Sunday, May 25, 2014

This is the crazy, fun time of year when each child has programs, performances, concerts, plays, talent shows etc... at school.
Emily had her play this week it was about "Hansel and Grettel" and how they make better food choices. It was so cute and Emily had a lot of fun!

We've been going on long bike rides. Isaac especially likes to go for long rides. He is a good little biker.
Lizzie is into wearing Isaac's sunglasses everywhere she goes, even to church!

We had a big project competed in our backyard this week.
Danny's getting his woodshop. It turned out nice, and he's so excited to move all his tools into it.

Danny took the three older kids camping Friday and Saturday. I stayed home with Lizzie and we had a blast. We went to the zoo with our friends, went on a long scooter ride, played house, watched Frozen, went to a cousin bridal shower etc... She had fun getting my undivided attention for two days and I enjoyed a little peace and quiet.

A few more pics from the week. Taylor and some friends at the shiver shack getting snowcone with ice cream in them. Yummy!

The campout looked really fun too!
Taylor, Emily & Isaac all learned to ride motorcyles that Brett had brought. They thought it was fabulous! Now Taylor wants his own bike.

Everyone came home filthy dirty, exhuasted and happy from the weekend of camping. It was a successful trip.

Happy Memorial Day tomorrow!!
We stopped at the cemetery in Orem on Saturday to see Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins graves.
We miss our grandparents and other family members and friends who have passed away.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

 This week had beautiful, warm weather. We decided to go to the zoo before it gets too hot and too crowded in the summer. They just opened the new Lion Exhibit, so we wanted to see that too.
Emily wanted to come and Isaac had no school this week (because of Kindergarten assesments) So I pulled Em out of school and we had a fun day at the zoo with cousins!


The kids had lots of fun seeing all the animals, and we wore them all out. They were hot and tired by the time we left.

When we got home the cement work for our new garage was being poured. It was an exciting afternoon watching the cement mixers come and pump all the concrete to our backyard.  Danny is building a wood shop in the back yard. It's an exciting project!

Emily has been going ot Activity Days every other Friday. Last week they planted a garden. She has lots of fun at these activities with her cute friends.

Lizzie likes to chow down on oranges at all the Saturday Soccer games.

Our cute neighbor was having a garden party Sat. night. They were making these cute flower headbands. She invited Lizzie over to make one before the party started. Lizzie loves going to see "Carla" her name is Clara, and she's 15 but Lizzie calls her "Carla".
She was so happy with her flower hearband, she took it to bed with her.

Only 10 more days of school! Summer will be here before we know it!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Yesterday was Mother's Day. It was a wonderful day and I felt spoiled. The kids and Danny made a delcious breakfast. We attended church, Isaac had a part in the Sacrament Meeting program, and the kids sang songs with the primary. After church we hung out played games and the had dinner at G & G Shields.
I feel grateful to have these four beautiful children call me "mom".
Motherhood is a hard and challenging calling, but I love it! Being a mom really is the best!

The kids made cards, poems, cermaic bowls, and butterfly crafts for me for gifts. They were all so heartfelt and I loved them all!

Danny snapped a few pictures before church.
I love each of these kids so much!

I am blessed to have a wonderful mother as well as mother in law's. These women are each terrific examples of motherhood for me.

Happy Mother's Day to all women in my life!

Our friends and neighbors the Ensign's invited us to their condo at Snowbird last week. We went up and had a yummy dinner, went swimming in the warm pool, sat in the hot tub and sauna, and ate dessert. It was so much fun!
All the kids loved swimming, but Lizzie was crazy in the pool. She has no fear, and is a wild girl. She loved standing on Danny's shoulders and jumping into the pool. She's in swimming lessons right now, but I think she needs daily lessons not just weekly!

We had soccer again. Isaac had a fabulous game! He scored 6 goals! Their team won 11-0. He was very happy and excited!  He's a cute boy. Danny and I assembled the mother's day gifts for the women in our ward. It was a fun project late Saturday night.

Emily and I went on a date this week. We bought her a new outfit and this adorable hat. Then she wanted frozen yogurt. She got her braces off this week, and now has a retainer she wears at night. She is going to have gorgeous teeth in a few years! She's such a good girl and I love spending time with her.

Our tulips are finally blooming in the front yard, I love them!
Danny is building a garage/woodshop in the backyard so we had this tree removed. It looks lonely and empty with the tree gone, but it will be built soon enough.

The kids had their Art Night Friday at the school. We went and looked at all their art projects. They have done some cool art this year! Emily and her friend Kate wanted their faces painted, and they turned out awesome. When Lizzie saw it she said
"I want a face like Emily's!"
It was a fun outing, and the kids loved it.

Here's my little piggy. She loves to eat!
Her favorite book this week has been " The Lion King" she carries this book everywhere, sleeps with it, and we've read it 20 or more times. She calls it "Simba"
I love spending time with Elizabeth, she's always making me smile!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We cut some lilacs off of our lilac bush yesterday. They are gorgeous and smell so wonderful! I love this time of year, everything is blooming, green and beautiful.

Isaac had his Tanner Dance performance at school on Friday. He was so cute dancing and running around all happy. He has had a  great Kindergarten year. His teacher Ms. Anderson is a wonderful, sweet teacher. Isaac has really grown a lot and learned a lot too!

Lizzie and her friend made a fort in and played in it for a while. She is cute playing pretend with her friends. She loves to play Frozen, have a tea party, help cook, color or paint and ride her bike.

We had a lunch at Mcdonalds this week. Lizzie calls it "Old Mcdonald's" She likes her hamburger and spicy drink!

I love little Lu Lu and am so happy she's with me all day. I am getting sad to have Isaac in 1st grade in the fall. We will really miss him! Everyday when I drop Isaac off at school at 12:15 Lizzie says "I miss my brother, Isaac"
She loves her siblings!