Saturday, August 24, 2013

We ended the summer with an amazingly fun day!  Everyone on our street pitched in and rented a huge bouncy slide. We spent the entire day outsdide with friends and neighbors. 

The kids had tons of fun on the slide, and got really tired by the end of the day. Isaac was very brave this year, going down doing tricks and playing "King of the Hill" with the big boys!

We got pizzas for lunch, had popsicles, snacks and then our friend made cotton candy. It was really a great way to end the summer!!

The power was out in our neighborhood for 11 hours on Monday. Luckily Grandma Shields never looses power, shes on a different power source. So we ran a long extension cord from her house to the bouncy slide.

Lizzie was being goofy this day afer getting a snow cone at the shiver shack.
She looked at this dollar bill and yelled "Grandpa!"
It was so funny...I wonder which grandpa she was referring to.

School started bright and early Wednesday morning.
Isaac will have afternoon Kindergarten so normally he will go to school from 12-3,  and then walk home with the kids.
He was up and ready to go the first day so we could get pictures and walk all the kids to school. 

Here's my cute kids ready to go!
Taylor 5th grade
Emily 2nd grade
Isaac kindergarten
Lizzie home school with mom!
She was totally in school mode, and made us get a backpack out for her.  She kept waving her hand at me saying
"Bye, mom. I going to school, See you later!"
It was really cute, but she was pretty sad when she realized she doesn't go to school yet.

It was hard to get up on time. Everyone had been sleeping in until 8ish or later.  School starts at 8:25, so I was dragging them out of bed around 7:40.

Here's the group of kids who walk to Uintah from our street. It's a good bunch of kid and all different ages too.

The night before school started I was tucking Isaac into bed and he got a panicked look on his face.
He grabbed my arm and said
" I don't even know any math! Will they teach me math in school?"
It was so funny. He had been thinking about all the things he does know, and realized he didn't know enough math.
I thought it was super cute!

Back to School is bittersweet. In some ways it will be nice to have a schedule but it's been really great to have fun, relaxed care free days all summer. I am not looking forward to homework, colder weather and just more business!

The kids all came home from schoo happy.
Taylor reported it was long and boring.
Emily said it was good and she liked her teacher.
Isaac seemed happy and told me
"Mom, you know I'm the ONLY good one in my class?!"
I laughed out loud as he described how everyone else was talking, crying and not listening to their teacher. It was hilarious!

Thursday after school we headed to Springville to celebrate Goofy grandpa Wall's 65th Birthday! It was a surprise bday party, and Danny was in charge of getting him to the party around 6:45.
Monica had the "Waffle Love" truck come to their backyard and provide all the food.  The waffles were loaded with fruits, whipped cream, nutella etc... They were delicious!

The kids had a fun night, running around and eating their yummy waffle.
We love Goofy Grandpa and hope he had a fun birthday party!

Isaac and I went on a little date to Yogurtland, he was thrilled with his  yogurt covered in gummy worms. 
I love his smile, cutest 5 year old around!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last week of summer

Lizzie was sure happy about having tacos for dinner!
Just kidding, she found this sombrero at Grandma's house and wore it around one day.
She looked so cute!
We tried to fit in a lot of fun during our last week of summer, we were so busy doing stuff that I forgot to take very many pictures.
Here's a few that I did take this week.

Sunday was Polka dot day at church for Natalie and I .  It's been fabulous having Natalie home all summer, we will really miss her when she goes to BYU next week!

The neighborhood kids doing a little Yoga before bed.

Fitting in a little more swim time at the pool, and another day at Seven Peaks Water park with friends.

Here's our newest little cousin, Eden June Call.
She is such a beautiful baby girl, we are so happy to Jenn and Chandler!

School starts on Wednesday- back to schedules, homework, and routines.
It's been a wonderful summer break, wish it would last forever!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer is coming to an end

Our orthodontist does a fun picture post of the Dr. to win an ipad.
Taylor and Emily thought it would be fun to get a messy face before posting the picture on facebook.

Summer is coming to an end too quickly!
We went swimming at the local pool with friends one day.
Spending the day in a pool is a favorite activity on a hot, summer day.

We went to Mirror Lake on Saturday, and spent the day fishing, paddleboarding and eating a picnic lunch.  It was gorgeous there, so much to see. The weather was a little bit cool, almost chilly. But it was a fun day.

We caught a few fish, saw deer and 2 moose.  It was a successful day!

The big news this week is Jennifer & Chandler had their a baby girl on Saturday!!
She is our first cousin on the Wall side of the family, so we are very excited.
Congratulations Jenn & Chandler!!

This is our last full week of summer, school starts on August 21st.
Summer always goes by too fast!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


We spent a few days up at Sundance with the whole Shields Family.  G & G Shields renteda gorgeous big cabin for everyone to stay in, and we had such a fun time!
Thurdsday we arrived at the cabin and ate lunch, got settled in and then went to the community play area.  There was a huge swing, a stream, a zip line and more for the kids to play in.  They all loved it and got nice and filthy in the dirt!

These two little girls are hilarious!  They are both so cute, but stubborn and funny too.  They had a blast together!

Friday we went on a 6 mile bike ride on the Provo River Trail.  All the kids loved riding their bikes ( and scooters) along the beautiful trail.  After we went and had a picnic lunch and played in the river.  Lizzie got restless halfway through the bike ride and wanted to get out, so that was hard.

Colton and Megan and their matching cute!!

Lizzie looked so cute with her hands in her pockets, and wearing her hat all ready for the hike. 

The huge swing was really fun, it swung so smoothly!

Saturday we rode the ski lift up the mountain and then hiked to Stewart Falls. It took most of the day because we had slow hikers, and we played in the water and lunch at the falls. 

The hike was about 3 miles round trip, but it was very hot!
The kids all hiked well, Isaac got pretty tired on the way down.  Lizzie wouldn't ride in her backpack, so she walked a lot and then Danny carried her part of the way.

Everyone got into the water to cool off. The water was freezing cold and took your breath away when you felt it.  It was a beautiful trail and a fun hike!f

We were lucky to have Great Grandma Shields come too. She is always willing to do fun things and spend time with everyone. She even made a marshmallow gun right along with the kids.

We had such a wonderful time spending these few days with the Shields family!  Thanks for organzing it, G & G Shields!!!

The kids love playing with these magnets, they all have fun with them. Emily took a bunch of pictures of their creations the other day. Here's the best designs.

Danny and I went to a work dinner at the U of  U last week.  It was a dinner for the grauduating students from the Masters of Real Estate program.  The new business school at the U is  beautiful and there was a gorgeous sunset that night. It was fun to meet some of Danny's co-workers and see where he works etc. 

Danny started his new job at the U in June.  He is the Director of the Masters of Finance, and Master's of Real Estate departments.  He will also be teaching a few classes each year.  It's been such a great job so far, and I think he will be really good at it! I am so happy for him, it was a very long process to be hired at the University.