Sunday, September 30, 2012

Isaac and Becca have been having a lot of fun doing crafts lately.  This day they were creating with Play Doh, and loving it.
Isaac is really into taping, gluing, cutting, drawing and using anthing from the recyclable or garbage cans.  It's really pretty funny!  He will dig around in the garbage and pull something out, and say "Can I use this to a make a rocket?"
He's gone through two rolls of duct tape, and lots of paper etc..  It's a cute stage, and he's happy to be creating. 

Taylor & Emily also have fun creating and doing art. Our friend and neighbor has been doing an art class with the kids at her house, and the kids all love it!  She teaches them about an artist and then they create their own masterpiece. 
The kids love eating ice-cream cones, luckily its still warm enough outside so Lizzie can eat hers without her clothes on.  She usually makes a huge mess! 

After the kids all played with their swords all week, Danny made a tiny sword for Lizzie.  She was thrilled with it, and knew just how to hold it.  She is a very observant, daring and dangerous little girl. 

Elizabeth is saying a lot of words now, but her most recent phrases are 
"No, go away" ( while holding her arm out to you)
 and "Mine ,Mine" (in a whiny voice)

Here's a kid pyramid with some of our friends/neighbors.

This weekend we took a drive to see the beautiful fall colors in the mountains.  The kids all love driving in Danny's truck, they think it's extra fun. 

It was a gorgeous afternoon and a great way to spend Sunday.

The weather has been so perferct, but I know fall is coming.  I wish it would stay this warm forever!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last week at our house we had a very busy week.  Our time was filled with school, playdates, soccer, scouts, music lessons, and fun with friends.  Danny has been working 12+ hours a day, which means we haven't seen him much.  Luckily this week should be a little less crazy.

Lizzie and her friend Hazel came with me to Costco, they were so cute. Everyone thought they were twins, too funny!

Isaac and his friends love to play with these magnets.  They create all sorts of cool things, and have lots of fun. 

One of the tomato plants in our garden is really taking over, it;s huge!  It gets bigger every night and is producing lots of yummy tomatoes!

Lizzie is obsessed with playgrounds and parks lately.  If we drive by a park, and don't stop to play she starts yelling.  Luckily we have a fun playground  right in our own backyard, which she uses daily.  She is talking really well, her favorite workds are "Hi, No, Mine, Bite, doggy, etc.."  She also says a few sentences like:
"I want to get out!"
"I need a bite" (while standing next to the treat cupboard).
"I need a puppy"
She's learning new words everyday, and is such a fun girl!

Elizabeth has discovered Emily's plastic princess shoes, and she adores wearing them around.  She looks so cute, and loves to wear the dressups also.

Here's Isaac and his friend dressing up.

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The best part of our Saturday was having Danny home all day!
( he's been working on Saturdays)
The kids had asked a while ago if he would make them swords.  So he went and got all the supplies and made the kids plus their friends these cool swords.  It provided lots of fun and entertainment on Saturday.  They were so cute as they all sat patiently waiting for the glue to dry, while Danny assembled their swords.

Today was a nice Sunday, because of the Brigham City Temple Dedication we had no church, which means Danny had no meetings!  He made yummy Ableskivers for breakfast, filled with jam, nutella, or chocolate chips. The kids ate so many, and  it was fun breakfast! 
Hooray for a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Pictures

Our talented sister in law, Erin took some family pictures of us this summer. 
We went to Park City, at the big barn.  The kids were really crazy and uncooperative.  Taylor had just broken his arm two days before, so the sling blends in perfectly.  We
managed to get a few decent photos.  Here are some of my favorites.
Thanks so much Erin!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Emily had her first soccer game last week. 
She is on a team called "Girl Power" with a few of her good friends.  She is liking it so far, and played well at her game.  I hope she has great season.
Saturdays are extra busy now with Taylor & Emily playing soccer, on opposite sides of the city. 
They are such cute girls!

