Sunday, September 19, 2010

Funny Family Pics.

We took some family pictures this week, thanks to my wonderful, talented sister Monica for helping us!
It's impossible to get good pictures of our kids, they usually do these goofy, huge cheesey smiles, or they won't look at the camera. Both Taylor and Isaac were not in a very cooperative mood, despite a lot of bribery!
Here are a few of the funny moments we caught on camera! Taylor decided he wanted to wear a Halloween mask, so we let him!

Here's Isaac being his usual funny self.

Emily decided to pick her nose as a joke, perfect timing!
Finally Isaac started giving some smiles. He was really sweet and happy for about 3 minutes. He has such a happy, fun personality I really wanted to capture that in a pictures. Luckily we got some adorable smiles from him.
All in all it turned out well. We got the pictures I wanted to get, and everyone left happy to go get a treat! Thanks again, Mono!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching Up

We have had a busy month with the kids back in school. The kids are happy and busy with all their activities. Taylor's soccer seasonjust began , and he just started Cub Scouts, Emily is doing dance again, and Isaac is spending a lot of time playing by himself (which is good for him)!
Danny and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary on Sept. 2nd. Marrying Danny was one of the best decision I made, and I have been happy for the past 11 years. He is a wonderful spouse, father and my best friends. Love you honey!
We actually celebrated a couple weeks early with a fun night away to Park City.

We went to "The Music of Led Zepelin" performed by the Utah Symphony at Deer Valley. It was a gorgeous summer evening, and we packed a picnic dinner and had a fun evening. We stayed at the Marriott Summit Lodge and slep in until 10am, it felt so good!
Thanks to mom and dad for watching the kids overnight.

In other news we are expecting baby #4 in March! We are so excited to have a new addition to our family. I have been feeling sick all summer and have had NO energy! I am due on March 10th, which is Isaac's Birthday. I am 15 weeks along and am starting to feel a little better, so hopefully the time will go by quicly!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emily starts Pre-school

Emily started Preschool this week. Her first day was on Monday, and it was a rainy, cold day. It was the day to bring parents, so today was her very first day by herself! She was nervous, but did great and went all alone, a huge relief for me. She is wearing her field trip shirt, and showing her school bad provided by Miss Margaret. She has lots of friends in her class, and will have a great year learning at school.

She is growing up so quickly, we love you Emily!

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