Sunday, October 30, 2016

Here's Emily with some friends, at a birthday party. She has a great group of friends, I'm happy that she has good influences in her life.
Grandma and grandpa Shields, are enjoying their mission. They're super busy, but I think they're doing great!

We had a lot of fun at the Uintah school Halloween carnival. They have a Photo Booth coming with the kids love! It's a fun night to see everyone in their costumes at the school having fun.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Taylor had his first show choir concert last week. He looked so handsome in his uniform. The group sounded great! It was a fun night of Taylor! 

The kids had fall break this week, which means no school Wed-Friday. And also no school on Monday. So we went to Midway with Monica and her girls for a day or so.  We had a blast playing, doing pearler beads, going to a pumpkin patch, eating ice cream, sitting in the hot tub, playing games, relaxing etc.. it was a nice get away and we all had fun! 

The kids love spending time with their cousins and we all adore baby Jane! She's so cute!  The pumpkin match/hay maze was fun and we took a few pics. 

Friday night some of us went to the Boo lights at the zoo. It was a fun halloween adventure. The kids had a blast. We also went exploring in the Glenn and Danny filled in for the music leader in primary.(because half the ward was out of town for the Fall Break) 

Saturday was sunny and warm so we decided to carve pumpkins. The kids had fun scooping guts, and carving their pumpkins. We roasted the seeds to eat later too. 

Sunday we had a family dinner to celebrate Emily's birthday!! We had dinner, cake & ice cream etc.. Emily had a fun night. She's a kind, thoughtful, witty, smart, cute, girl with high self esteem and a great smile! We all love this girl!
On Monday there was no school so we went bowling with a few friends and then out for donuts. They had a great time and I won at bowling! It was a fun day for Emily! 

Happy 11th Birthday to Emily!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Emily goes to Hawaii

Danny had to go to BYU Hawaii on the island of  Oahu this week for work. He has a recruiting new students for his graduate programs. So he arranged to take Emily on the trip with him coming to celebrate her birthday which is later this month.
They had so much fun going snorkeling, swimming with turtles, surfing, eating delicious food, seeing the Polynesian  cultural center, going to the big ukulele store and getting  new ukulele, and lots of time at the beach! It sounded like a perfect week full of lots of sun and fun! 
Taylor had a mountain bike ride at Snowbasin on Saturday. I headed to the resort to watch him race early Saturday morning with Lizzie and Isaac. We had fun watching the racers, hanging out, and seeing the spectacular views near the trail. Taylor did awesome in his race and had a terrific day with his team.
I was proud of Taylor for starting a new sport, making lots of new friends and learning a new skill. 

It looks like She had a rough time waking up on her flight home from Hawaii. 

We are really enjoying this warm, sunny beautiful fall weather! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fun weekend

Here is a cute letter Isaac wrote to G & G Shields this week. It was super cute with adorable details etc... We are all really missing them and wish they were on their mission somewhere closer to us. 

Ever since Lizzie started Kindergarten she has been so tired every single day. One afternoon last week we were reading booking and she just passed out asleep on the couch for over two hours! She woke up happy and smiling, I guess she was just worn out. I love when she still takes a nap. 

Here is a picture of G & G Shields on their mission in Toronto, Canada. They are having a great time with all the leaders and sisters of their mission. 

On Saturday cousin Rebecca was baptized. It was a wonderful, memorable occasion and she was so happy! She looked so cute in her white dress with hair in braids. We all had fun at the baptism and then went over to their house for lunch with family after. 

Adorable Bauman family! 

This is Jack! He's one and he's full of personality and fun! We love having him around to entertain us. 

Sunday was a nice, warm Fall day. I took the kids on a bikeride and they ended up playing in this stream for a while.  Lizzie had a fall, she slipped on some moss and fell right into the river, all the way up to her chest, it was deep where she fell. She was SO mad, she cried and screamed. Then she wanted Isaac to get into the water too, so she wasn't the only wet one. We headed home on our bikes, and she just screamed and yelled the whole way home!!! It was hilarious and pretty entertaining. 

We are loving this Fall Weather, it's warm, beautiful and sunny. I hope it lasts until Thanksgiving! 

Monday, October 3, 2016


We had one last warm sunny Saturday so we headed to the pool for a final swimming day. The water was perfect and no one else was there. It was a terrific Saturday!

Taylor has been doing mountain biking with the East High School Team.  He loves it and has a lot of fun! I am proud of him for doing this new sport!
We had our ward primary program at the end of September, it was great! but we are really happy to have it over.

Taylor has been going to the temple with his friends a lot to do baptisms for the dead before school.
Emily and I went to a wonderful play of "Beauty and the Beast" our friend Amelia was Belle in the play and she did awesome!  We've been spending time outside, on walks, bikerides, and hikes. It's the perfect time to be outside! 

We had all the Wall family here for a weekend. Mike was getting inducted into the BYU Hall of Fame for Volleyball.
So everyone came to see him of that.
There was a big dinner & program at the Marriott Center and then the next night they were brought out onto the field during halftime at the BYU football game.  We had a blast with cousins, aunts, uncles etc.. here plus Grandma & grandpa Deppe stayed at our house for a few nights which was really fun! 

We had a lot of family time this weekend! It was busy, fun and wonderful! 
It was Conference Weekend so we didn't have church. So we headed to Deer Valley for part of the weekend and we all stayed in an amazing big house. The leaves were gorgeous and so pretty! We had fun watching TV, sitting in the hot tub, going on a walk, eating , playing games etc.. It was super fun! 

Here are the Wall siblings at the BYU game on Friday night. 

It was a fun, busy, crazy weekend! We love having cousins around!