Monday, June 27, 2011

Mike & Erin's wedding!

Mike & Erin had their wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon at the beautiful Stein Eriksen resort.  It was such a beautiful day with perfect sunny weather.  It was wonderful ceremony followed by a delicious dinner, reception, dancing and fun! 

The wedding was an amazing night!
Erin's dress was gorgeous and they both looked so happy!  They are a great couple and we are thrilled for them.  We sure love both of them and are so happy to have Erin join the family.

Emily did perfect as the flower girl, she walked slowly down the aisle, while dropping flower petals.  She looked so cute in her dress. 

We spent the evening mingling with family and friends, eating, and dancing.  The kids got tired around 8:00 so Natalie took them to our room to watch a movie and go to bed.  I wish I would have taken more pictures, but here are the few I took.

I really wanted to get picture of the kids with Great Grandma lamb, but Isaac was being too wild! 

It was a wonderful wedding and a fantastic weekend!  We all left happy and exhausted!

Congratulations to Mike & Erin!!!

Park City

We spent the day in Park City before the wedding doing all the fun things!  We met Mike, Erin, Goofy Grandpa and Erin's family at the Park City resort.  We went on the Alpine Slide,  rollercoaster and Emily did the trampoline!  Then it was so hot we all cooled off with snow cones. 

Then on Friday night we went to the wedding rehearsal and dinner.  Emily was the flower girl for the wedding, so she got to come along.  We ate dinner at the St. Regis in Deer Valley.  It was a gorgeous evening full of delicious food and great company.  The view was amazing and we saw two moose. 

Elizabeth got passed around, with a warning that she spits up and may puke at any time!  It was fun to see friends from college and see all of Danny's family. 

Then on Saturday we checked into the Stein Eriksen resort for the wedding.  We stopped at the store on the way to Park City to pick up lunch for our kids as well as Mike, Danny  and the other groomsmen.  We found these gigantic sandwiches and we bought them!  They were huge and hard to eat, but really tasty. 

We spent the afternoon relaxing at the pool and staying cool in our hotel room.  It was a great pool and a super nice hotel.  The kids were in shock at how fancy everything was, and I kept telling them to be on good behavior!  Luckily I had Natalie with me to help keep the kids under control.


We had a crazy, fun, busy, wild few days last week!  It started on Monday when Mike's dog, "Banks" came to our house for a week.  Mike & Erin got married on Saturday and needed somewhere for Banks to stay.

The kids all loved having him at our house, and wanted to play with him, and feed and walk him.  Banks is a good dog, and hardly barked at all.  Isaac and Elizabeth got a few "doggy kisses" from him and they seemed to like it!  Taylor liked him the best and spent a lot of time in the backyard playing fetch.

Then on Thursday night Danny's family from Canada, California and Boise came to our house for a big family dinner!  Everyone was coming to Utah for the wedding, and we decided to have a little family get together.  It was so fun to see his Grandma Lamb, and his great aunt Alice, as well as aunts, uncles, cousins etc... 

We had dinner and visited at our house all evening and everyone seemed to have a good time. 

We haven't seem Grandma Lamb for 5 years, and the kids all had fun meeting her and spending time with her.  Isaac talked to her all afternoon, while they ate popsicles on the back porch.  After a while he looked at her and asked "What grandma are you?"  It was so cute, he definately fell in love with her.

It was so much fun to have everyone to our house for dinner, and great to catch up with family that we haven't seen for along time!

Here's a picture of Taylor at our neighbor's house.  They are remodeling their house and all the boys in the neighborhood have been in their construction site "working" for the past few days.  One day last week, they all had their shirts off, with bandana's around their heads and they were shoveling dirt for hours!  We just bring drinks and food to them every few hours and they keep working.Taylor loves it and has spent most of today in the hole removing rocks. It's a boy's dream!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Father's in our life!

We celebrated a wonderful day full of pampering our dad, and spending time with family.  The kids helped me make Danny a delicious breakfast and allowed him to sleep in!  They all adore Danny and think he is the greatest thing!  All of our kids would rather have Danny around than me any day of the week. 
He is a fantastic dad for so many reasons, and well all love him so much!

