Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas is almost here!

This week was another fun, busy and crazy Christmas week.
We went downtown to see the lights at Temple Square with our friends The Halls, for FHE. It was a fun, cold night. The lights are always so beautiful and it's the perfect activity to get you in the mood for Christmas!

Here's our house all decorated for the holidays. I love getting Christmas cards from friends and family.

We hosted Lizzie's preschool at our house this week. We read Frosty the Snowman and made snowman crafts. The kids played and had fun too!

Taylor had an orchestra concert at school on Thursday. He plays the violin at school. He did great and they sounded good. It was fun to see him play, they don't bring their instruments home to practice so this was the first time I'd heard him play.
He is great at music! Taylor plays the Ukelele, piano and violin. He really enjoys music and seems to learn to quickly!

We had some snow storms this week. The kids love to go outside and play in the snow.

They made two snow walls and made lots of snowballs too, then they had a giant snowball fight, boys vs. girls. They loved it!

The snow really makes it feel like Christmas!

This is the cutest card Isaac made for Taylor. He made him a gift at school and on the card wrote "to my Talyor family, from Isaac W." It was so sweet, and he was very proud of his gift and card.

On Friday night the older kids had their annual Christmas cousin sleepover and G & G Shields house.
They love this sleepover and really look forward to it!

They have tons of activities planned; games, dinner, going to get gelato, hot tubbing, opening gifts, crafts, decorating cookies, watch a movie, and sleep under the Christmas tree. They all had a blast and came home tired and happy!

Thanks to G & G Shields for having such a fabulous party for all the kids!

Saturday night was the Shields Family extended Christmas Party in Midway, UT. We had dinner, a talent show and visited with cousins, aunts, uncles etc... It was a fun night and an entertaining party.

We love all these Christmas festivities, they really get us in the mood for Christmas! 
Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

We love December!

Last week we had some friends over for dinner. We had fun making Christmas trees and decorating then with candy and frosting   Yummy, the kids loved this idea, it was great!

Here's the finished trees, covered in snow (coconut).
The Neg N' Nog was last week, but we didn't go. Here's the classic family picture from the party!

On Monday we had Monica's girls over to play. Lizzie and Allison had fun entertaining themselves with sunglasses and princess gowns. They are hilarious when they play together, I love listening to their conversations. This age is magical.
Our elf, Elfie has been busy reporting to the North Pole each night. Lizzie loves Elfie and runs to find him each morning.

Wednesday Lizzie had school at her friend's house. They read "Snowmen at Night" and made snowman snacks. Lizzie loved it, she is still obsessed with Frosty The Snowman.
I had Isaac's friends for a few hours, so we went Mcdonald's to play. The boys had fun playing and eating lunch. They are a funny group of boys, they keep me entertained.

Wednesday night was our Relief Society Christmas Dinner for our ward. I was helping with the party and dinner. We decided to have an Ugly Sweater party, and "home for the Holidays" theme. The party was also for the Young Women. It was a fun night, but I didn't get many pictures. We had dinner, had a photo booth, we did a service project, had hot chocolate and treats and a short program with a musical number. It was a fabulous night, but I was exhausted after!

Friday after school we went to our local store to see Santa Claus. Lizzie was terrified as usual, so she stayed in my arms the whole time. The other kids visited with Santa and we got a picture.

This particular Santa is very kind, and sweet. The kids were thrilled, and it was a fun outing for everyone. Lizzie even survived and gave him a wave when we left.

Saturday was a crazy, wild day. We delivered neighbor and friends gifts all morning, ran a few Christmas errands. Then Taylor and his friend, Nate worked on their Science Project in the afternoon.
Danny took Taylor and Emily to the BYU vs. UofU game that night, while I wrapped gifts.
It was a successful week, but I am tired and need a nap!
Christmas is coming too soon. Happy December!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December is here

We got our Christmas tree last weekend, but didn't put it up or decorate it until Sunday night. This year we are trying something a little different for our Christmas tree. We bought a Norfold Island Pine Tree. We got small one because we are keeping it in our house after the holidays and hopefully having it be big and tall by next December. It's a pretty tree and the kids thought it was fun but a little weird at first.

We had a fun evening decorating the house and putting lights and ornaments on the tree. Then Taylor read a few books to the kids including "The Elf on the Shelf".  Our Elf is named Elfie, and he keeps the kids in good behavior!

There was some snowfall this week, which means the kids stayed out late in the evening playing in the snow with their friends. They built a huge snow fort, and then had some hot chocolate at our neighbors house. The weather this week has been bitter cold! The high temps have been about 22 degrees, so at night the weather is unbearably cold! But these kids don't mind it.

When all the older kids were getting their snow clothes on Lizzie went and got ready too. She chose a hat, an orange TuTu and her snowboots. She insisted this was her snow suit and wanted to go outside like this. She looks just like Edith from Despicable Me.

