Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lizzie always says funny things .
One day this week when she was getting dressed.  I had a pink shirt and a pink skirt for her to wear. She says
"Jesus doesn't want us wearing the same color." She was totally serious. I was really trying not to laugh and i asked her why?
She said "I don't know, Alli just told me that."
Kids are hilarious!! 

Lizzie is serious about her Play doh. She can play with this stuff for hours. This day we did it outside for easier cleanup.
Also Baby Jack is SO adorable! I love his chubby cheeks!
I helped in Isaac's class this week making a pillow for them to sit on and use for read a thons etc... 

We had some family pictures taken this week. The kids were cooperative even with 2 casts! My kids are so cute! I love them!

One day this week we took a couple of friends and went to the zoo. We saw all the animals, had fun with friends and rode the train. Lizzie loves the zoo and get so excited seeing the animals. She especially loves the snow leopards.
Also she had her friend "Elle the Elephant" from school and we had to show Elle all around the zoo. It's cute! 

The USA Volleyball team did awesome at the World Cup. They Took 1st place and earned a place at the 2016 Olympics!
It was fun to watch all of their matches and see how great their team is. It's so exciting that Mike coaches for them! 

Jen & Chandler were in SLC for a wedding on Thursday. They sleep at our house and then we were able to babysit cute Chloe while they went to the wedding. She is such a sweet, mellow, cute, adorable perfect baby!!! We had a blast with her! 

Sunday we went to John & Monica's house for baby Chloe's baby blessing. We had a wonderful day with family. Chloe and Eden are so cute and we really wish they lived near us. It was a great day! 

Emily started playing volleyball a few weeks ago. It's going really well. She likes it, is making new friends and seems to be pretty good at Volleyball! I am so proud of her. 

Dress up fun at grandma's house while waiting for the blood moon! These girls are very creative in their dressups!

Cute kids waiting of the blood moon. 

We watched the "blood Moon" Sunday night. It only happens every 20 years or so, and the earth casts a shadow on the moon.  It as a cool event, Isaac had been so excited for it all summer long! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The boys had appointments at the hospital this week to get their casts on their arms. Taylor chose orange, Isaac chose green.  This appt. was very stressful for me, and I almost passed out! I could not even look at their arms or at the X-rays! 

Our elementary school celebrated its 100 year birthday. There was a big celebration at the school with cake, music etc..
All kids who were attending Uintah during the year 2000 made time capsules to open at the bday celebration. So we opened Colton's and Natalie's time capsule. It was fun to see what they put inside and see their pictures etc.. 

On Saturday night the boys went to a Salt Lake REAL soccer game. We went to a friends house for a girls spa night! We painted nails, did facials, and pedicures etc.. It was a lot of fun, and the girls loved it! 

Isaac started cub scouts this week, he's a wolf and he's really excited about it! 

Here are a few random pics from the week.
Henry in his undies at FHE
Cute Jack after a meal
A cool rainbow one night this week
Our pumpkins are getting nice and big
Fall is in the air, we love this time of year! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lizzie started dance class last week. She is taking Ballet with a couple of friends and she loves it! She wanted to take her stuffed animal foxy with her to class.

Danny and I celebrated 16 year of marriage on September 2nd! We have a wonderful 16 years together. I feel so grateful to be is eternal companion. Love you Danny! 

Lizzie and some friends having a tea party and playing with magnets.
Our cute little cousin jack! His chubby cheeks just make us smile! 

Monday was Labor Day and we went to Springville to spent the day with John & Monica. We had fun at the pond near their house. We went kayaking, swimming and fishing. We caught some  trout and even took one home to cook for dinner. It was a fun day! 

The next day, Tuesday Isaac had a bad fall from the monkey bars at school and broke his right wrist. It was a really bad break, and he was in so much pain. I went and picked him up from school and almost passed out when I saw how bad his arm was.
I drove him the Primary Childrens ER really fast and we pushed him into the hospital in a kid size wheel chair.

After examining his arm and XRAYS it was decided that he would need to be put out in order for the doctors to work on his arm. We we waited until about 2:45 or so and then gave him an IV and then put him asleep. There were a whole team of doctors and nurses helping isaac and getting his arm back together.

We left the room while they re-set his wrist. I could hardly look at his arm, let alone watch while they adjust the bones. He broke both of the bones in his right wrist. 

After the procedure he woke up and they gave him a slushy while he rested. 

We stayed until the evening letting Isaac relax and making sure he was ok before heading home. It was an incredibly crazy and stressful day! I am so grateful that he wasn't hurt any worse, and I felt so bad for his injury. 

The next day he stayed home from school and we let him eat homemade ice cream and oreos for breakfast. He is a cute little boy, and I am sad that he can't play soccer, go to PE or recess, ride a bike, play ball, or jump on the tramp etc... It's going to be a long 8 weeks! 

By Thursday he was feeling better and went back to school. Although he can't write.  He tried writing with his left hand but he write everything backwards. Poor boy! 

Our adorable 2 year old cousin Eden had some fun with her bed during nap time- so gross! Sorry Jen. 

Thursday night we had our neighborhood annual "Fire & Ice" event. It's an outdoor dinner and music night.
Taylor, Emily, Danny, Lilly and Sophie played "Let it Be" and they sounded great!
Little did we know Taylor was playing the guitar with a broken arm!

Wednesday night he was playing on our swing set and fell off and broke his right arm on the grass.
He wasn't in a lot of pain and insisted it was just a sprain. So he went to school Thursday and Friday.
I took him to the Dr. Friday after school and they dod X-rays, and it was broken.
So now we have two boys with their right arms broken! This could be the worst week ever!!

I have both boys who can't write, tie their shoes, shower, open a bag of chips etc... It's really been a long, hard, tiring week.
 I didn't get any pics of Taylor's arm, but here's an Xray.

I am really hoping that this week will be a much better week!