Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here's a great picture of Natalie taking a nap in sunshine at her dorm. She has the sleeping gene like dad does! Ha Ha

This week was a good week. 
 Isaac took a nap at the bottom of Grandma's stairs, he just fell asleep. We had the Cub Scout Cake Auction, and we made a sunflower cake.
Lizzie fell in love with eating pears.
Baby Hannah got a ride in the doll stroller. She is the cutest little baby!

Lulu loves her baths, especially when Danny makes hair into a mohawk!  She has long hair.

We went to the Pet store to get some stuff for Mr. King. Lizzie loves the pet store, she gets crazy hyper when she sees the guinea pigs, fish, mice and ferrets.

Isaac was invited to a "late night" at his friends house .  He was so excited and felt really grown up staying up so late.

Saturday was freezing cold and snowy, but we celebrated Easter with the Shields clan.  We had a yummy dinner and then the kids had a fun treasure hunt, plus an Easter egg hunt.  The egg hunt was in the basement because of the cold weather.
Everyone had a great time eating candy, and playing with cousins.

Elizabeth really had fun looking for eggs and then eating all her treats. She thought it was wonderful!

It was another fast weekend!
This week we are off to CA, for Spring Break!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend in Las Vegas

We spent a fun weeknd in Las Vegas celebrating Danny's mom's 60th Birthday! All of Danny's siblings and their spouses met in Vegas for a weekend together.  We dropped our kids off at Goofy Grandma & Grandpa's house on the way.
Thankyou so much to them for watching the kids all weekend!

We stayed in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  We had fun eating delicious food, swimming in the pools, enjoying the warm weather, seeing a show, riding in a limo and catching up with family.  It was a memorable weekend.

On Saturday after we swam in the wave pools etc.. we all wanted "In n' Out" for lunch. So we crammed nine adults into our minvan and headed to get lunch.  It was quite the scene, but worth it for a yummy lunch.
After we headed to the Aquaruim at the hotel, it was well done and the kids would have loved it!

That night we went to dinner at "Mastro's- Ocean Club".  The food was phenomenal, and everyone had a great time.  We told favorite memories about Wendy and all had some good laughs about funny memories.

After eating all the amazing food, we headed to the MGM to see "Ka- the Cirque de Sole" show. 
We decided to go in a limo instead of several Taxis!
Can you tell everyone was excited?!

Danny and I have never been in a limo-it was tons of fun!
We felt like real celebrities.
Thanks to Adam for treating everyone to the Limo- it was definately a memory maker.

It was a fabulous weekend, that went by way too fast. 

Happy Birthday Wendy you are a wonderful mom,
Mother In law, and grandma!

Now back to real life.

The kids had another busy week.  Lizzie's latest funny thing she says is when she wants to have a "tea Party"- she calls it
"Mom, I have a pee party!!"  It's super cute and we always laugh.

This girl still loves Nutella! She goes crazy with her hands and mouth for any nutella she can eat.

Taylor and Ryan had fun serving at teh YM/YW etiquette dinner last week. They dressed up and helped served dinner, and drinks etc..  They thought it was fun.
Also the kids and their neighborhood friends are busy working on making their fort.  They love digging, building and gathering stuff for their fort/clubhouse.

Emily did this cute project at school about what she wants to be when she grows up.  She said she wants to be a zoo keeper and make $100/year.  It's fun to see her future plans.
We are so ready for the warm spring weather!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Isaac's Birthday weekend

This cute five year old had a fun filled Birthday extravaganza weekend!!!
Isaac had an awesome friend bday party Friday afternoon with 12 friends! They played games, had cake/icecream and watched part of "Madagascar 3".  Emily and Mary helped coordinate the games etc.. which was so helpful.
I just did everything Isaac wanted, he planned the whole party, and it worked out great!
He is a popular boy!

Isaac originally wanted a bday cake in the shape of a
"lowercase i" -he was super specific about it. Then he saw this huge chocolate cake from Costco and changed his mind.  It is a gigantic cake!

After the party, he had fun playing with his new toys, while Lizzie ran around in her swimming suit over her clothes.

