Sunday, January 26, 2014

We had a good, normal weel this week.  The kids have been busy with school, projects, sports, music lessons, scouts etc..
Lizzie has still been obsessed with her crown, Aeriel dress, wings, and her princess sword. She carries the sword down the back of her dress so she always has it on hand.
The other day she was called "Your highness" by a woman at the store, she later told me
"I'm not a priness now, I'm a highness"!! She is so stinking cute and funny. Had to laugh at that comment.

Last sunday we had a birthday dinner to celebrate all the January  bdays ( there are 5 people with January bdays).
Colton was cracking everyone up with his weird sweat pants, we all laughed so hard at him!
Taylor has been improving at Basketball, he had a good game this week. He likes his team and is having fun.
Lizzie had a puppet show at her school this week.

Here's the highness after her snack of a nutella sandwich. She loves to lick the knife clean.

Here's Lizzie and her friend Milly having a princess tea party.

We had a fun weekend. Danny and I went to movie Friday night, which is always a wonderful treat!
Then Saturday we headed to Alta to go skiing with the kids. Lizzie stayed at Grandma Shields house, but before we left she had her fun with some skiis.
She was happy to be a Grandma's and it was so nice to not have her.

It was a gorgeous, clear blue sky day in the mountains. It was really nice to get out of the yucky inversion.
Tayor, Emily and Isaac all did a ski school class in the afternoon. So Danny and I went skiing together - it was a fun day date. We met up with Colton, Megan, and my dad and skiied together all afternoon. It was so fun! We had the best time. Then after the class was done we skiied a little more before heading home.

It was  such a nice way to spend a cold Saturday. Everyone came home tired and hungry.
This week is February, we can't wait for Spring!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here's Lizzie favorite Chritmas present- her umbrella. She hauls this around her everywhere and insists on sleeping with it lately.  She will be thrilled in the spring when it actually rains and she can use it outside. She cracks us up, and makes us laugh ( and get really frustrated) with all of her demands!!

Here is Elizabeth as she is walking to church, she demanded to bring her sword, sunglasses and wore her crown to Nursery. She wanted to fend off the bad buys in her nursery with her foam, pink sword. She loves her cheetah coat, and it matched her crazy outfit perfectly!

Emily and Isaac were excited to get a package in the mail. They painted these at the pottery store in McCall over Christmas break with Grandma Deppe. They turned out great and it was fun to get them home.

Here's Lizzie at her play school with her friends. This week they were at Milly's house and they talked about snow.

Taylor and Danny got to go skiing last week for a day. Here's a couple pictures the resort photgrapher took of them.
'Taylor is really into skiing lately, and we need to get the other kids on the hills more.

Here's sleeping beauty. She hasn't been cooperating for her naps as much anymore, which means she falls asleep in the car often.
The other day she wanted a snack so I gave her hummus with pita bread. She was eating it and then walked into the other room, then came back and said "mom, I need to get some more pita in my mouth"!  We all laughed, how she needed the food in her mouth.
Onto another January week!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


This week was a struggle, back to school, schedules, homework, scouts, lessons, practices, making lunches etc... But we survived and feel like we can tackle the rest of january.
Emily and her friends had a tea party for their American Girl Dolls. They were cute and had fun playing with their dolls.

These two year old girls LOVE playing house, princess and dolls. They pack their purses full of toys and stomp around the house in their plastic princess shoes! They are pretty funny to watch, Lizzie loves her cousins. She loves them so much that she calls them "my sisters!" It's wonderful living near family.

This wonderful cough syrup helped Lizzie sleep better last week when she had a cold. It's a natural medicine and it has melatonin in it, which helps with sleep. It was great!

Emily has been into playing with cups. She does this cup song, and then stacks a bunch of cups up like this. I found 10 or more pictures on my phone of cups that she took. It's a fun hobby I guess.

We turned bath time in to swim time this week with goggles.  They had fun looking under water and swimming in the bathtub.

We had a fun morning at the Gateway museum with the Webbs. They wanted to try the hurricane simulator, and had a blast in it as usual.

