Sunday, November 18, 2012

This week was Spirit Week at the school for Taylor and Emily.  They had "crazy hair day", "80"s day", "Pajama day" etc..  They had fun dressing up and having fun! 
Emily came up with her 80's outfit by herself.  She looked great!

For  "Crazy Hair Day" Taylor had 4 tiny ponytails and Emily had 9.  We all decided that Taylor looks a lot like Lizzie with his hair like this. 

Isaac made this Indian headband for his Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool.  He was all excited about the feast, and had fun learning about the pilgrims and Indians.

On Saturday we went to the new store Scheels to see what it was about.  It's a gignatic store, and with a huge ferris wheel inside.  We all had fun exploring the store, there's tons to see and do.  Lizzie liked trying on this racoon hat, she wanted to buy it.

We did a target shooting game, and everyone took a turn.

This life-size bear terrified Lizzie, she started crying and would not get near it. Scheels is a fun store, but too big to really shop in.

It was a good weekend! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Wow, we really had a snowy weekend! 
The snow started to fall on Friday morning, and it snowed all weekend.  Finally stopping and clearing out for good on Sunday.
The kids came home from school and played in the snow all Friday afternoon.  They went sledding, had snowball fights, snow angels; but mostly they worked on building snow forts. 
This project kept them busy for hours. 

After playing all day Friday I would think they would want a break, but they were all outside again at 8:00 AM Saturday morning!  Again they worked on their snowforts with their friends/neighbors.  It was a fun way to spend a snowy Saturday.  They all took a break to come inside around 11:30 and warm up with hot cocoa and a yummy brunch at our neighbor's house.  Then they started out again and played until late in the afternoon!

Taylor and his friends really have a good plan for building strong snowforts.  The only problem is the snow kept falling, so it would cover up their fort.

Lizzie didn't last so long in the snow.  She liked it, and had fun playing in it.  But she doesn't like to wear her gloves and her hands get freezing. She looked so cute walking around clumsily in the snow with her little boots and snowsuit on.  She even tried sledding and really had fun!

We measured the snow in our front yard and it was up to 17 inches high!  Perfect for building a huge snowman( not pictured). 

Between shoveling the sidewalks, making hot cocoa, and putting on all the snowpants, coats, hats, boots and gloves multiple times a day we had a busy weekend!

Isaac talked about the letter "P" last week at preschool. They made apple pies one day at school.  He was so proud of his little pie, and was nice to share some with his siblings. 
He is still trying to take multiple vitamins a day so he can grow up faster.  He really wants to be 16 so he can date his dream girl, Jesse. It's super cute when he talks about her, he gets all smily and happy! His first crush is on a girl ten years older then him! Ha Ha

I have to brag about my wonderfully talented husband. 
We needed a little end table in our family room, and Danny had just learned how to weld.  So he made this table and the lamp!  His welder is getting lots of use, and we are coming up with other projects for the future.
Thanks, Danny!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


We had a fun week full of Halloween celebrations! 
Lizzie was such a good helper at the costume store, trting on all these wigs, and hats.  She was super mad when I wouldn't let her buy one!
She has inhereited Isaac's balance bike, now that he rides his two wheeler. She loves wearing the helmet and pushing herself on the sidewalk.  She looks super cute in her tu-tu!

We had a giant Halloween Party at G & G Shields house the night before Halloween .  Everyone dressed up and we played games, had a yummy dinner with witches brew, had a dance party with glow sticks etc.. It was a blast! 
Thanks for Colton & Megan for thinking of the idea.

Here's the guys; Dave is a Rubix Cube and Danny had a mullet hat/wig with tattoo sleeves.  They both looked awesome!!
Some of the kids were scared of Danny because they didn't recognize him.

Here's some of the rest of the adults. 
All the kids looked great!  They were all thrilled to be weating their costumes and to see their cousins/friends in their costumes!

Taylor rocked it at this eating donut off a stick game, everyone loved this game.

Here's a picture of the glow sticks while dancing in the dark to '"Ghostbusters" and "The Monster Mash"
The kids jumped, danced and sang the while dance.  It was wild!!!

Lizzie had been obsessed with this tu-tu, she wears it over her clothes almost everyday. It's adorable!

On Halloween at preschool Isaac had a program.  The class sang some songs, did poem and a parade.  It was really cute, and he thought it was wonderful!
Here he is with Mariah (Aerial) his friend.
Isaac loves school, he asks every night before bed
"Do I have school tomorrow?"
His teacher and class are perfect for him!
Then in the evening everyone got back into their costumes, but this time Emily decided to be a vampire Butterfly.  She did her own makeup, and was happy to look a little scary.

We had a fun neighborhood dinner with soups/salads/bread at our next door neighbor's house.  It was a lot of fun and everyone had a grand time! The weather was nice and warm, perfect for an outdoor dinner with friends!

After dinner it was off to Trick -O - Treat. 
Lizzie loved getting candy, but wanted to stop and eat each piece. 
So she stayed with Grandma while we hit the streets for a while with the older kids. Isaac and Emily were running from house to house.  Taylor was too, but not as much.  He's doing no candy no soda all year to earn $ money.  He is saving for an IPOD touch, and arranged to earn $100 for the year. 

We stayed out late eating scones, hot cocoa and candy in our neighbors garage.
 It was fun, exhausting day! Happy Halloween!

This is Lizzie getting herself ready for church.  She took off her regular shoes and was clomping around in these plastic Aerial shoes.  She was determined to wear these to church, and looks pretty thrilled about the idea of it in the picture! 
She cracks me up!