Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend. First we spent the day at the local waterpark. Taylor and Emily had so much fun playing in the water and swimming all day. Issac didn't love the water, but he was happy nearly all day long, even in 100 degree weather!

Taylor loved going on all the big waterslides. He was very brave and even snuck onto a couple where he was too short to ride.

Then on Saturday we went to our Stake Summer Celebration party. It was a fun morning of Skydivers, breakfast, bouncy houses, snow cones, riding horses, petting zoo, face painting and more. We were thouroughly exhausted after all our fun this weekend. Time for a nap!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer fun

We have had a great summer so far. Time is going by too quickly and I wish summer would never end. We spend our days at the park, playing on the slip and slide, swimming and eating lots of popsicles. We love Idaho summers when it doesn't get dark until 10pm.

Isaac is getting so big! He is 4 months old and weighs over 17 pounds. His nickname is "The Brick", thanks to uncle Colton for coming up with the idea! He is a sweet, happy baby who entertains us all.
Emily is 2 years old and such a girl. She insists on wearing a "Princess dress" with matching crown, headband, gloves or shoes everyday! She is a drama queen, who loves to play baby with brother Isaac.
Taylor is 5 and getting ready for kindergarten. He is a great swimmer who is learning to read and write. He likes taking care of his snake "Mr. King"

Friday, July 18, 2008

hello blogging world!

I am just starting a blog for the first time. I know, I am really behind! We'll see how it goes!