Isaac had his Kindergarten shots this week and was limping around because his leg hurt.
Later in the afternoon he said
"I think I need a wheelchair-I can't walk anymore."
I reminded him that if he couldn't walk he wound't be able to ride his bike, jump on the tramp etc... Then all the sudden he was healed!

Then on Saturday we headed to Springville to spend the day with goofy grandma & grandpa.  We went to lunch and spent the afternoon at their house, which was lots of fun!

That evening we went on a tour of Aunt Natalie's dorm room, and had dinner with her.  It was great to see her, we miss her living nearby!
Sunday was his actual birthday. They sung to him in Primary, his teacher gave him a special treat, and we had a little family party that night for dinner.  He wanted pasta, salad & bread with more chocolate cake!

Thanks to friends and family for the wonderful gifts Isaac recieved!  He was completely spoiled!!!

We love you Isaac and can hardly believe you are five!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Happy 5th Birthday Isaac! It's hard to believe you are already five, and old enough to go to Kindergarten in the fall.
Isaac was a cute baby, and our biggest baby.  He was 8lbs. 1 ounce when he was born.  He was a mellow, happy baby who gots tons of attention from his older brother and sister.

Here are our five favorite things about Isaac.

1. He gives the world's best hugs.  When Isaac gives you a hug, he hugs with his whole body! We call them "head hugs". He nuzzles his big, head into your head and then squeezes as tight as he can. Sometimes they actually hurt, especially if he catches you off guard.  I get several hugs a day and I love it!

2.  Isaac is a kind boy most of the time and he is a good friend.  He has learned to share, and get along well with others.  He is especially kind to Lizzie, he helps her, plays with her and looks out for her.  He is a great big brother!
Isaac is a passionate guy, he is either really happy and all is well, or he is angry and raging mad. He is learning to control his emotions more, but sometimes he has these huge fits and gets so mad.

3. Isaac is smart a little boy.  He is constantly asking questions about where things come from, how things grow, how words are spelled etc.. He likes going to preschool, learning new things, and starting to read.  He is a quick learner and will be successful in school/work in the future.

4. Isaac is a helpful boy. He is willing to run errands with Danny or me, help make meals, play with Lizzie, clean the bathroom, fold the laundry etc...
 He really wants to help, and I love it!
I love this age because everything he does he  does it happily and he thinks it's fun!

5. Isaac has a wonderful smile and a contagious laugh.  When he starts laughing really hard, it's hard not to join in with him. He has a funny sense of humor and is telling and making up jokes a lot.  I love his smile!

Happy Birthday Isaac, we sure love you!!!
We are so grateful you are a part of our family.

We had a family birthday party for Elizabeth on her birthday.  She loves donuts and is obsessed with "Frosty the Snowman" so we skipped the cake and made donut snowman kabobs.  She thought they were wonderful and happily hate a few donuts with her cup of "milky".  We sang "Happy Birthday" as well as "Frosty the Snowman", and she sang along to both.

Lizzie chose "Trix"for her bday breakfast.  She got an adorable apron from aunt Monica, and it matches her zebra PJ's perferctly. Thanks Mono!
More pictures from the party.
Lizzie got lots of great gifts; clothes, sunglasses, book, new purse, and a color wonder book.  She loves coloring with markers but can't be trusted to not color her own body.

Lizzie loves these plastic, princess shoes.  She digs them out and wears then around the house all the time, but on this afternoon I let her wear them outside.  It's so hard for her to keep them on her feet and walk at the same time.  But she is determined to keep them on!  All in the name of fashion!
She's so funny, and impossible to deal with about her clothes/shoes.  I just give in.

The weather was warmish on Friday so we took some friends and headed to the zoo.  It was nice to get outside and let the kids run around. 

Friday night I took Emily on a little girls night.  We did some shoe shopping for Emily, and then got ice cream.  It was nice to spend some time alone with Emily, she is such a sweet girl! I definately need to do that more often.

She was happy with her milkshake, but wanted it to be bigger!  Ha, that girl has quite an appetite.