Sunday, June 30, 2013

June fun!

Another fun week of summer has come and gone.
This week Taylor had Basketball camp at East High every day, which he loved. Emily had an art camp at our neighbor's house which she loved too!
Lizzie is eating her way through a lot of popsicles, so are the other kids too.
She found this old princess swimsuit that was Emily's and it has become her uniform. It keeps her cool, but she can feel like a princess in it- so its perfect!!

Aunt Natalie moved back to SLC for a few weeks, and everyone was excited to see her!
She's babysat a couple of times and it's always a fun night when Natalie is her to watch the kids.
Little Hannah is the cutest baby ever- she's growing up too fast.

We went to Seven Peaks with Mono and her girls and with Natalie.  It was a fabuous way to spend a really hot day!

The weather really has been SO hot, it's been over 100 degrees for a few days in a row now.
The only way to cool off is to hit the pool.
We went swimming at our friends' house on Friday.  They have a diving board, which makes for lots of fun jumps into the water.  Emily and Isaac each jumped off the diving board probably 50 times each! They were so exhuasted that night! It was a great day to spend with friends.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

We had a fun swim day with the cousins at B & T's pool.
It was so wonderful to see Natalie, Darla and Turner visiting from WA.  We really miss them!

The kids loved playing, swimming and hot tubbing with their cousins.

Another day we went to Seven Peaks and this is the outfit Lizzie demanded to wear to go swimming.
She is a very dedicated princess, no matter the situation.

Another big event this week was Emily getting her ears pierced.  She decided to wanted to get them pierced a while ago, so we headed to the mall.  She was very brave and looks so grown up and older with earrings! It was a fun date night with my Em!

We also had Cub Scout Webelos camp this week. Tayor went two days, and I went with the boys for one day.
It was a perfect weather and the boys were well behaved.
Their favorite activities were swimming, shooting, archery and row boats.  It was a long day, but fun to spend time with Taylor and his buddies.

Emily helped her friend Charlotte with her Lemonade Sale this week too.  They were happy to stand on the corner selling cold drinks and popsicles.

Our neighbors put a Zip line in their back yard.  Yesterday Danny helped get it all ready to ride.  The kids were anxiously waiting in line to have their turn.  It was a lot of fun!
Even Isaac had a few turns, and he was so scared, but did it anyway! I was proud of him and glad he didn't cry!

Summer is going too fast, we are having a blast! I wish it would last forever.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

We are in full swing of summer now!
Which means Lizzie wears her dressups all day everyday unless, she's wearing a swim suit. She loves playing with her cousins.
Grandma Shields made salt dough and had the kids design their favorite B of M story out of dough.  The kids liked this activity and had fun thinking of ways to create their story.

Isaac is struggling with staying up late, not sleeping in - this results in him throwing a massive fit about 3:00 in the afternoon and then falling asleep on my bed or in the car.  This day he had a few friends over for a water play date and then fell asleep after they all left.  He's a challenging five year old boy, with lots of personality!

We hiked to Enisgn Peak one day this week. The weather was perfect, nice and cool.  The kids loved hiking, and even Lizzie wanted to walk instead of riding in her backpack.  She is very stubborn and determined, so she was carried in my arms a lot of the way, while I had the backpack on my back. She insisted on wearing a ballerina outfit on the hike, What a little diva!

These are pics of Lizzie reading.  She looks at books and then says "I reading" and explains everything that she is reading!

Saturday was a fun day, we went to American Fork for the Ukelele festival.
Taylor performed at the Open-Mic competition.  It was all adults except him and one other  boy. Taylor played
"Here Comes The Sun" by the Beatles and he took 3rd place!!!

He won a ukelele and had a lot of fun!  Taylor really loves playing the ukelele and practiced his song so much in preparation for the competition.  He has only been playing for one year, and has made a ton of improvement. He is talented in music.

He did great, we are all so proud of him!

Another busy, fun week of summer break.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Start of Summer

Hello Summer!
School got out on Tuesday!
Taylor and Emily both had great years in school. The excitment was high as they came home from their last day at school. They all played with friends, stayed out late playing night games, and then wathched a movie at a friends house until 11pm.  It has a been a fun, busy week, but exhausting too. 

The kids went to a "Napoleon Dynamite" birthday theme party.  Taylor went as "Rex" and Emily was "Deb".
Thanks to Aunt Mono for helping make Tay's awesome pants! It was a fun party, full of all things "Napoleon".
The rest of the week was full of swimming at Seven Peaks, riding bikes and scooters, lots of popsicles, a day at the Skate park, playing with cousins and friends and cooling off in the water fromt the kiddie pool and sprinklers.

Taylor and Jeffrey slept on the trampoline on Friday night with some friends.  They stayed up late playing cards with a lantern, and then were awake at the crack of dawn.
They seemed to think it was great, but they all looked tired!

We are all so happy it's summer!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May celebrations

We had a good week, full of lots of fun celebrations.
The ward Young Men and Young Women had a fundraiser service auction.  The kids loved buying popcorn, cotton candy and other treats.  We bid and won on a handmade wallet, babysitting with one of our favorite babysitters, Clara
(who Lizzie insists on calling Carla), and squash lessons.

Danny celebrated his 37th Birthday this week.  We had dessert with the kids and then went on a date to Market Street for a delicious dinner! After filling our bellies, we went and did a little shopping for some new work clothes for Danny.  He just got a new job and will be working at the U of U now. He is excited for a change and we are so happy for his new adventure in his career!

Our house projects are coming along, we have the roof on, and the siding, facia, soffit, and gutters were getting worked on this week. Our house is getting a more modern look, which we are happy about!

Emily and Taylor had their last soccer games of the season yesterday.  Emily scored a goal! Next year Isaac is going to play soccer too.. It will be a crazy time with 3 kids playing.
Here she is giving some cool poses.

The big event this weekend was our good friends and neigbhors the Reed Family is home from Ireland for the summer!!!

The kids were all so excited and happy about them coming back to the circle for the summer.  They made banners, and posters, and filled up water balloons to throw at their car.

Here's all the girls already busy playing in Sophie's house.
It will be a fabulous summer with their family on the street!

Here's Isaac and Jessie- who he absolutely adores!!
Isaac stayed up late to he could see her, and then gave her a huge hug! He gives the worlds best hugs.
This week summer begins- we can't wait!