Sunday, July 28, 2013

We had a busy week catching up on things from when we were in McCall.  The kids had fun playing with their friends...and I was busy with chores, and filling the fridge and cupboards with food to eat.

Our roof was finished a while ago, and I never posted pictures. Also Danny hung a new door, door frame and put wood above the door entryway.  We got a new light, painted the address sign, and Danny installed a new wood post too.  I like how it turned out, and am happy to make our house more modern.

Lizzie keeps us thoroughly entertained with all of her crazy dressups.  This was her outfit one day when it was over 100 degrees, she loves her fur vest!

Elizabeth for a haircut this week. She has never had a haircut, and she hated it! She screamed and cried the whole time. I held her on my lap and had to hold her head still so the lady could trim her hair, ugh!
What a nightmare, but she looks cute with her new haircut. 

Emily and her friends keep themselves busy making forts, and dancing while wearing Emily's old dance costumes.  Lizzie was thrilled to have then dress up with her.  She thought it was great!

Here's another one of Lizzie's outrageous outfits, with her diaper hanging out of the back! She strutted around like this all day.
Ha Ha!

We had a fun Pioneer Day, we had a BBQ at G & G Shields. The kids swam in the hot tub with ice blocks to cool it off.

We went to the Gateway Museum with friends this week too, the kids loved doing the hurricane simulator. They all laughed the whole time!

Another fun week of summer...wish it could last forever!

Monday, July 22, 2013

McCall, ID- summer vacation

We just got home from a wondeful week in McCall, Id.  We had tons of fun and loved spending time with Grandma & Grandpa Deppe!!

We had beautiful weather and were busy all week. Everyone came home relaxed, happy and a little sunburned.
I took a lot of pictures, so here's what we did all week.

Danny's mom and stepdad just built this amazing cabin in McCall.
It was so gorgeous inside and out, and was really comfortable and nice to stay in.  Lizzie kept calling it a "castle", it was super nice!

Monday we got settled in and ran to the grocery store, went on a bike ride and then spent the afternoon/evening at the pool. There was lots of pool time on this trip! After dinner we went to ice cream Alley and ate tons of ice cream.

Tuesday we packed up and headed to the Payette lake, we rented a paddle board for the day and everyone had fun using it. The lake had a nice sandy beach, so the kids swam, played in the sand, jumped on the water trampoline, paddle boarded and it was a blast! Even Isaac paddled by himself, and Lizzie loved going on rides with Danny.  The lake water was pretty warm too.

Here's Isaac wearing a BYU shirt and and a U of U hat! Ha Ha
His best quote from the trip was
"what even is a Canadian anyway?"
The pool area was super fancy and nice!
The pool was huge and really warm and the hot tub was nice and hot-and it was gigantic!
Plus there was a stocked pond for fishing with canoes etc.. to paddle around in. The kids loved it there! We swam there for hours...

Lizzie loves to swim and is pretty crazy in the water. The kids played good together and had fun swimming, diving and entertaining themselves in the pools.

On Wednesday we left Lizzie at the cabin with Grandma Deppe  and we went Kayaking on the river.  We rented two kayaks and spent the day on the river.  We packed a lunch and ate on a beach on the way. We fly fished all the way along, and caught a few fish.  We saw a river otter, and heard a huge moose. We didn't see it, but some other people told us what it was.
It was a gorgeous day to be on the river, and such a fun outing with the kids. Thanks to Grandma for tending Lizzie -she would have hated being in that boat all day.

That night after we ate dinner we went down to the beach and had s'mores.  The kids ate lots, and then we walked around the docks and saw the sun set.  It is so beautiful in the evening on the water!

Thursday we packed up and went to the Upper Payette lake to do some serious fishing.  The kids all caught some fish, and we even brought some home for dinner.  We saw a snake, deer and lots of squirrels.  That afternoon we headed to the pool and stayed there until dinner time.

By Friday Great grandma Lamb and all of Danny's extended family had arrived from Canada and CA, and we rented a boat for the day.  It was great to get some boating in, and the kids loved tubing. Lizzie thought she was captain of the boat.

Friday night we had a big taco dinner with everyone and then had fun visiting with Danny's aunts, uncles and some cousins.

Lizzie had a scary fall on Friday evening. She was in the back of Danny's truck and Taylor opened the door, while she was leaning on it. She fell on the asphalt and scraped her face really bad.  She was so sad and super tired from not napping.  We felt awful!
I took her back to the cabin, and had her checked out by Uncle Dennis (he's a Dr.)
 and she fell asleep and slept for 13 hours.  Poor girl, she still looks beat up.

It was wonderful to see Great Grandma Lamb. She and the kids visited a lot and Lizzie just talked and talked to her. It was cute to watch.

Saturday was our last day, so we did more of the same, fishing, swimming, time at the lake and it was great!

We had a birthday Party for Grandma Lamb, she is turning 90 this year!  We had a delicious tri-tip/trout dinner, the cake and ice cream, games, gifts etc.. She is in great health and seems to be a lot younger for 90.
After dinner we had a fire and all sat around visiting until late at night. The kids talked Danny into having a burping contest with a few cousins. It was hilarious to watch and Danny won!

The kids stayed awake until super late so they all slept in Sunday morning, we slept through 9 am church.

All the kids are happy and want to come back so bad next summer!

We were so happy to get some pictures with Great Grandma Lamb. She is such a great example to us, and we love her.

Thanks to G & G Deppe for inviting us to their cabin, we love them so much!
We are already looking forward to going back next year!
We love McCall!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here's the highlights from our week.
We went swimming with friends a couple times this week.  The kids all love swimming and everyone comes home tired and happy.

Danny bought the kids new U of U hats.  Lizzie's is pink
(of course).  She was sporting it around all day, even at breakfast!  She is such a cute girl, but really stubborn and strong willed.  She makes us laugh a lot.

This week she decided she has a crush on Taylor's friend, Logan.
Logan is 11 years old, and whenever she sees him she yells
"Logan, Hi, it's me Ewizabeth." It's the cutest thing ever!
The other day she was talking about Logan and she says
" I like Logan, he's yummy!!" It was hilarious!
Everyone had a good laugh about that, including Logan.

We headed to 7/11 for free Slurpees on thursday.
The kids wanted waffles with nutella, berries and whipped cream for dinner one night this week, it was a hit! Especially for Taylor.

Apparently it was cow appreciation day at "Chick Filet"
So Emily and her friends all dressed up like cows and went to eat for free twice in one day. They thought it was tons of fun!
Isaac went on a date with his crush, Jesse to get a snow cone. 
 He was in heaven!
This week we head to McCall, ID, we can't wait!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July

We spent a day at the pool this week.  Lizzie was asked to be in the newspaper article about wearing sunscreen.  They took some pictures of her while she said "I don't want to be in pictures."
It was funny. We had a great afternoon cooling off at the pool.

We had a fun 4th of July.  We started out at the neighborhood bike parade and breakfast.  I forgot my phone so I took no pictures!

Later we headed to Springville to eat lunch at Goofy Grandpa and Grandma's house.  We had a water fight with water balloons and water guns.  The kids had a blast!

After we went to Provo for the annual Hawkins 4th of July party! 
We had a great night seeing family, friends eating dinner and watching fireworks. 

We are so grateful to live in this free country!
Happy 4th of July!