Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend in Newport Beach

We flew to California on Friday for Jennifer & Chandler's wedding.  It was a fabulous weekend full of fun wedding festivities! 
They were married in the Newport Temple on Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful day and perfect weather for a wedding.

It was great to see Danny's family and relatives who live far away.  I didn't take too many pictures, but here are the few that I did get.
(I just realized I didn't get any pictures of Chandler, so sorry!)

Jennifer was a gorgeous bride, she looked so pretty.

Grandma Lamb came from Canada, it's always good to see her.

The Newport Beach temple is amazing, it's so beautiful.

Here's a shot of all the girls in the family.

After the sealing we went to a delicous lunch at a unique restaurant in Laguna Beach.  The food was so tasty, and the party was so much fun! 

Chandler & Jennifer  had a wonderful wedding and everyone had a great time.

After all the wedding stuff Danny and I went to the beach for a walk.  It was so great to feel the humidity and walk in the sand.  Danny got right in the ocean and wanted to go for a swim.  I just waded in the shallow water, but it was cold water.

Later that night we met Derek and spent the evening with him.  We had dinner and visited and then hung out at the pool/hot tub of the hotel where we stayed.  It's always great to see Derek, he makes us laugh and we love him!

It was really fast trip, we headed back to SLC early Sunday morning.  Thanks to G & G Shields for watcing the kids for the weekend! 

Congratulations Jen & Chandler! 
We are so happy for your new life together.
Elizabeth loves riding in her stroller with her sunglasses on.  She wants to be outside in the dirt all day long.

Last week we went to the Gateway Museum with the kids.  Lizzie had so much fun, she loves crawling around playing with everything. 

Isaac is feeling much better after his illness last week.  It is good to have him not coughing and not have to do his treatment 4 times a day.  It was fun outing downtown.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here are a few pictures of Lizzie.  She is really getting her own personality and is starting to throw fits if she doesn't get her way.  It's really funny and we all laugh!

Lizzie adores her older sister, Emily.  Em carries her around now, and loves to play and help with Elizabeth.  They are going to be lifelong friends.

This is what Lizzie's hair looks like after her nap, it's wild!  She must sleep on her head!

While playing outside she ate a handful of dirt.  She threw a tantrum when I pulled her out of the dirt, she wanted to eat more!  She is a busy girl, always on the move, and keeping me on my toes!  No wonder I collapse into bed exhausted every night! 

St. Patricks Day

We had a good Saturday celebrating St. Patricks Day.  We started with green pancakes and milk, they looked gross but tasted great!

We ran errands, did projects around the house and walked up to get some gelato after lunch.  Taylor & Ryan got a large and almost threw up it was too much ice cream!

For dinner we went to Mono & Dave's house, they hosted a fabulous St. Patricks Day party!  The kids did a gold hunt and had a blast collecting gold rocks, which they turned in for candy. 

Emily collected the most gold rocks and she won! 

We have had a long week full of sickness from Isaac.  He had to go to Instacare on Tuesday, and was diagnosed with RSV.  He has been doing his treatments 4 times a day and is feeling better. 
We hope he fully recovers soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Isaac's birthday celebrations

Isaac had a busy day of Birthday celebrations! 

He started his day with some sugar cereal, and he was awake early!  He asked for an ARMY cake, so this is what we made.  He was thrilled with it, and so we were happy. 

He wanted a "real" machine gun for his Bday, and goofy grandpa gave him one, only it shoots Nerf bullets.  He loved it and shot everyone all day long. 

We went to lunch and he had big chocolate dessert all to himself. 

Isaac asked to go skiing, instead of having a party, so we all headed to Alta for some warm Spring skiing.  The kids were acting like they were freezing because they were really hot!

Isaac did really well, he was very brave and followed Danny down  the hill.

Emily made a lot of improvement, she is turning into a good skiier.  She needs her sunglasses on, it was so bright!

Taylor loved using his new poles, and was zooming around looking for jumps and powder.  He has really turned into a fabulous skiier, and even did some Black Diamonds last week at Snowbird. 

After skiing we came home and ate dinner and then had cake, ice cream and opened presents.   Lizzie likes party hats, if she doesn't realized she is wearing one.

Isaac blew out all his candles, and made a wish.  None of the army guys melted by the flames. 
He seemed to enjoy his birthday, it was a fun day!

Happy Birthday, we love you Isaac!!!

Our crazy week

We had another busy week, but it was great because it was full of warm weather. 

Here are a few random pics from our week.

Lizzie loves to be outside, and always wants to see the neighbors dogs.  She gets super excited when she sees a dog and then pants like a dog and says "doggie, doggie".
It is adorable!

Isaac has been taking swimming lessons for a few weeks.  At first he hated it so much!  He would cry, scream and yell.  After 6 weeks he is finally getting more comfortable and starting to improve! 

Taylor went on  neighborhod bike ride with some friends on Monday evening.  They ended their ride at the market to get Gelato.  We joined in and met them for FHE.  It was a fun night, and should become a weekly tradition.

Emily had to get a little orthodontic work done this week.  Here she is with her mouth wide open!

Elizabeth continues to insist on feeding herself.  This makes for a  nightly disaster, followed by a bath.  She loved her sweet potatoes. 

We had some fun afternoons at the park and playing in the yard.

Taylor did a picture of him on the fat face App. He looks so hilarious, we all laughed really hard!  He is the complete opposite of fat, and really is just skin & bones.

We are hoping Spring is near!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Isaac!!!

Today Isaac is turning 4 years old!

Isaac has brought a lot of joy, energy, fun to our family as well as a lot of frustration.  Isaac (AKA Spike or Banks) has an adorable smile and an ability to make me laugh all day.  He has a great imagination and loves to play pretend, usually army guys, or jets. As much fun as he can be, he has not control over his emotions and gets really mad when things don't go his way.  He is super defiant, a great negotiator and strong willed. 
I can only hope that these attributes will serve him well when he is an adult. 
Here are some things about Isaac:
He is obsessed with Legos right now, he loves to play them especially with Danny & Taylor.
He loves school and asks to go to school everyday.

He is taking swimming lessons, and is barely starting to enjoy his classes. He cried the first few weeks.

He loves to go to our next door neighbors house and play with all of their cool toys.  They have no kids his age, and are really sweet to invite him over.

He loves to be outside playing sports, riding his bike, jumping on the tramp, or following the older kids around.

He is still obsessed with all army stuff.

Isaac is the first kid awake in the morning, and always wants breakfast right away.

He loves Macaroni and Cheese, Pirate Booty, cucumbers, all fruit and GoGurts -he asks for them everyday.

Little buddy does not take naps anymore, but somedays he gets too tired and falls asleep in the car, or on the "Timeout" chair.   When he saw this picture, he denied being asleep.  He said he was just resting his head! HA HA

He tries my patience every single day, but he makes me laugh too!

We love you Isaac, Happy Birthday!