Monday, July 28, 2014

Mccall 2014

We headed to Mccall last Sunday, we were all so excited and happy to go.
We had a wonderful, relaxing week spending time with family.
Here's a lot of pictures from our adventures in Idaho.

Everyday we'd wake up eat breakfast and then make a plan for the day. We'd go swim at the Fish & Swim Club, go fishing, hiking, head for the lake to boat, paddleboard, swim, hot tub, play on the floating trampoline, and enjoy the sunshine and sand. There are so many fabulous things to do in McCall, and it's so gorgeous there!

We rented a boat for two afternoons and it was so great to surf, tube, wakeboard, waterski etc... It was a really nice boat, and so nice to be out on the water.

The kids wore themselves out in the pool everyday. Especially Lizzie, she really LOVES to swim. She is intense and wants to be underwater with her goggles on all the time. Luckily she wore a life jacket part of the time, because it's exhasting to keep her above water.

Their cabin so amazing and comfortable to stay in. Everyone slept so well, and lizzie even slept in until 10:30 on Saturday. We love staying there and enjoy our time there so much!

Paddleboarding on the lake and river was so fun. Lizzie loves it and Isaac even did his own little paddleboard by himself.

Lots of time to fish, the boys spent one day at the North Payette Lake fishing. They had a blast but didn't take any pictures.

Little Eden is a huge celebrity in the family. All the kids LOVE her so much. She is the sweetest, most easy going baby and so much fun to have her

It was so awesome to have all of Danny's siblings there for the week. We all had so much fun!

Everyone wanted to hold Eden as much as they could. She's a favorite!

Beautiful Payette Lake, and view of our awesome beach at the Shore Lodge.

Lots of time on the boat makes for perfect days on the lake. Taylor tried surfing behind the boat, and loved it! I tried it but thought it was hard, I guess I'm getting old.

We celebrated Eden's 1st birthday. She was so cute in her birthday outfit and she was intrigued by her delicious cake. The kids loved watching her eat her cake and thought it was funny.

Lizzie and her little buns hanging out of her swim suit are hilarious.

On Saturday we paddleboarded and kayaked up the Payette river . We stopped and had a picnic lunch and then paddled back to the lake. It was a gorgeous day on the river, it's a great time.

We can't wait to go back next summer!
Taylor competed in the Ukelele festival this year again. He played a Beatles Medley and took 2nd. He won a handmade ukelele, it was pretty cool! He is getting really good at playing the ukelele.

The guy in the hat took 1st, his name is Mason.  He is incredible, he played Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a fun day for the family. Taylor was happy with his performance and excited he took second.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here is a fcw more Lake Powell pictures from Mono. She has an awesome camera, I love her photos!

Everyone was really missing the Lake this week. I was out gardening one and day and got really hot, I was really wanting to dive into the nice, cool lake!

We went to Silver Lake this week to get out of the heat. It is so gorgeous there and nice and cool in the mountains. We also went to water fall called "hidden falls". It was a cool waterfall, the kids hiked around and played in the river. It was a fun outing!

Beautiful Silver Lake.

After silver Lake we went to Jordanelle and met Danny for an evening of boating.

Danny had been at the lake all day taking the Young Women boating for part of their girls camp. The kids love being on the boat, and so do Danny & I. We swam, tubed, knee boarded and Taylor wake boarded. It was a fun, beautiful evening.

Lizzie loves her shades.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lake Powell Trip

The day after the 4th of July we drove to Lake Powell for a week long trip with the Shields clan.
We spent the night Saturday and Sunday in the marina on the houseboat. We went to churhc in Page, went on a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam and swam, and boated around the marina.

All the kids were thrilled about the houseboat. Lizzie called Lake powell "north powell" and the house boat  she called a "boat house" She loved everything about it. She did get scared in the water a few times because she was terrified of seeing fish.

Sunday night the rest of the family arrived and we launched out of the marina early Monday morning. We headed to Last Chance canyon and found a terrific spot to park the boat for the week. We had shade on our bay until 10am every morning which was great for sleeping on the top of the boat.

The kids were in heaven swimming, going on the slide, tubing, wake boarding, knee boarding, water skiing, jumping off cliffs and off the houseboat, playing games, fishing, looking for lizards, riding on the boat, playing with cousins, hiking, eating junk food, riding the jet ski, paddleboarding etc....

Lizzie loved going on the tube.
Isaac loved tubing also and riding in the boat.
Emily liked going on the tube and she learned to knee board.
Taylor loved it all!
Tay learned to knee board, wakeboard, water ski and slolem ski on two days. He did great and was throughly exhausted every night. He definately has the love of boating now.

The weather was perfect all week. Not too hot and cooler in the evenings most nights. It rained all night on Tuesday, we all got drenched sleeping on the top of the boat.
I braided Derek's hair one day, his hair is awesome!

We had so much fun laughing and talking with everyone. It's a fun group and they kept is laughing!
We watched movies at night on the top with a projector. I didn't get any pictures though.

Dave and Monica left on Wednesday and they were nice enough to take Lizzie home with them. She was having a blast and really loved the lake. But it was much more relaxing and less worrisome with her not on the houseboat. Thank you so much to the Bauman's for taking her! We really owe you.

Lake Powell is so beautiful! The moon was full and big and we went on a boat ride one night at midnight. It was light as day in the canyon, it was fun!

It was a fantastic week at Lake Powell, full of good food, lots of fun, tired kids, and wonderful memories made.
Thanks to mom and dad for the terrific trip! We all loved it!

Driving home we stopped in Beaver at a yummy Mexican restaurant. It was the perfect way to end the trip!
We can't wait for next year.