Sunday, May 15, 2016

May is busy

This month has been rainy with lots of crazy storms. On Monday we had a bug thunderstorm and hail storm. 
It was fun to watch except that Lizzie is terrified of thunder & lightning. She freaks out when storms come. 

After all these storms we had nice, warm weekend. Lots of sunshine and beautiful sunny days. 
Lizzie & Allison played In The kiddie pool with pony's and princesses. They thought it was great! They are super cute and such good friends! 

Lizzie and I had a special Bike ride / picnic/ park date on Friday. We biked to a local park, played on the swings, slides etc... And then had fun picnic o. The grass. It's super nice that she's in her 2 wheeler now and can go in real
Bike rides! She likes long rides too, she doesn't get tired. I'm proud of her for being a great biker! 
The kids on the street have been busy making a clubhouse! I love when they all get busy creating and playing together- girls & boys! It's a fun group and they all seem to get along. We are getting SO excited for summer!! 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

We had a nice weekend and a great day celebrating Mother's Day! The kids were all so cute with cards, pictures, origami, good behavior etc.. Taylor spoke in church about Mother's and that was really awesome! He did a great job. I wish I could slow time down right now and freeze my kids at this age. Each of my kid are so special and have so much to give. I love them each individually and am excited to see what they become in the future.
We were lucky to have G & G Shields over for a big breakfast before church. Danny cooked a delicious meal and it was a fun start to the day. 

Lizzie's note from school to me for mothers day said she loves me "because I let her have sleepovers with her cousins." 

I love this group of kids with all my heart! 

We had a fun dinner at Brett's house for Mother's Day.  

Lizzie had the cutest Mother's Day tea party at her school on Thursday. They sang songs, made us a gift, and we had a picnic tea party! She was so excited about it and loved the whole thing! I love this age with Lizzie! Can't believe she's five years old already! 

Saturday Isaac had an awesome soccer game.  He played goalie and no one scored any goal on "Isaac- the brick Wall" that's his nickname. He likes soccer a lot and is having fun on this team.
Taylor is still obsessed with his hair and things it's so magnificent. I think he's a cute 13 year old boy! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lizzie is having so much fun at her dance class with these cute friends. Every Tuesday she has her ballet class with Miss Jenni, and then we rotate house to have a lunch playdate! Lizzie loves these days and always has tons of fun with her friends! 

Isaac's most recent magnet creation. All the kids really enjoy building and playing with these magnets. 

Here's an old picture of Danny. We found a box of old photos in the attic. Taylor looks so similar! 

Danny and I had a work event with his MRED students this week. He has a great group of students. 

These cute cousins like to walk to this skateboard swing and play! It's such a great swing! 

Emily has got a great group of friends at school! This makes me so happy to see her with a fun group. She went to a Bday party at Fat Cats this week. She said it was a blast! 

Having a real tea party at Grandma's! 

Our Saturdays are mostly spent running from one sporting activity to the next. Isaacs in soccer and emily is really loving her volleyball! Both teams are doing great and improving!

The kids had fun rapping and doing skits at G & G Shields house on Sunday night. 

The tortoise and the hare, Joey & Tank! These are out cute pets sharing a snack of dandelion greens.