Sunday, March 27, 2016

We had Spring Break this week. We started out the week with fun with cousins, cooking, and Lizzie learning to ride her two wheeler! It was a good day, then the next day it snowed 6 inches. We decided to head downtown to see the new church museums and check out the visitor centers etc... It was a fun afternoon.

Tuesday evening all the kids headed to Springville to sleep at G & G Shields house. They woke up the next day and rode to Southern Utah in their fun motorhome. We spent the weekend at the Zion Ponderosa park. We hiked, rode bikes, sat in the hot tubs, swam, and had tons of fun!!!

The scenery is spectacular in Zions! We love the red rock, with then trees, greenery and beautiful blue sky! It was nice to spend a few days together and enjoy the weekend being outside. 

We did a few hikes, one was to the Emerald Falls pool and waterfalls, it had gorgeous views, the other hike was to Observation Point. to overlook the Angels Landing hike. The kids all hiked great and were all worn out by the end of the day.

We drove home Saturday night and unpacked, etc.. to get all ready for Easter!
The kids woke up to an Easter bunny scavenger hunt to find their easter baskets. The got candy, treats, toys, and new swimming suits for the summer. 

We attended church and then after had a fun dinner, and giant Easter Egg hunt and G & G Shields house. It was a blast! 

The kids got lots of candy at the egg hunt, and then we celebrated the March birthdays for Isaac, Allison, Henry & Jack! 

We are grateful for out Savior and love celebrating this wonderful holiday on Easter Sunday! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Isaacs birthday

Isaac had his 8th birthday this week! He is getting so old and really growing up! We love him so much!
He wanted waffles for breakfast, and ravioli for dinner. We celebrated a couple of days early with dinner, dessert, gifts etc.. because Danny had to leave town for work.

We sang Happy Birthday as Danny played on the guitar.  Isaac wanted ice cream sandwiches for his dessert and he was thrilled with his celebrations. 

We love so many things about this cute boy. His smile, his sense of humor, his love of facts and science. He is a smart, athletic, talented boy.
He got clothes, shoes, and a ripstick from us for his birthday. 

Isaac was the most adorable, sweet baby boy! I am so sad he's not a little guy anymore. 

We had a great weakend. We finished celebrating Isaac's bday with a trip to the zoo, dinner at the Habit, and then on Saturday we all went swimming. Emily brought a few friends and we also brought cousin Becca. 

While we were in cold SLC Danny and Taylor were having a blast in Hawaii!
Danny had some meetings at BYU- Hawaii and he decided to take Taylor with him so spend a fun week in the sunshine on the island of Oahu. 

They went to the beach, attended the temple in Oahu to do baptisms for the dead, ate out, went surfing etc... They had a wonderful time. 

I am so happy that Taylor went with Danny on his trip and I was a little sad I couldn't go. I love that they are having fun spending time together. 

The party continued at G & G Shields house after Sunday dinner. All of the kids LOVE playing dressups. Henry loved his cowboy hat and Lizzie looked great in my 30 year old dance costume.
Love these kids!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cute girls with Taylor!

Lizzie had a super week. She had 2 birthday parties to attend, lots of playdates, school, and a fun day at dance! She loves to wear his headband every single day. We also went to the zoo with cousins and it was feeling like spring this week. 

One of the bday parties was a cowgirl, pony party. They all rode the pony and had matching hats and bandanas. They were all so happy and excited. Lizzie has a fun personality and a great smile! 
We had no school on Friday so we took advantage and went skiing! The weather was gorgeous, nice and warm with blue skies! The snow was a little slushy, but it was a terrific day! 

Emily and Isaac have really improved this season, I can hardly keep up with them . It's fun to see them doing so well and gaining confidence on their skins. We've had a lot of fun at Alta this year! 

We all have so much fun skiing, but I think we'll be ready for Spring!