Saturday, August 30, 2014

School started Monday morning. It was an early morning full of mixed emotions. We have a lot of kids in the walking group this year! They are a cute bunch of kids.

Here are the kids all ready for school.
Isaac is in first grade!
Emily is in 3rd
Taylor is in 6th grade this year.
It's fun having all three at the same school. I hope they have a fabulous year at school. I miss them so much while they are gone, and Lizzie really misses them!
She asks about them all day long.

I'm sad that Isaac is at school all day now. He is growing up too quickly!  He is turning into such a good boy, and he's too cute!

We walked the kids to school and waited outside with them until the bell rang. Off  they went!
I love these kids so much!

Lizzie earned a lunch at "Old Mcdonald's" by having a lot of potty training success!  She loves playing there and begs to go all the time.
She had a really hard time the first day of school, she REALLY wanted to go with the kids.

Here's some pics from the week.
-Lizzie and her friends.
-We had a big breakfast one day this week before school with our friends on the street.
-Isaac sleeping with his pants off.
-The kids had a huge read a thon in our basement with a bunch of friends one night. They all read for a long time, it was quiet in the basement.

The kids love playing with Joey and dressing up in crazy dressups.
Life is good!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We had a wonderful last week of summer. I think we are all in denial that school is really starting. I wish summer could last forever!  We spent a fun day at 7 Peaks with cousins and friends. It was a perfect day.

Lizzie continually keeps us laughing. She insists on wearting her googles when she takes a bath. We went and did some school shopping. Everyone got new shoes/clothes for back to school.

Lizzie and her friend Nellie. These girls have fun together. We love having lots of friends and great neighbors on our street!

Thursday we had our ALL day street party. The kids were SO excited. We had the bouncy slide from 9am-dark and the kids played on it all day long! It was really the perfect day and a fun way to end our summer!

This week also brought a lot of rain showers and rainbows. Danny built a stage with the young men for an Eagle Project. The girls had fun dancing on it. And Isaac got to go to the Zoo with Mono and her girls.

Natalie & Richie had their first wedding shower/party. It was at our neighbors the Randalls house. We had a delicious dinner and then visitied with friends and neighbors. We are so excited for them to get married in October!!! They are super cute together.

The big news this week is Emily got a dwarf rabbit for a pet. It's her first pet and it's so cute! He is names Joey, and she adores him.

All our neighbors and Emily's friends came over to see Joey. They all think he's so soft and cute.

Eden was here this weekend. She's so cute and we all love her! We really wish she lived closer, and we could have her at our hosue everyday.

Grandma Deppe came to visit this weekend. We had fun with her, and the kids love to spend time with her. She took the kids school shopping and we all had fun! We miss living near her in Boise, ID.

We had an amazing summer!!!
I'm sad to see it end.
Tomorrow school starts it's going to be an adjustment for all of us!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Elizabeth is finally potty training. She has not been interested at all until now. She's doing great and we are all so happy about it. She starts preschool in 3weeks so it's perfect timing.  She really wanted a rainbow snowcone for doing her potty training.

We went on a fun fieldtrip this week downtown with cousins. We went to the church museum, visited Grandpa Shields at his office, and played at the Playland at City Creek. It was a fun day and everyone had a blast!

Happy 1st Birthday to Eden! She was here on her birthday for dinner and we had a yummy treat for her. She is the cutest little girl! We love Eden!

We spent a day at Seven Peaks with friends. The kids love going there and it's a great way to spend the day.

We came home from Seven Peaks changed our clothes, and headed to the Zoo for the Member's night Sunset. We went to the zoo with Danny, ate dinner there and had a fun night together. The zoo is all remodeled and really nice. Lizzie wanted to ride the train so we did. These summer nights are the best!

This weekend Danny surprised me with an early anniversary get away. We went to Deer Valley Friday night. Jen & Chandler watched the kids, which was SO nice of them. Saturday we slept in, went to breakfast, then headed to Jordanelle for a day of paddleboarding. It was so fun and relaxing and wonderful to spend time together. We have been married for 15 years! It has gone by really quick. Love you Danny!  Thanks for a fabulous surprise.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

We started the week off at the Aquarium, it's pretty new to the area and we haven't been there before.
The kids liked it and had a lot of fun!
They were so happy to see cousin Eden there, she's the best!

We saw a cool 4 D movie about Great White Sharks. It was a fun experience, there's water and cold air that blow at you throughout the movie.

The kids had a massive shaving cream fight one day this week. They put on goggles and their swimming suits and had fun spraying each other and then playing on the slip n slide. It was so hilarious to watch!

 These are my favorite days of summer- letting the kids play and have fun together.

Lizzie and her friends having a tea party.

Danny took a bunch of boys to the cool petstore in Bountiful to see this HUGE snake. The boys loved it and had fun.

Friday night we went boating at Jordanelle, with Kerrie & Crew and Natalie & Richie. It was sich a gorgeous night, perfect and so much fun to be on the lake.

Boating is such a fun activity for the whole famiy. We love it!

We are happily soaking up all the summer fun we can. School starts in 2 weeks, we're all getting sad.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The big news of this week is Natalie and Richie are engaged! They are so perfect for each other and super cute together. Natalie decided not to serve a mission in Sweden, and marry Richie instead.

The kids have been having a lot of fun- with their friends. Playing games, water fights, jumping on the tramp, snacks etc...

We hit Hollywood Connection this week with Teresa and her kids. Lizzie LOVED the carousel ride. She did this ride at least 15 times, and insisted on going on this cat with a fish in its mouth everytime. She was cute and had tons of fun!

We had a fun weekend, trying a yummy restaurant in SLC called "Spitz" . The food was delicious, and they have fun games on the table. We'll definately be going there again.

We went to the local pool with a few friends on Friday. Pool days are my favorite! The kids are super happy and love swimming all day long!

Jen texted me these adorable pictures of Eden. They are moving this week and Eden has been "helping" pack. She is the cutest little 11 month old. We really wish they would move to Utah!

More pictures of Cute Natalie.

Danny took the kids to the aquarium yesterday. Lizzie loved the touch tanks.

Danny and the boys went to the Demolition derby last night. They loved all the crashing cars, and thought it was tons of fun!
Summer is going by too fast!