We had a family dinner at G&G Shields house, it was fun and wild as usual. 

Here's a few pics. of the highlights.

We attempted a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with all 11 grandkids.  It was really har dto get everyone to cooperate and it turned into a comical moment! 
We love living by G & G Shields!

It's hard to believe that Lizzie is almost 4 months old!  She is loving spending time in her saucer lately, she loves standing up. 

She is still a really sweet, happy baby and we are all so happy she is a part of our family! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Fun!

We have had a great first week of summer.  The weather has been beautiful and perfect for soaking up the sun.

So far the only thing the kids want to do is play on the street with their friends!  Especially Taylor, he literally did not leave the street (except on his bike) last week for 3-4 days! This makes for an easy schedule for me and a great motivator for them to do their chores, reading, workbooks etc.. before going out to play! 

All the kids and their friends were playing in the sprinklers so I got Lizzie in he swimming suit.  She looked so precious in her cute suit!  She was being happy and pretty smiley.

That face looks like trouble!  Isaac is so pale, I have to lather him or apray him in sunscreen a few times everyday.  He hates it, and cries and whines everytime.

Emily and her friends are always busy making up dances, playing pretend and bossing Isaac around (which is likes).

I mangaged to get some secret pictures of Taylor while he was distracted with the water rockets.  He is eating non-stop lately, and is growing up too fast.

Here are Tay's buddies warming up in the sun.

Lizzie all tired out after playing in the sun.

This is the time that my kids have been getting up in the mornings!  One day Emily and Isaac woke up at 9:45!  Taylor was already awake and reading "Harry Potter" in his bed.  Yesterday I found him reading while eating a bag of "Fritos" in his bed!  His room smelled so bad! 

Anyway, anyone who knows our family knows thatour kids never sleep in, so this is a summer miracle!  Lately Danny leaves for work without even seeing our kids, which is so rare!

I think Tay, Em and Spike are so exhausted every night from playing hard all day- plus they have been staying up late.  They all sleep in the basement where it's cool and quiet, now if I could only get Lizzie to sleep in! 
We are living the summertime dream!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Summer is finally here!  This week Taylor got out of school for summer break and the weather had finally warmed up so it actually feels like summertime!

This swimming suit was Emily's and it is so cute on Lizzie!  I had to let her wear it before she grows out of it.  She is growing so fast and doing new things everyday. 

I  absoutely love her chubby arms, neck and legs.  I discovered that she is really ticklish on her tummy and chest and she laughs out loud when tickled.  She such a sweet, adorable girl, we can't get enough of her!

Summertime on our street means lots and lots of time outside with friends and neighbors.  This means living in your swimming suit and doing water fights, riding bikes, running through sprinklers, eating endless popsicles,  jumping on the tramp and begging to play night games.  And it's only been three days of summer! 
We are planning on having a fantastic summer! We can't wait!

This little guy is having some sort of identity crisis.  He refers to himself as "a baby puppy" and insists that he's
not a big boy and that makes it okay to not be potty trained!  Plus he is the most stubborn and strong willed of all our kids, which mean's sometimes he is completely unmanageable!

  He sure says some of the funniest/cutest things:

He told me "I wish Janet (our neighbor) was my uncle, she is so nice."  Then proceeded to tell me that he likes uncles better than aunts. This must be why he calls Natalie, "Uncle Nat"

When he goes to the bathroom he notifies me by saying
"I have a brown thing on me!"

He loves chasing and birds in our backyard and he tries to catch them. I told him that the birds fly away because they are scared of humans.  He said " I am not a human I am a creature!" 

That pretty much sums up Isaaac right now, he is definately a creature! Oh how we love our creature/puppy!

These pictures are too funny! Last week dad fell asleep after dinner and Colton was trying to put a flower in his hand while he slept.  I took a few pics. because it was so funny!  While I was taking picture my camera screen read "Blink eye detected!"  Blink eye nothing, he was dead asleep!

Here's a great pose by Colton, that I couldn't resist! Can you believe he's been home from his year for a year already?  Wow- time flies!

So we had a terrific week, and are looking forward to a wonderful and fun summer break!