Monday, April 25, 2016

We moved our tortoise outside for the Spring, he likes his new habitat. But sometimes he still tries to climb out of it, and it's really funny. Tank the tortoise has been a pretty good, easy pet. 

In primary we've been doing the B of M Challenge. The kids have a chart to fill in and then we're doing a fun reward for all the kids too. It's been a fun way for the kids to read their scriptures! 

Lizzie does a lot of drawing and writing for everyone in the family. This particular page was for Taylor. I love how it shows them holding hands. She is really doing great with reading and writing. 

We had the Pinewood Derby last week and all the cub scouts were so excited! Isaac and Danny worked hard on his car and designed it just the way they wanted it. 

Isaac took first place in his den, and also 1st place overall! Way to go Isaac ( and Danny ) 

He was very excited and so pleased that his car did well in the competition. This race is a boys dream! 

Talyor and his friends at young men.  He has a good group  of guys and leaders. 

Lizzie and I babysit a little baby, Neve on Friday. She was 3 months old and we had SO much fun with her. Lizzie was so helpful feeding her, helping with her and playing with this adorable little baby. 

The girls doing dress-ups and playing with the foam blocks! 

Emily is really improving at Volleyball. She's getting good at serving and returning the ball. 

Now that it's Spring, the kids have been having lots of lemonade stands. They have fun spending time on the corner trying to sell their drinks, cookies and popsicles.  I think they made $11. 

Sunday night we celebrated Grandpa Shields Birthday. Also Spencer and Milly too. We had a great dinner and yummy cake etc... 

We had a fun breakfast with friends to celebrate one of my friends birthdays! It was a fun morning and fun to socialize with all these lovely ladies. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Lizzie has officially mastered riding her two wheeler bike!
She loves riding around the neighborhood on her bike and is always begging to go on a big bike ride. I love that she learned so quick and is brave at riding her bike even after she has a fall off of it. Great job Lulu!

It's so cute to see her little legs peddling so hard!

Monica & Dave welcomed a beautiful little girl into their family on Tuesday April 12th.
Jane Bauman is so gorgeous and just a perfect little baby. Her family and sisters were thrilled with her arrival! She will have lots of love in her family from three older sisters. 

Taylor is really looking like a teenager theses days. We bought him a new suit this week and he looked very handsome. I am proud of him for doing well in school, teaching ukulele, taking guitar and keeping up on everything else in his life. He's a great boy! 

Emily is really having fun at her volleyball. She has a fun team with lots of her friends on the team. She is one of the tallest girls on the team and is getting good at serving, hitting the ball etc...
It's a lot of fun watching her play! She's a natural athlete and she's going to be tall. 

Isaac has been practicing his Ripstik a lot lately.  He got this toy for his bday in March. It's a little hard to learn but he's been practicing a lot and really getting good at it! 

We've been taking some pictures of out house so I can start posting online to rent it. We will be moving when my parents move to Toronto for their mission for three years! 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Here are a few more pictures from Danny and Isaac's trip to CA. They had a great time seeing Skylar, Eden and Chloe on Sunday! 

We love our cousins! 

We had a big day in our family on Saturday as Isaac was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
He was so excited and really to be baptized! 

Isaac got a new suits, shirt, tie, shoes & belt for the big day! We got him a fresh haircut, he had an interview with our bishop and he was ready for his baptism! 

Lizzie was super excited for him and was really cute to him about the whole thing! 
We took a lot pictures because it was such a memorable day! We sure love our cute Isaac and we are really proud of him and his decision to be baptized! 

The kids were loving taking so many pictures, ha but they were good sports about it.  It was a wonderful day full of family and friends and we are so grateful for everyone that came to support Isaac! 

Danny had a big work dinner a few weeks ago at The Grand America. They had a professional photographer there to take pictures of everyone. It a nice to get a few good picture of Danny & I. It was a fun event! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Boys trip to Santa Barbara

Danny and Isaac went to Santa Barbara this week to have a special boys trip! They had so much fun! The first day they hung out on the pier and the breakwater. They visited the sea museum, ate burgers on the pier, went fishing, and then went on a  big whale watching boat. They had a blast on the boat and they saw lots of whales, dolphins, seals, birds  etc....  Isaac loved it all!

They drove by grandma wall's old house on Patterson Ave.  The next two days they spent at the beach surfing.  Danny bought Isaac a little surfboard and they spent the days in the water (with wet suits on). Danny said isaac is really a natural born surfer. He told Isaac what to do and he just stood up right away. Danny said it was perfect waves and they had so much fun! 

Eating Danish waffles after spending the day in the ocean and at the beach. 

This special trip is for Isaac's 8th birthday, we take our kids on a big trip when they turn 8. I think he was thrilled with his great trip to CA with Danny! He will be getting baptized this next Saturday. 

Here are a few pics from our week here in SLC. The kids have been loving playing outside more and having fun!

Taylor is running for Senator at his school
Lizzie loves being goofy with her friends and cousins.
Jack is the cutest boy ever!
We have been enjoying general conference and just found out yesterday that G & G Shields will be going to Toronto, Canada to be mission presidents for the next 3 years! It has been a long wait to find out where they are going . 

I love this picture of Isaac walking on the Goleta Pier. The beach really is the best place!