Sunday, January 22, 2017

Danny went to London for 8 days last week for work. He had a wonderful trip and said it's an incredible city! He had lot of cool pictures and things to tell about this trip. We missed him a lot and are glad he's home.

We had a massive snow storm this weekend. It started snowing during the night and didn't stop until about 2:00 in the afternoon. We had about a foot of snowfall. So we canceled all of our plans for the day (including a baby shower for madi & Dalton) We stayed home all day and played in the snow. Then we sat in the hot tub and did polar plunges into the snow. It was a nice, relaxing day. 

Last week was busy:
Emily had a cold during Christmas break and it turned into pneumonia
Lizzie lost her first tooth and stays busy playing endlessly with her beanie boos. She also chooses the craziest places to fall asleep. She is really into arts and crafts still and loves to create. 

Emily and her friend Sofia are doing their science fair project about what rabbits eat. They have had fun studying Joey and Gidget and working on their science fair project.  They are cute friends. 

I took the kids swimming on Martin Luther King Day. Taylor was skiing with friends and Danny was in London. Taylor was being goofy during team pics for Jr. Jazz Ball.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas break fun

Our Christmas break goes until January 9th, so the fun continues. More days sledding, skiing with the family, playing in the snow, and lots more. 

We had a fantastic bluebird day at Alta last week. The sun was out, weather wasnt too cold and the crowds were not too bad either. I skied with Lizzie on the Sunnyside lift and Danny took the older kids to the higher lifts. Unfortunately Isaac got separated from them for a while and was lost. We were starting to get frantic  when I found him on the ski lift. He had skied all the way to the bottom, got on the lift and found me and Lizzie skiing underneath the life.  We were so happy to find him, it was a good lesson and now we have a specific meeting place for everyone to meet if we get separated. 

Lizzie is doing really great! She loves skiing and doesn't want stop for breaks in the lodge like me. 

Here are the rabbits. Joey and Gidget. They are cute and are becoming friends. 

Annual Extended Shields Family Holiday party was fun. 

The kids had sleepovers after the Family party, so we met at a trampoline place the next day to switch kids back. This little James is so cute! 

The gross inversion in SLC has been horrible this month! This is a pic from up at Brett's house. I can't believe we live in that filth. 

We had a fun New Year's Eve! We went to a new Italian restaurant in Bountiful. The pizza etc... was delicious! Danny's friend from Sicily were there too so it was a really fun night! 

Happy New Year's!!

Lizzie lost her 1st tooth this week! She was SO nervous to have it fall out, its been loose for a while. It was easy when Danny pulled it out, and she was so pleased with the $2 the tooth fairy left! I love this age, it's so cute! 

I took the kids to the Nickel Arcades and Isaac won the jackpot!  He won 250 tickets on one machine! He was SUPER excited and they other kids were so jealous when they only got 3-5 tickets per machine. This was a fun day. 

More sledding fun! 

These are the piles of shoes when Taylor and a few friends come over to hang out.
Christmas break has been great! Relaxing, fun and crazy