Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shields Reunion in Zion's

Last week we went to southern Utah and stayed in Ponderosa Pines outside of Zion's Park. We had a great time and were thoroughly exhausted by the end of the week.
We spent our time swimming, hiking, biking, playing games, eating, going on the zipline and much more.
Here are some pics. from the trip, a good time was had by all!

Ziplines and Tramp Jumping

While we were in Zion's Taylor and Emily tried the Zipline and the trampoline jumping! They had tons of fun and were thrilled with their high adventures. Here are the boys after their two zip line rides.

Emily surprised us all by trying this trampoline. She loved it and was so excited to jump really high.

While we were at Zion's last week, Emily learned how to ride a 2 wheeler! She was very brave and didn't want to be outdone by her cousin, Mary. So she just hopped on and started riding.
Once she got going she loved it and wanted to keep going. She just didn't want to go down any hills.
Great job Emily! We are so proud of you!

I love this little guy's cute smile, and how he has to be just like everyone else, even wearing his helmet on his tricycle.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandpa Hawkins Funeral

We attended Grandpa Hawkins funeral over the weekend. It was a spiritual funeral full of lots of good messages from the wonderful life grandpa lived and beautiful musical numbers. Grandpa Dave was such a wonderful example for us to follow, and we learned lots of interesting things about his life, testimony and his life goals during the funeral.

There were lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, friends at the funeral. It was fun to visit with family members we don't see very often, and see all their cute kids.

Thanks to Mono for the pics. she is the designated family photographer.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grandpa Hawkins-

My sweet Grandpa, David Henry Hawkins passed away yesterday. He was 89 and had been ill for a while. I am sure he is so happy to be reunited with grandma Vela.
He was such a kind, gentle man and a great example to all of his posterity. He accomplished many things in his life; including serving in the marines during World War II, marrying in the temple, raising a happy successful family, and sharing the gospel.
I have wonderful memories of Grandpa; being on his ranch in Wyoming, riding horses with him, sitting on his lap, riding in his truck, or eating ice cream cones on his back porch. He made each grandchild feel special, and loved.
This picture was taken last summer while visiting him. It was always fun to visit grandpa and hear his stories and ride on his saddle. My kids were always amazed at how tall Great Grandpa Hawkins is, and they loved sitting on his lap.

Here's a few more pics. of Grandpa.

Thanks for all you taught us,
you will be missed Grandpa. We Love You!