Sunday, September 28, 2014

We spent some time in the mountains this week. The scenery is so gorgeous, with the leaves changing colors and the sky so blue.
This day we went to Silver Lake with friends, the kids had no school on Friday so it was the perfect outing for the day.

The weather was warm but not hot and it was a beautiful day!

We saw two moose, chipmunks, fish and lots of birds. It was nice to spend the day outside enjoying nature.

One night last week we went on a Elk Drive to see lots of Elk. The kids had fun spotting the elk, we saw quite a few from out car. Lizzie does a really good elk call, and loves to use her binoculars. It was gorgeous where we went near Jeremy Ranch as well.

Danny took boys and their friends on an outing to see Apache helicopters. He has a student who flies them in the Army and he let the boys come and explore the helicopters. They LOVED it!
Another week of Fall has come and gone.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lizzie Lu Lu begs to go to the zoo everyday now. Her favorite animals to see are the Big Cats. She begged enough that we went again this week with friends. She LOVES the carousel and we had a fun day enjoying the beautiful autumn weather at the zoo.

We had our annual Fire & Ice ward/neighborhood party this week. It's a chili and homemade ice cream cookoff. It's a really fun event, with live music, yummy food, the fire truck comes and everyone has a great night.

Here are some pictures from the summer I got from Monica this week. She has a super nice camera, and I love getting pics from her.

Cute Isaac!
 Off for another week of fun and craziness!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lizzie started school this week. I can't believe my baby is old enough to go to preschool. I  miss her when she's at school but I know she's learning and growing without me.

This spunky three year old started preschool this week. She goes Tues/Thursday in the morning for a couple hours. She was SO excited, but nervous and scared too. She loves her school at Ms. Lisa's house and is having fun learning.

We went to the zoo with cousins this week. We had a blast seeing all the animals, eating lunch etc... It's starting to feel like fall, it was a gorgeous sunny warm autumn day.

Danny and I are doing weekly one on one dates with the kids. Taylor needed new soccer cleats, and socks etc... so we shopped at Big 5 and then got a treat at Baskin & Robbins. I am in shock that Taylor is in 6th grade. I remember 6th grade really well, and I'm feeling old. He is a good boy, smart, nice and talented in music, sports etc... He has a small problem eating his food without making huge mess! Love you Taylor!

Taylor and Grandpa Shields hiked Deseret Peak last week. It's about a 10 mile hike and it was a great day for them. They said it was rainy and cold up top. They had a fun day together and were really tired and sore after.

Last Sunday after church we packed up and headed to "The Land" to camp for Labor day. It's a wonderful place to camp, the kids loved it! We had fun with the family and Great Grandma Shields came too. She's 87 and still enjoys camping!  How great is that? Here's some pictures from our time at the land.


We walked out to the point to see the sunset, it was so beautiful! The sun was just setting and the light was perfect.

The kids had fun on the rope swing, playing in the dirt, gathering wild flowers, catching lizards, eating and making s'mores, playing with cousins, sleeping in the tent etc... It was kid heaven!


It was a great way to spend Labor Day!