Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween! Taylor and Emily wore their costumes all day. Taylor was very creative and made his own superhero, "Super Taylor", Emily was Cinderella, Isaac a tiger and I was a mean witch!
We went to a Trunk or Treat with our ward. They loved getting lots of candy without having to walk very far. They ate way too much candy and had fun seeing all their friends from church. These are their "scared faces".

Wow, a hug, instead of a hit or a pinch! I wish it would last.

We raked leaves earlier in the day. The kids had fun jumping and playing in them with our neighbors Rachel and Kayla.
We hope you had a fun Halloween as well.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!

We had a family party for Emily's birthday. Grandpa and Grandma Deppe came over for dinner. Emily was thrilled to have all the attention on her.

She for a new Rapunzel dress and book, rain boots, princess DVD and fake makeup and jewlery. She was delighted with it all. Taylor was a good sport and even helped her paint her nails!

The good news is Emily is finally potty training! We have been waiting for her to be interested for months. After a lot of guilt and bribing her with a Cinderella Dress and a new crown she is ready. We are all excited!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

We went to Utah for Conference weekend. We had a good time visiting family, friends and having fun! We spent some time with Grandpa Hawkins. Taylor and Emily love seeing their great grandpa and hearing his stories.
Emily loves her "favorite" aunt Natalie!
We were excited to spend some time with great Grandma Shields. She came to Salt Lake for the weekend and we had fun seeing her. Taylor and Emily always love to go to Utah, they play hard and have tons of fun!

More of Fall

We have had a good fall. Isaac is six months old now, he is getting so big! He can sit up steady and play with toys. He likes to laugh, play with his siblings and eat solid food. He is such a good boy!Taylor and Emily love going to the park. They like to go on nature walks, ride their bikes and play on the playground. They are helping Isaac learn how to go down slides.

Taylor is getting good at soccer. He really looks forward to his practices and games. He scored his first goal at his game last week!
We have been missing Taylor during the day while he is at school, although Emily has had fun playing "girl stuff"with Isaac. She likes to have him play "school" or "babies" with her, she is always the mom and he is the baby. She is such a good big sister!