Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lizzie had her preschool pictures this week. She looked cute and was all excited! 

We got another pet, a tortoise, named Nitro this week. Its a calm pet, and east to take care of.
Lizzie and her friends still love the dress ups! 
This week was all about celebrating Emily's birthday! Her big day was on Saturday, and we had a big birthday costume party with 17 girls! They all dressed up, we ate dinner, played lots of games, had cake, opened present, and ended with a glow stick dance party! 
Here's the whole groups all in their creative costumes.
Emily was a vampire queen and two of her other friends were the same thing. It was a lot of fun!

She was so happy her cute cousins could come to her party! 

We had pizza, salad, fruit and soda for dinner. Then we ate a giant Costco cake for her bday dessert! 

Happy Birthday to Emily! She's 10 already and we love everything about her!  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Here are some highlights from the week. taylor doing selfies with his iPod! He's really into his hair right now, and how he looks. I guess this his Jr High- right!?

Wednesday the boys had Dr. apps at the Fracture Clinic. Taylor had his cast removed! He was so excited to have his arm back! I am still constantly worried about him getting hurt again.

Cute Isaac had his big cast removed and got a shorter cast for 4 more weeks! Poor guy had a really bad break! He's handled it really well, and but we will all be VERY happy to have no more casts in a month. It's hard to no t be able to do sports, PE, write, ride a bike, play ball, jump on the trampoline etc.... It's worn me out!  Im happy they weren't hurt any worse, and have no further complications. The x-ray looks like their bone are healing great. 

Lizzie had a fun field trip to the pumpkin patch.  She had a blast and loved picking out her own pumpkin. Her preschool class is awesome!
I got to see cute baby James. He is so sweet, and precious!
Isaac likes selfies too. 

The kids had Fall Break this week so we had lots of fun. Danny went to China last weekend, and will be home in 8 days.
Thursday Isaac, Lizzie and a friend all went the Natural History Museum. It lots of fun and a perfect day, the kids like seeing all the dinosaurs etc.. 

Friday we went to the Zoo with cousins! It was a beautiful, warm sunny fall day and the zoo was fun! Cute little Henry was scared at the zoo and he kept saying
" I don't yike those animals."
He was nervous and a little scared but I think he had fun. The older kids love spending time with their cousins. We had two cousin sleepovers during Fall Break which was perfect. 

Here are a couple of pictures from Shanghai, China.
Danny rode in this bullet train from one city to the next.
He also visited the 2nd tallest building in the world. The floors were glass at the very top! It sounded very cool! 

Taylor and Emily headed to the Deep Creek Mountain range and hiked Ibapah Peak with grandpa Shields, Brett, Jeffrey & Mary!
They had a lot of fun hiking, camping, riding motorcycles, sleeping in the tent, eating junk food etc....

The hike was really steep and hard- 12 mile hike. They were both tired and sore, but said it was tons of fun! The views from the top look incredible ! I am so happy they had a fun coming trip with their cousin and am happy they are home safe. 

Isaac and Spencer love to go and explore at the Glen near our house. They could spend hours playing in the mud, water and rocks. We stayed for 2 hours and they weren't ready to leave yet. The girls had fun wading the water, and playing "Pioneers" with me. These kids are so cute when they use their imaginations and can explore outside. It makes me happy! 

This week is Emily's birthday! We are planning a fun party for her and her friends on Saturday night!
She is 10! I can't believe it! She's really growing up too fast! 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The weather has been so perfect lately. We saw this gorgeous sunset the other night from the U of U campus. 

Taylor was really hyper one night and took was being crazy with his clothes! I took a lot blackmail photos for the future.
Cute cousins Eden & chubby Jack.
Lizzie loves the pumpkin she grew in the garden.

Danny left for China today, and  he takes a lot of food to keep him full on the trip. He likes to take granola bars, nuts, dried fruit etc... He's going to Shanghai this trip and will be one for 8 days! We'll miss him and can't wait until he's home. 

We took the kids out for pizza and icecream the night before he left. We ate at Sette Bellos and the food was fantastic! We devoured 2 salads and 4 pizzas plus we all got some sweet and yummy gelato! 

After our tasty meal Danny and Taylor went to the U of U vs. CAL Football Game! It was a huge game and very exciting. They had seats not the 2nd row, 50 yard line and it was an action packed game! The U pulled off a win, and they were so happy! 

The week ended with some fun Sunday night dressups and G & G Shields house! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

We had family pictures last week. My friend, Jackie is a photographer and she took some great photos.
I was hesitant about taking photos with two broken arms, but I am happy we didn't reschedule and just had the casts in the pictures. It's definitely a  memorable time in our family.

I love these kids with all my heart!