Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Haircut

Isaac got a haircut! I finally broke down and got Isaac a haircut. His hair was so cute, but it was getting pretty long and he was looking a little ragged. I was hesitant to cut it, because I knew it would make him look so grown up. He is no longer my baby, but a cute toddler.
I had to hold him while the lady at Great Clips gave him a cut, so I have no pictures. It took a sucker and a lot of entertaining from Taylor and Emily to keep him still.

Isaac is still not walking, he can walk, but he chooses not to. Instead he holds onto anything in sight and crawls to get around.

We had a fun water day in the front yard. The kids cooled off in the wading pool and then laid on the warm cement to get dry.

Isaac loved the cold water. He just climbed in the little pool and sat in it for almost two hours.

We are having such a fantastic summer!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We met all the Shields cousins, aunts, etc.. at Libery Park on Monday for a June Birthday celebration! The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins, and getting wet in the canyons. Emily was being a stinker and wouldn't smile, so I made her!

Emily loves to help take care of her cousin Becca. She is a good helper.
All the boys were laying out on the hot cement to get warm and dry (sorry it's the wrong way).

Who needs towel? Just lay on the warm cement!

All these little girls had fun splashing each other and playing in the cold water.

Isaac with one of his favorite aunts1

On Sunday we had a good Father's day. Taylor and Emily made these cute ties for Danny in Primary. He wore them proudly through the rest of the day.
We went to Spingville to celebrate Father's Day with Grandma and Grandpa Wall, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. But we had a fun evening visiting them and seeing Aunt Jennifer.
Hope all the dad's had a fabulous Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swimming Lessons, and cousin visits

Taylor and Emily started swimming lessons this week.
They are taking at a local pool and it's still cold weather, so it's taking so coaxing to get them in the pool at 10am. Today it was raining during their lessons!
Emily is not comfortable in the water at all! I really want her to like swimming and be more brave. So far she's only stayed in the pool one class. Yesterday she had a male substitute and she freaked out (she is terrified of men she doesn't know). Today she got splashed accidentally and she started bawling. Hopefully the rest of the lessons will go better.

Taylor loves to swim and is a great swimmer. He is learning to dive and working on the different strokes. He was freezing in the pool today, and was quivering the whole time.

The kids have had so much fun with Aunt Natalie this summer. She is the best, more responsible babysitter ever! We love having her babysit and play with the kids everyday!

Taylor and Emily have had tons of fun with their cousins from Texas;Dalton, Dillon and David are in Utah for the week. They stayed the night last weekend, and Emily got really attached to Dillon. They are such nice boys, and really patient and sweet with the kids. Isaac's favorite was Dalton, he was carried around by him all day Sunday. Taylor was a constant shadow for poor David. He followed him everywhere he went and was really nice to Taylor. We wish you would visit more often Forsythe's!

We took a trip to Idaho last weekend to close on our house!!! We sold our house in Eagle, ID with mixed feelings. We loved living in Idaho and miss a lot of things about our life in Eagle. But we are so happy to live in Utah close to family and friends.
We already moved most of our stuff, but had a few remaining things like our shed etc.. We borrowed this trailer from Grandpa Shields and took Taylor on a weekend trip to Boise.

Taylor was completely spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Deppe, Aunt Katie and Uncle Adam. He was able to go to the movies, eat out at restuarants, see his best friends Sam and Caleb, go swimming in Grandma's pool and go to church and see his friends from our old ward. He had a great visit!

Taylor loved getting lots of attention from Danny and I and having us all to himself.

Taylor loves to bug Katie and Adam. They are so nice to him and put up with all his games and goofy stuff!

This has been a fabulous house for us for the past 3 1/2 years. We loved the house, our fun neighbors, the big yard, the neighborhood, and the community parks. Both Emily and Isaac were born while we lived here and we have many wonderful memories from our time on Courtland Dr.

