watch, and she is very definate about what she will push in her stroller.  She is turning into a screamed, and it really gets annoying, I guess she better start talking soon!

We met some friends at the park for lunch, here is Lizzie with her friend.  These girls are only one week apart. 

We spent another afternoon in the Kiddie Pool.  Lizzie strutted around in her swimming suit, while the kids all begged for her to play with them .  She gets so much attention from all the neighbors and friends!  She is spoiled rotten. 

One night I was cooking a rotisseire chicken for dinner, and Lizzie was whining for food.  So I broke off the drumstick and gave it to her to eat.  She chewed and gnawed on that drumstick for 30 minutes, until it was gone.  She loved it! 

We sold Danny's white truck.  We have owned this truck for almost 11 years, and it has been a great truck.  But it was time for a new vehicle. 

So Danny bought this Tundra.  It's so nice and we all can ride inside.  We have been driving around in it all weekend and the kids think it is super fun! 

Lizzie especially likes riding in the truck.  She laughs the whole time!

On Saturday we went to a family reunion for Danny's family, wiht the Johnston's from Canada.  It was a lot of fun, there was a swimming pool, and this train for the kids to ride on. 

Now for another fun, but exhausting week! 
We can't believe it's July already!