Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here is Isaac the Frog.  All of our kids have worn this costume when they were two.  It's been the best costume, it can be used for a girl or a boy, and it's really warm!
We had such a fun, busy Halloween weekend. 
Thursday Emily had a Halloween program and party at school and we carved our pumkins that night.

Friday Taylor had a Halloween parade and that night a Halloween carnival, compete with dinner, games and a scary spook alley.

 Saturday we went to "Boo at the Zoo", attended a friend's baptism and had dinner and scones with our neighbors and friends, followed by Trick o' Treating. 

 All the kids have been wearing their costumes for a few days.
  Here is Emily as a princess (big surprise)!  She was dancing, singing and twirling around so this was the best picture I could get of her. 
Taylor was a scary skeleton this year.  He really scared Isaac when he put on this mask. 

Here are a few pics. from the weekend.

Posted by PicasaThe kids were thrilled with their Halloween adventures and completely exhausted.  It was freezing cold and rainy on Halloween night, so thanks to Danny for taking the kids out to get candy!
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hard at work!

Sorry about the blurry pics.
These little two year old spent some time picking, cleaning and eating carrots from Mono's gardern.  They were so enthusiastic about doing a little chore!  They are so cute when they are working!

Monday, October 25, 2010

E's Birthday party!

 We spent the rainy day together as a family.  We had Stake Conference at the Conference Center, and it was fun to take the kids.  Later we looked at pics. of Emily when she was a baby, and watched videos of when she was born and just a little baby.  She loved seeing herself so little.  She was such an adorable baby.  When Emily was born we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl.  I was so ecstatic when Dr. Jones announced  "It's a girl" after a bit of a complicated delivery.  I was so happy to have a girl and couldn't ask for a sweeter daughter.  She bring so much joy, laughter, kindness and love to our family.

We had a fun family birthday party for her.  She wanted tacos for dinner, and a candy cake with pink and purple cake.  She designed and decorated her own candy cake, it looked pretty scary, but she was thrilled with it. 

She got lots of great stuff; a tea set, clothes, art supplies and umbrella.  Here she is showing off some of her gifts. 
                                                              Some of the pics. are blurry, I have no idea why?!

Here she is this morning before school showing off her new boots, outfit and umbrella. 

We had the party at G&G' Shields house, thanks for letting us crash your place!  Goofy Grandma & Grandpa came too, and the kids always love to see them. 

Overall it was a great day with Emily, we can't believe she is growing up so fast. We love you Emily!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy 5th B-day Emily!

Today Emily is 5 years old! She has grown into such a smart, funny, energetic, sweet girl. She has so many good qualites and is a wonderful sister to her two brothers. She has really matured in the last year and we can't believe she is five already. Here are a few of my favorite pics. of Emily.

    Taylor helping the princess apply her makeup!

This orange Tu-tu was worn to shreds by the time she turned 3, she loved wearing it!
Always dressed up with nowhere to go!  She has loved getting herself dressed since she could walk.  I gave up caring what she wore in public by the time she was 2, it's not worth the fight. 
Emily is a wonderful friend, sister and cousin.  She is helpful, kind, smart and obedient.  We love you so much Emily!  We are so happy to have you in our family. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Activities

We spent this week doing all sorts of fun Halloween activites.  We visited Gardner Village and looked for all the witches,  with our friends.  The kids had fun and it was nice, warm sunny day. 

We also went to Red Butte Garden on another gorgeous warm day.  They have Halloween activites, but they are all at night.  So we just played and enjoyed the sunshine. 

These three little kids are so funny together.  Isaac and Becca are always trying to start a fight with each other, and Emily is the peacemaker in the middle!  They are so funny!

Isaac decided to get really muddy and dirty, he is sucha boy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Break Part 2

Over the weekend we went to Boise for a visit. We had tons of fun staying at Grandma & Grandpa Deppe's house. The kids love it when grandpa does his Duck voice, they laugh SO hard! We miss living near them and seeing them more often.
We had a busy weekend spending time with G&G Deppe, visiting friends, going on a hike, eating at our favorite restaurant, "Tony's", walking by the Boise river, watching the Boise State Football game, etc..
We spent an afternoon at our favorite park; Hill Road Park. We met some friends at the park and had fun seeing them. We used to walk to this park almost everyday when we lived in Eagle, we miss it!

Taylor and Sam climbed on top of this climbing rock, they are getting so old and grown up.

Here's some pics. of the Camel's Back hike. I stayed at the bottom with Isaac, but you can see the rest of the group at the top of the hill.

We love Boise, and had a fantastic trip to Idaho!

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Fall Break Part 1

The kids have Fall Break this week, which means no school on Thurs. or Friday. We took advantage of the gorgeous Autumn weather and went to "Little Haunts" at This is the Place Park. Everyone had fun riding the train, going on a tractor ride, playing games, trick 'o treating, hearing spooky stories and eating candy! This was a fun game we did, "The Pumpkin Roll".

Everyone on the train, we almost broke it- the cars were so full!