The highlight of the trip was eating at our FAVORITE restaurant "Tony's"! This is the best pizza in Boise, (and better than anywhere we've eaten in SLC) Danny and I started eating here a few years ago, and almost everytime we had visitors we would go to Tony's, and everyone likes it! We will definately miss eating that delicious pizza and homemade Blue Cheese salad dressing-yummy!
Normally we would always get a babysitter and Danny and I would eat there during our date nights, so Taylor was thrilled to be eating out with us.
We will always have a special place in our hearts for Boise, Idaho.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emily has been in heaven this whole week! Aunt Mono made her and Becca these adorable "tu-tu's". The girls looks so cute in them.
Emily likes to twirl and spin around. The only problem is trying to get her to take the "tu-tu" off! She wanted to sleep in it the first night.

THANKS Aunt Mono for being so creative and crafty!

We went to "This is the Place Monument, Heritage Park" for a visit.
We had tons of fun seeing all the Pioneer houses, animals etc.. The highlight was the free ice cream cone, and getting pulled by me in a handcart.

Isaac enjoyed several crackers while riding in his stroller. He is not walking yet and gets frustrated sitting in his stroller for along time, so I bribe him with endless snacks. He really liked seeing the goats, lambs, ducks, pigs and bunnies at the petting area. He loves all animals!

We were able to ride 2 trains while visiting the park. The kids love trains, so they were excited.

Taylor was able to sit up front with the conductor on one of the trains. He thought that was really cool! Taylor has loved trains since he was one. He has a train table and tons of trains (that he used to play with for hours). It's always been one of his favorite things to play with, along with lego's.

Earlier in the week Taylor graduated from Kindergarted. His class performed a play "The Coyote Who Stole Summer". It was a cute play with lots of singing. Taylor was lucky enough to be a coyote, and did a great job in the play. I didn't get many good pics., but it was a great day. we can't believe he's graduated from Kindergarten. He had a good year at Galileo and Uintah. We were proud of him for transitioning to a new school, new friends, etc.. in the middle of the year.

We love you Taylor-stop growing up so fast!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer is here!

We are so happy that summer is here!
Brett & Teresa visited from Phoenix last week and Taylor, Emily and Isaac, and had so much fun!
We spent the whole week doing fun outings with the kids. We all went to the zoo one day. The kids rode the merry go round and loved seeing all the animals.

Mary and Emily are so cute together. They like playing princess, wearing dress ups, playing house and riding bikes. They are going to be good friends forever!

One day we went to Utah County to visit Great grandpa Hawkins. This picture was an attempt to get all the kids around grandpa for a quick photo. This was the best we could get. The kids had fun playing on the swing, running around the yard, and hearing stories told by grandpa.
We love you grandpa!

Then we visited Great Grandma Shields. She made a delicious lunch for all the kids. Then some other cousins came over to play. We all had so much fun in Provo.

Spencer and Isaac were adorable together. Both of them are fat and huge, and neither of them are walking yet! They crawled around in the dirt, mud, grass and cement all week scraping their chubby little knees. Isaac looks like a vampire next to Spencer, he is so brown. They are both sweet, happy babies!

Taylor and Jeffrey had a blast playing together all week! They spent their time riding skateboards, jumping on the tramp, playing games, riding bikes and torturing their sisters.
They were lucky enough to sleep in Uncle Colton's big, cozy bed.

On Saturday morning Taylor had his last soccer game. He had a great season, and is making a lot of improvement. Jeffrey came with us to the game to cheer Taylor on.

Taylor was thrilled that he got a trophy from his coach.
He got the award for having the longest legs and being the fastest runner on the team! Way to go Taylor!
He is getting so grown up, he is done with Kindergarten and ready to go to 1st grade!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Danny!

We had a fun Birthday celebration up the canyon on Saturday night for Danny's Birthday! We ate dinner, strawberry shortcake and made smores' for a yummy treat. It was a beautiful night.
Emily and Taylor played in the stream. Taylor and Danny fished in the stream as well.
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate, it was a great party!

The kids had fun seeing Grandma and Grandpa Wall (Otherwise known as Goofy Grandpa)

Happy Birthday Danny- We love you!