She's been doing some funny things this week.
She was running on the ice and totally fell on her face, instead of crying she rolled on her back and said " That was fun, I like ice!"
I was so glad she hadn't been hurt.
Also the other day I was in the bathroom getting ready and she started saying "You're not mad-right mom? You're happy?!" She repeated this a couple of times in her sweetest voice. I went into her room to see her writing all over the wall and her dresser with a pen, while she was holding her coloring note book in her hand!
She knew she was doing the wrong thing, but didn't care! She's frustrating sometimes but so cute.

Here's the bookshelf Taylor and Danny built last week. It turned out great and is perfect to hold all of Tay's stuff.

Here's Lizzie at school this week. They talked about the Polar Express.  She really loved her school!

Thursday night the kids participated in a program at "This is the Place Park". It was the St. Martin's Lantern Parade and program. The sang with lanterns, walked around, and we listened to a great talk by Elder Uchdorf.  It was a wonderful event, but SO freezing cold!! The kids were popsicles by the end so we headed home as soon as it was over.  We all had frozen toes, fingers etc.... It was a good experience but not so fun when the weather is only 10 degrees.

Danny and I met for lunch at Einstein's this week. We ran into a few of our friends, so we took a picture to show their husbands. It was a fun lunch.

Saturday morning was our ward Christmas breakfast. It was a yummy brkfst. with Santa, music and the whole neighborhood.

Right after the ward party we drove to Midway in the snow to go ot the Hawkins Family Christmas party. It was a Polar Express theme, with chimes, Bingo, games, lunch etc...

The kids had fun with their cousins, the food was delicious and everyone had a great time! It was a cold, and snowy day so I was happy that we were driving in Danny's truck.  We love family parties!

We love this holiday season and are really excited for Christmas!!  Happy holidays!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving and birthday weekend!

We had a fun, wild week. Starting with a girls lunch at Blue Lemon, it was fun and so delicious! Here's the girls having fun eating their food and playing.

The kids had school off on Wednesday and we spent the day at the Childrens museum while Danny and Taylor built a bookshelf for his room. It was a nice relaxing day.
Thursday was Thanksgiving!
We went to G & G Wall's house for the day. We spent a fun holiday with them. The dinner was so yummy. We were all so full we could hardly even eat pie. Thanks to them for having us over!

Emily made these cute pilgrims for the centerpiece. Monica had the tables set so beautiful, it was a great day. The weather was warm so the kids could play outside and get their energy out.

Friday was my 36th Birthday! It was black Friday so we hung out at home and avoided all the crowds! We went to dinner with the kids at the Habit. It was a fun time, I feel so grateful and happy to be the mother of these four adorable, special kids.
After dinner Danny and I went to the Jazz game with Dave and Monica,  to celebrate Dave's bday too. We sat on the 12th row, it was fun, even if the jazz are really bad!
Thanks for the tickets Baumans.

On saturday we did some chores around the house, decorated for Christmas a little bit, and spent some time with the Shields fam. We watched BYU/U of U football games all afternoon and then went bowling with everyone.

Everyone had a blast bowling. Especially Monica, she bowled 5 strikes and beat everyone! Apparently she is a professional bowler! Go Mono!
The kids all had fun bowling, and loved spending time with their cousins. We missed those in WA!

After bowling we headed back to G & G Shields house to eat a yummy Mexican dinner. We celebrated the birthdays of Dave, Derek and myself.
Happy birthday guys!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend and feel so grateful for all our blessings! We are looking foward to the Christmas season. December is today!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

We had a free morning this week so I invited a couple friends and we went to the gateway Museum with the younger kids.  Isaac and his friend Ollie loved the Helicopter, and the hospital. 

Lizzie and her friend Nellie, loved driving in the car and playing in playhouse and grocery store. It was the perfect way to spend a cold morning.

They begged me to let them try the hurricane simlator. Lizzie was too scared to get inside, but these kids thought it was fabulous.

We had a fun day with cousins at our house too. These kids are so funny together. This day Isaac and Becca played board games, and Lizzie and Allison played house. Then they all had a dance party to Christmas music!

We made a gratitude tree for FHE this week. The kids had fun decorating our tree and writing their blessings on the leaves.
Then in primary at church they made gratitude turkeys, complete with feathers etc...
I got a change of calling today at church and am in the Primary Presidency now as the 2nd counselor.
I am excited to be in Primary with my kids and happy to serve with the other ladies called.

Danny took Taylor and Emily to a U of U basketball game last night. They saw Monica and Dave there, sounded like it was a fun game!

Here's Elizabeth playing at school with her friends. She must wear a skirt over her pants ( or a princess dres) every single day. It's a cute phase but sometimes annoying.
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this week!!