Danny is doing wonderful at his new job at the U of U.
He started teaching again this week and will be teacing two classes this semester.
One of our friends from when we lived in Eagle is taking a class from Danny on Thursday nights, he took this picture and then texted it to me. It's fun to see Danny at work teaching his class. I am so proud of him and appreciate all the effort, stress and energy he puts in to his job. I know it's not an easy job and I am so grateful for him!  Well done Professor Wall!!!

The cousins were at Grandma's house this week, we had fun sledding and playing in the snow with them. The church behind our house has the perfect sledding hill and it's fun too!

Cute five year old boys! Isaac is into not opening his eyes for pictures. It's pretty annoying.

Cousins walking home after a busy afternoon playing in the snow!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

McCall and Happy New Years!

The day after Christmas we took down the decorations, and cleaned up everything. Friday morning we packed up and headed to Mccall for a few days.
It was so beautiful in Mccall in the snowy winter.

There was snow in all the tall trees and the lake was iced over and frozen solid.

We spent lots of time sledding and playing outside in the snow. All the kids loved speeding down the hill. Lizzie even insisted on sledding in her princess gown and crown.  She is a speed demon and likes to go super fast on the sled.

We all enjoyed spending time with G & G Deppe as well as Katie and Adam. It was fun to see them and catch up.

Here's some pictures from the inside of their gorgeous cabin! It's so nice and big, and very comfortable to stay in .

We had such a nice, relaxing few days in Mccall. We really appreciate Grandma and Grandpa Deppe letting us come and stay in their awesome cabin!! Thank you!

One day we drove over to the natural hot springs at Zimm's. The pools were full of nice hot water. We had fun soaking and playing basketball in the warm pools.

More fun sledding!

Here's the beautiful sunset from our drive home. We got home New Year's Eve. We unpacked and had a little party at G & G Shields and then with our friends for a while. But we didn't even make it ot midnight, we got too tired.

On New Year's day we went out for dinner with the Shields clan It was a fun night.

Here's Isaac in his 3D glasses from a movie they went and saw. He wore these all the next day.

The kids had fun putting together this fort set they got for Christmas. Lizzie was hiding inside.

We had a kids movie night at our house with lots of friends. They watched a movie with popcorn, drinks and donuts. The perfect way to end a wonderful Christmas break.
Happy New Year!

It's going to be a hard adjustment back to real life of school, homework, lessons, schedules etc... We loved our mellow, relaxing time of Christmas break!


The Sunday before Christmas we had a big snow storm!
The kids had fun playing in the snow after church. They built a snow fort, made snowballs and went sledding.

On monday night for Christmas Eve Eve we had the "Surprise Dinner " at G & G Shields.
It was a fun night, full of dinner, gift exchanges cousins, etc...

Everyone got new gloves for Christmas. So we had a gloves pictures.

On Christmas eve we went to Springville to spend the day with Goofy Grandma and Grandpa, Jen, Chandler, and cousin Eden. It was fun day! Everyone loved holding little Eden. Except Lizzie. She was pretty grumpy about all the attention Eden was getting. She is a big spoiled youngest child. But we all spoil her, so what can we expect.

We had a yummy tri tip barbeque and then headed home in the evening to our house so Santa could come.
The kids were all so excited for Christmas and wanted to hurry and go to sleep so Santa could come.

These pictures got out of order, so here's some random pics from the week.

Christmas morning, the kids woke up around 7:00. Lizzie was scared to get out of her bed because she thought Santa was still at our house. We reassured her that he wasn't here and that he had left her presents.  She got all excited and decided to get out of bed.

The kids were all thrilled with their Christmas presents.
Taylor got a guitar
Emily got new bedding and a lamp, nightstand for her bedroom.
Isaac got a drum and a skateboard
Lizzie got a new doll and a princess dress/crown

Elizabeth had been wearing her crown for 10 days straight now, she loves it!
After opening gifts we had a big breakfast, relaxed, played with Legos, and spent the day in our PJ's. It was wonderful day.

Taylor got some architectural Legos and he had fun putting them all together.

Emily in her cute new coat! It's so furry and warm.

Isaac is offcially the drummer in our family band.

We had a fabulous Christmas! We feel so blessed for all we have and are grateful to celerate the birth of our Savior.