All about Lizzie!

This is how Elizabeth wakes up in the morning.  She has a huge "rats nest" in her hair every single day.  It takes some detangler spray and a lot of combing to get the tangles out of her hair each day.  She looks so funny in the morning as she tries to eat her breakfast with all her hair in her face.  She is almost done growing her bangs out, it's a long process but so worth it.

I love how sleepy and snuggly Lizzie is in the morning, she looks so adorable in her PJ's with crazy bed head. 

I take tons of photos of Lizzie on my phone every day, because she does the funnniest things, and she always looks cute.  I am basically obsessed with taking pictures of her at every chance I get. 
She is at the funnest stage, she talks well, throws massive tantrums,  communicates with other people, plays games and loves to be in charge.  She stole Danny's hat and loved playing with it one night after church.

Lizzie loves to eat!  She will eat all of her meal and then steal food off of Isaac's plate.  She was chowing down on this corn on the cob, and wouldn't let go of it until the very last kernel was eaten.

She's really had a growth spurt this summer. At the Dr. last week for her 18 month checkup she weight 24 pounds and was 98% on the growth chart.  Plus she just grew out of all her shoes, I need to get her some ASAP.

I love my little Lizzie Lu Lu.

We all adore her so much!
Here's Isaac on his first official day of preschool.  He loves school so far and is doing great!  He gets really tired by the evening on the days when he is playing, crafting and busy at school.

We had a fantastic neighborhood party last week.  It was at our church parking lot, and it was a blast!  It was a chili dinner with salad, bread and fruit (provided by Emigration Market/Harmon's) and then there was a chili and homemade ice cream contest.  The contest was judged by the chefs at the market .
  The firetruck came and sprayed all the kids for 30 minutes with their huge hose.  All the kids went crazy for it, they loved every minute!

Other activites incuded a live band and open microphone (for those who wanted to share their talents), face painting, kids games and crafts.  It was a great event, and hopefully one that will happen every year.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We had a great weekend in Park City.  We decided to take the kids and spend a night in a hotel for the long weekend. 
It was a lot of fun, and everyone had a great time!

The best part about where we stayed was all the fun pools and hot tubs.  There were six hot tubs and a huge heated pool.  The kids swam and played Friday night and  Saturday morning.  Even Lizzie liked the warm hot tubs.

After swimming we headed over to the Alpine Roller coaster/slides, and trampoline exhibits.  Everyone picked their favorite thing and it was fun to watch the kids flip on the tramps etc..

It was nice to get away for a day, and enjoy spending time together.  Danny has been working so much, and he deserves some time off!

Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary! We celebrated by making dinner with our four wonderful kids. 

I am so happy I married Danny, he is an excellent father, husband, and friend.
He is an amazing spouse!
(I love seeing how little Natalie was at our wedding, she was only 5 and Colton was Taylor's age.)

I love you Danny!

This week was busy with school, soccer, cub scouts, etc..  Our days and afternoons are schedule and we miss summer!
Lizzie refuses to eat in her high chair anymore, she prefers the floor or walking around.  So I got this little table for her to eat.  She prefers to eat with Isaac or Emily. 

Here is Lizzie getting ready for Nursery, she is such a little diva! 
She loves her sunglasses, and thinks she looks so cool in them.

We spent a fun day at the zoo with the cousins.  Marc & Natalie are moving to WA this week. So we were trying to fit in a lot of cousin time with them.  We had a fun dinner and all went to get Gelato ( but I took no pics.)

We will miss you guys!

Isaac and Turner played in the sprinklers, apparently they both need to wear belts with their swimming suits!
I love how while Isaac's skin is, he is so pale!

Lizzie loves Baby Darla, when they went to hug and kiss, they both stuck out their tongues. So sweet!

We will really miss Turner & Darla!!
( Also Marc & Nat)
Good luck in WA, and come visit soon!